The best databases for your Xamarin app

Xamarin is a platform that is getting popular day by day because it enables the developers to make applications that can work on all platforms. But one essential thing is to select the right database for your Xamarin Apps because it will affect the performance of the application.

This article will discuss the following things related to the Xamarin Apps and the database for them.

  • Xamarin Overview.
  • Why Xamarin might be the best option for developing Mobile Apps.
  • Some best databases for the Xamarin Applications.

Make sure that you read this article till the end to get the answers to all your questions.

Xamarin Overview

Xamarin is an open-source platform provided by Microsoft for better application development. Being a free tool makes it better for every developer who is looking to develop well-performing applications.

Moreover, its cross-frame mobile application development features further support the developers by other features that come with it. Because of this cross-framework compatibility, Xamarin developers can make one application that works on the following platforms.

  • Android
  • iOS
  • Windows

These applications can only work seamlessly on different platforms, but they are also great in terms of performance. They are developed natively, so they look, perform, and feel like the Native Applications and are developed in languages like C# and .Net.

Why might Xamarin be the best option for you for Developing Mobile Applications?

Xamarin is an attractive platform for developers looking for a reliable platform, but they are also looking for something that can be used for free. Moreover, the Applications made here perform exceptionally well in terms of being a cross-framework application. Some more great reasons for selecting Xamarin for development purposes are listed below.

  • The modular architecture makes development extremely short and convenient.
  • Xamarin is very flexible in terms of its features and compatibility.
  • There is a large community of developers present on Xamarin.
  • There are a lot of pre-loaded elements that make the development process quick.
  • Xamarin is a relatively mature and reliable platform as compared to its alternatives.

Some great benefits of using Xamarin for Developing Mobile Applications

There are a lot of benefits of using Xamarin, and here we will discuss some of them.

Sharable code

This feature not only saves a lot of development time, but it also saves a lot of development cost. When an application is developed on Xamarin, the code can be used across different platforms, making things extremely easy for the developers. Additionally, the Applications will feel like Native Applications.

Amazing technical support

As Microsoft provides Xamarin, the whole management team works under Microsoft as well. This makes things extremely well when it comes to technical support. In case you need technical support, the technical support team from Microsoft will assist you. Apart from the technical support, many other things come from Microsoft for its betterment and ease.

The maintenance requirements for Applications are minimal

The process of developing applications is straightforward when you use Xamarin. It is all because of using the same code for the different applications and the different platforms. Apart from developing the applications, maintenance and updating are also very simple because there are not many things that the developers need to do.

Things to consider when choosing a Database for Xamarin Apps

Selecting the right database for your Xamarin application can change the application’s performance along with your development experience. So, you need to select the right database for your Xamarin applications. Here we will discuss some necessary things while you select the database for your Xamarin application.

  • Open-source or Proprietary
  • SQL vs. NoSQL
  • Scalability options.

Here we will discuss each of these options and compare the variations so that you can make the right selection for your Open-source or Proprietary app.

Open-source or Proprietary, which is better?

If you are looking for something free, then open-source will be the best pick for you. Otherwise, selecting the paid platforms will be better. But keep in mind that it might disturb your budget for the additional features.

SQL vs. NoSQL, which is better?

SQL means that you are using the relational databases with a pre-built schema, whereas the NoSQL means that you do not have a pre-built database, and everything will be dynamic. Apart from this, some other differences are mentioned below.

  • In SQL, there is only table-based data, whereas data can be stored in other forms in the NoSQL database.
  • The orientation of storing data is very different. SQL stores data vertically, whereas NoSQL stores data horizontally.

What should be the scalability options?

If we think about the long-term usage of the applications, scalability is necessary. It is because it allows us to increase the resources for the applications. So, you can select the database according to its scalability features in relevance to your application’s need. However, one major thing to consider is that there are two main types of scalability.

One is vertical scalability that means adding powerful resources to the system. The other one is horizontal scaling, meaning to increase the actual amount of hardware for a system.

The best Databases for your Xamarin Applications

There are a lot of options for databases available. However, everyone is not the best. Here we have picked some of the best options that you can use for your Xamarin Apps.

1.    Back4App

Back4app is a free and one of the most popular databases for Mobile Applications. It is great in terms of flexibility and not only this. This platform allows developers to use both relational and non-relational databases.

2.    Firebase

Firebase comes with an array of features for the mobile application that is developed in Xamarin. This is a non-relational database meaning that you can use different protocols for storing data.

3.    Azure

Azure is the platform that is also backed by Microsoft, and it comes with a lot of features like instances and file storage systems for your Xamarin applications. The best part is that it can be used with C#.

4.    SQ Lite

SQ Lite allows the developers using Xamarin to connect the Applications with the database for amazing features like storing the data in relational tables. It also allows the use of a local database.

5.    Realm

Realm is a database for Mobile Applications that run directly in the device that makes it amazingly secure. Here security is not the only feature because the speed of this onboard database is also exceptional.


Selecting the right database is very important for your application and selecting the right platform for developing the application. Here we discussed some great databases that you can use for your Xamarin Apps. We also discussed why selecting Xamarin might be a great option for most of the developers.


What is Xamarin?

Xamarin is an open-source platform provided by Microsoft for better application development. Being a free tool makes it better for every developer who is looking to develop well-performing applications.

Why use Xamarin?

– Open-Source
– Supported by Microsoft
– Accelerates mobile app development

What are the best databases for Xamarin?

– Back4app
– Firebase
– Azure
– SQ Lite
– Realm

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