XMPP vs Firebase

Whether you are creating a chat application or including the chat functionality in some applications, many different features are necessary. While it gets trickier to develop all of the features from scratch, using Firebase or XMPP can make a lot of things easier for you.

It can be confusing for some people to select one of these as it comes easy with its distinct benefits and features, and people usually do not know which one is the best for them. If you are also feeling confused about selecting any of these, make sure to stick to the article until the end, as you will explore a lot about these two here.

XMPP overview

XMPP means Extensive Messaging and Presence Protocol, and as the name speaks for itself, it is a communication protocol. The main purpose of this protocol is to provide instant messaging and the presence information of the people included in the chat.

It is based on XML, and it comes with several features like Contact list maintenance and an almost real-time exchange of data in a network. The following are some of the best from the several other features that XMPP provides.

XMPP Core Features


Adding functionalities in an application to make it feature-rich is what most people want when developing an application. One of the best features of XMPP is that it is very flexible in this manner. Apart from basic messaging, you can add a lot of other complex functionalities like games, chat rooms, location sharing, and a lot more. So, XMPP alone covers a lot of different needs for an application.


Security is a very important and sensitive factor of this digital world, and XMPP comes with amazing security specifications. Its security is one of the many reasons why many enterprises choose it as their first choice. In technical terms, XMPP provides top-notch security parameters like SASL and TLS for checking the data interception for additional platform security.


XMPP protocol is a feature that brings a lot of value to the applications. The XMPP apps can run on any XMPP server, making the communication process very quick and simple for the end-users. Moreover, the protocol comes with encryption and security because of the DSL usage for messaging.

XMPP Advantages

Free to use

XMPP is one of the best choices for enterprises and the public because the protocols here are open and free to use. Moreover, they are simpler than ever to implement, making an amazing choice for new users and those who have multiple implementations already existing. The other server components and free code libraries for use bring a lot of value and services.

Stable service

Started in 1998, XMPP technologies are now very stable with decades of improvement and maturing. Moreover, tens of thousands of servers are running along with hundreds of developers working on these technologies with millions of active users. So, its services are pretty stable.

Decentralized working methodology

XMPP technology works on a decentralized working methodology which means that services will be of the same quality worldwide. With servers spread over the globe and no central server being necessary, XMPP provides an amazing experience to everyone.

Firebase Overview

Firebase is a platform provided by Google that provides many services and tools for creating amazingly well-performing mobile and web applications. Many core features of these applications get implemented within minutes as they only need to be integrated from Firebase, and it is how Firebase brings the value of the developers.

On the other hand, the exceptional quality of services makes apps developed with Firebase better for the public and users. Below are some of the best core features of Firebase elaborated.

Firebase Core Features

User Authentication

User authentication is one of the most important things of every online mobile and web application. With Firebase, it becomes very simple and easy as it makes the integration part very quickly. The best part is that this authentication can be implemented with up-to-date features like social login and several other options.

Google Analytics

Every application is not the best in the first iteration, and sometimes years are needed for an application to meet all the public standards. With Google Analytics provided by Firebase, things are very efficient for the application owner. Using the data provided with analytics, it becomes simple as ever to pay attention to the things that matter as well as the requirements of the applications.

Testing services

Firebase comes with its testing services for the users so that testing the application will become beneficial and efficient at the same time. There is a wide range of services offered, some of which are:

  • Firebase Crashlytics
  • Firebase Performance Monitoring
  • Firebase App Distribution
  • Firebase Advantages
  • Amazing performance

With its features like the real-time database, Firebase comes with a very stable and considerably good performance. Even with simultaneous connections, Firebase provides powerful services with full control.


Adding customizations to the data structures is easier than ever when using Firebase. Moreover, you can add any additional features as per requirements using Firebase, which makes it a pretty flexible option.

Easy set-up

Setting things up when using Firebase is very easy. It only requires a little set-up effort from you, and in a very short time, your application will be well and running for the best experience.


When you are comparing things like XMPP and Firebase, it will never be a fair option to decide without knowing all of the technical stuff. Please compare both platforms extensively and decide based on your project needs.


What is XMPP?

XMPP stands for Extensible Messaging and Presence Protocol.

What is Firebase?

Application development platform from Google.

What are the differences between XMPP and Firebase?

– XMPP is a protocol
– Firebase is a development platform
– XMPP t’s free and open
– Firebase provides free and paid plans

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