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Top 10 Startups Using Phoenix Framework

This article will explore ten of the best startups using Phoenix Framework on their tech stack.

The process of developing mobile and web applications has gotten a lot faster than before, and now we do not have a lot of time to develop whole web applications. The already available APIs and Frameworks help a lot in this case.

While you do not need to do everything right from scratch, you need to be careful about the framework that you select being right for all your requirements. As there are different web development frameworks available, Phoenix Framework is the one that we will discuss here.

It is the framework that not only brings benefits for the developers but also for the users of that web application because of all of the following features:

  • Phoenix framework supports web development with low latency
  • The development process is fault-tolerant.
  • System building being distributed is one of the major requirements of some applications today, and it fulfills those requirements.

One of the reasons the Phoenix framework has all of these features and benefits is that it is developed with the Elixir programming language. So, if this framework is used for all the benefits, qualities, and features that it comes with, the experience will become better for the users and the developers.

Web vs Mobile Apps – What is the difference?

This article will explore the differences between web vs mobile apps. It is not unusual for people to think that mobile apps and web apps are the same thing. However, there are some distinct differences between them, such as in how they’re distributed and how they perform. These factors have a significant impact on their intended use.

Top 10 Startups using TypeScript

This article will explore ten of the best startups using TypeScript on their tech stack.

Adding a type system to a codebase allows developers to specify and enforce arguments with real-time compiler feedback, making them much more confident that the code will work when deployed.

Typescript is a superset of JavaScript that deploys a similar functionality to the code, enabling developers with a system to write clean and expressive APIs.

As a result, Typescript has been gaining immense popularity over the years, meaning you will be able to find typings for almost all popular libraries. In this article, we take a look at what Typescript is and then some of the top startups using the language in their tech stack.

If you are a developer wondering if Typescript is worth learning going forward, this list should serve as an inspiration for all the features you can implement using the language.

What is TypeScript?

Launched in 2012, Typescript is an open-source, object-oriented, strongly typed programming language and a syntactical superset of JavaScript, which adds an optional additional syntax to the language for tighter integration with the editor.

It is maintained primarily by a single vendor, i.e., Microsoft, and has a huge, tight-knit community that actively collaborates to improve the language and the tooling surrounding it.

Unlike JavaScript, Typescript has types, which makes controlling variables and function parameters easier. The primary aim of Typescript is to enable IDEs to provide a richer environment to spot and rectify the common errors in real-time.

It translates the code to JavaScript and will run anywhere JavaScript runs; you can also incrementally translate JavaScript to Typescript file by file to implement type safety to the entire codebase.

Top 10 Startups Using Visual Basic

This article will explore ten of the best startups using Visual Basic on their tech stack.

While everything was to be developed straight from scratch in older times, things have changed a lot these days. There is rarely a case where you have to develop everything from scratch because of all the amazing options like Frameworks, APIs, and code builders available.

However, selecting the right option for you is still very important because selecting the wrong one will bring no benefits for you. Visual Basic in all of this is an event-driven programming language. Microsoft provides it.

The interesting thing here is that users do not have to code the whole thing manually. They can use the Graphical User Interface to choose and modify any section of code to change it according to their requirements. Visual Basic comes with a lot of benefits and features, including the following:

  1. Very easy to use because of GUI
  2. Easy to integrate
  3. Easy to learn for developers

These benefits and lots of others make it the perfect choice for most developers who are after quality development while keeping things easy and simple.

Best Backend Services for Mobile Apps

Backend services are considered vital to appropriately perform the server-side operations of mobile applications. Compared to client-side development, the backend creation of applications is more complicated. That is why it is always essential to choose the backend services wisely.

Therefore, this article shares one of the best backend services for mobile apps with their pricing structure and core properties. Moreover, this guide also discusses the other details, including an overview of the BaaS market and best-handled projects by backend services.

Top 10 Startups Using Spring Boot

Top 10 Startups Using Spring Boot
Startups Using Spring Boot

This article will explore ten of the best startups using Spring Boot.

These days, most of the applications are developed using Java despite their platform and operating system. Different frameworks are used for developing these applications that will be performing on different levels.

One of those frameworks used for developing Java applications in Spring Framework and Spring Boot is the tool that makes the process of developing applications using the Spring Framework extremely easy and simple. At the same time, the development process becomes faster and more comprehensive.

In this way, Spring Boot is capable of creating standalone applications with its auto-configuration and several other features. Being such an amazing tool, it attracts a lot of developers for different application development purposes.

Top 10 Startups using Vue

This article will explore ten of the best startups using Vue on their tech stack.

In the modern JavaScript led internet, frameworks and libraries provide a solid platform for developers to build scalable and interactive web applications. Vue.JS, Node.JS, and React are the top three JavaScript frameworks preferred by developers.

Vue.JS has maintained its position in the top 3 spots as one of the most popular JavaScript frameworks for the front end. It has an easier learning curve and presents a more streamlined framework than React.JS, which has led to several developers wondering if it might take over the top spot eventually. 

In this article, we take a deeper look at what is Vue and then explore some of the top start-ups using the framework in their tech stack. If you are a new developer wondering about the features you can implement using Vue.JS, this article can serve as an inspiration for how you can exploit the full potential of the platform.

14 Best Tech Podcasts For Software Developers

This article will explore 14 of the best podcasts for software developers. Podcasts are an amazing way to learn about almost anything. They allow you to be exposed to new ideas, and can be listened to whenever you have the time. Driving to work or working out at the gym are great ways to listen to podcasts and learn something new. 

As a software developer, you can get a lot out of these podcasts. Here are some of the best ones out there right now, so you can start learning new ideas and improving your skills right away. 

Top 10 Startups Using Koa Framework

Almost every business needs to go online these days, and having a web application is the best a business can do these days.

However, only having the application is not enough. It is also important that the application performs extremely well, and some web applications need to be single-threaded.

For those applications, Node Js is the best development solution. When developing such robust applications, Koa is used because it provides a more expressive and smaller experience for developing web applications.

In this way, the development experience is enhanced, but the website user experience for the users is also enhanced in several ways.

Top 10 Startups using C++

A gold standard for high-performance software, C++ is one of the top 5 programming languages in the world despite being over 37 years old. Unlike most other languages, it is highly adaptable and has improved significantly to keep up with the needs of modern-day programmers to create modern-day software.

Adobe uses it, Chrome and Firefox use it, Unreal Engine is based on it; C++ is everywhere.

An extension of the C language, C++ is a core part of several large projects active today. It is the predominant language of gaming, dominates IoT firmware requirements, and is the language behind legacy projects like UNIX and Linux Kernel, Microsoft Office and Visual Studio, etc.