Apps Made With React Native

React Native is one of the most popular and widely-used mobile application development platforms available today. This framework, created by Facebook, has been embraced openly by countless businesses around the world.

The features and functionality it offers help businesses deliver uniform and fluid experiences across the web, iOS, and Android platforms. Many prominent companies are also using React Native for their development needs. Take a look at the list of major businesses that use the framework below.

Top 20 apps made with React Native

 Here are the top 20 applications made with React Native.

  1. Facebook
  2. Facebook Ads Manager
  3. Instagram
  4. CoinBase
  5. Shopify
  6. Tableau
  7. Flipkart
  8. Discord
  9. Bloomberg
  10. Pinterest
  11. Uber Eats
  12. Walmart
  13. Wix
  14. Salesforce
  15. Words with Friends 
  16. Foreca
  17. Adidas
  18. Delivery
  19. F8 Conference 
  20. TownSKE

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1. Facebook 

Facebook is the largest and most widely-used social media website today, with an estimated 2 billion monthly users. It lets users post visual and text content, interact with other users, buy and sell products and services, and stay connected.

Users can share photographs and videos, chat with their contacts, discover new products and gain information about the world’s events. The ease of use Facebook offers has made it a favorite of many, and anyone can get started immediately.

Businesses worldwide rely on Facebook and the different products of the platform to reach potential customers and achieve conversions.

Facebook has utilized React Native to rewrite and improve on some of its Android and iOS application features. The social giant transformed its Events Dashboard with React Native for the iOS application.

It was one of the first steps for performance evaluation of the language. Following this, React Native was adopted on a larger scale for the Android and iOS applications to provide better features and functionality for users. Marketplace, Ads Manager, and the leading Facebook apps are relying on React Native. (1)

2. Facebook Ads Manager

The Facebook Ads Manager is Facebook’s application for business owners to create and manage their advertisements on the platform. It lets them create and manage advertising campaigns and make decisions to get optimal results.

The Ads Manager can be used for creating targeted campaigns, monitoring, and handling them. Users can create multiple ad campaigns for different posts and pages, perform ad bid management and A/B tests, and take steps to improve outcomes. Analytical features of the application help business owners monitor ad performance.

The iOS / Android versions of Facebook Ads Manager were developed alongside React Native and received some of the features that weren’t yet present in the React Native ecosystem.

React Native iOS / Android developers helped develop the Ads Manager app, and the language was used to create functionalities like camera roll access, analytics, push notifications and crash reporting. Later, the Android version of Ads Manager also received a React Native port. Most of the features of the iOS / Android version were carried over to ensure uniform functionality. (2)

3. Instagram

Instagram is the most popular visual-oriented social media platform today. Users post content in photos, short videos, and long videos and interact with their connections on the platform.

Instagram’s instant messaging feature is also convenient for networking with users who belong to similar niches. The entire focus of the platform is around visual content.

Instagram now has more than a billion users and is used by businesses of all sizes, artists, celebrities, sports teams, photographers, and more. Facebook recently integrated the messaging feature of Instagram DMs with Messenger.

Like other Facebook products, Instagram also has been reconstructed with React Native. However, not all of it is based on this language. React Native’s functionalities like Push Notifications were ported to Instagram and many others. (3)

4. CoinBase

Coinbase is a widely-used digital currency platform for brokering and exchange of cryptocurrency units. Users can purchase and trade several cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin. Coinbase stands apart from other more conventional crypto exchanges as its users can buy crypto units with fiat currencies.

Coinbase has become one of the most major crypto exchange platforms today, with assets worth more than $50 billion. Since its inception in 2012, it has been host to billions of dollars in cryptocurrency trade. The two main offerings of Coinbase are its trading platform GDAX and a broker exchange. Users have the option of utilizing either offering separately. 

Coinbase decided to transform its mobile sign-up system by incorporating React Native. It was a move influenced by the rapid growth of the platform and the rising number of sign-ups.

React Native enabled it to improve the user sign-up process and power up mobile onboarding. The Coinbase Pro Mobile App was written in React Native before the sign-up process was revamped with it. (4)

5. Shopify

Shopify is a market-leading e-commerce platform relied upon by developers around the world. It lets users build and manage stores and gives them all the tools to sell online through their websites and Shopify POS. Utilizing the company’s e-store builder makes setting up an e-commerce store a hassle-free experience.

Shopify has been built with React Native to deliver fluid functionality to its user base. The company cooperated with React Native for the development of an iOS renderer and started using the technology for its native mobile platform stack. However, not the entire Shopify application has not been built with React Native. (5)

6. Tableau

Tableau is a popular data visualization system for the needs of business intelligence companies. It enables raw data simplification in a simple format and helps create data that users can use with varying levels of expertise. Users can work with custom dashboards, perform instant data analysis and generate worksheet visualizations.

The top features of Tableau are its real-time analysis, data collaboration, and data blending. The software’s easy functionality makes it a favorite of developers across skill levels. It is relied upon by businesses and organizations across many different industries.

Tableau’s mobile team opted for React Native some years back to rewrite its app. The new Android and iOS apps were released shortly after. The company has benefitted from using React Native, as they have been able to roll out more features quickly.

It continues to use the framework for its solutions. Opting for it has helped them release new app versions frequently, reduce crash rates significantly, and obtain better feedback. Tableau witnessed a healthy increase in usage levels. (6)

7. Flipkart

Flipkart is an Indian e-commerce company offering products and services across multiple categories to shoppers. The company, registered in Singapore, started as a platform for selling books online, eventually getting into product categories like electronics, consumer goods, groceries, art, fashion, apparel, and lifestyle.

Since its inception, Flipkart has grown considerably and now is among the two top e-commerce players in India alongside Amazon. Users prefer its mobile applications for fluid and hassle-free shopping experiences.

React Flipkart uses native for creating iOS, Android, and mobile web applications. The company has made suitable modifications to its team to get the best use of React Native code and ensure more significant outputs.

The company’s toolkit consists of React Native, Native, and React Native Web. It’s the homepage where products are featured is Native, and the majority of components are created using React Native. (7)

8. Discord

Discord is a leading instant messaging and VoIP platform with a community-centric setup. Users become part of Discord communities and communicate through texts, video calls, voice calls, file sharing, private messages, and more.

Each community is known as a Discord server, with each having multiple chat and voice chat channels. Discord is available on macOS, Windows, iOS, Android, Linux, and iPadOS, and in browsers. The platform has upwards of 250 million users currently.

Discord is widely preferred as a communication medium for gamers but has evolved into a more comprehensive platform for general users.

The Discord team started using React Native when it became open source, and it was utilized for the creation of its iOS application. The move had a positive impact as the app now gets millions of active users every month, has a high rating from users and is free from crashes. Discord has managed to maintain a small iOS team due to React Native implementation. (8)

9. Bloomberg

Bloomberg is a news outlet specializing in financial news and relied upon by millions around the globe. The website and application provide users with past and real-time price data, trading news, analytical content, financial data, along general and sports news.

Bloomberg has an expansive presence across television, print media, radio, and the Internet. It also offers analytical resources to help financial professionals and companies make better decisions.

Bloomberg Terminal is a key offering of the company. It features various offerings such as trading and price data, financial news, and more. Users can find useful information and fresh insights on cryptocurrency, stock market trends, stock positions, and economic developments. 

Bloomberg used React Native to develop its new consumer Android and iOS mobile applications. It gives users a simple and easy experience and access to custom content, live feeds, and videos featured on Bloomberg Media.

React Native was used to building the application from the ground up. The company’s New York team working on the project took advantage of React Native’s advanced feature set. (9)

10. Pinterest

Pinterest is a social media platform that is based on visual content like its competitor Instagram but works a bit differently. It is geared towards interest-based content sharing and discovery.

Users on the platform can ‘pin’ videos and images of things that interest them and others on pages known as boards. They can search based on topics of interest and follow other users.

Pinterest has a distinct visual layout that facilitates lifestyle-based browsing and sharing of topics with people within particular niches. The company has a new feature called “Pinterest Lens,” which lets users utilize their cameras to point at real-world objects to discover related content.

Pinterest started showing interest in React Native development a few years back and soon adopted it. It utilizes React Native since the ecosystem went open-source in 2015.

The company relied on React Native to complete its iOS application implementation in just over a week, including integration bootstrapping. An Android port was made in a couple of days.

The company was able to use fully shared UI code across iOS and Android. It shortened their implementation time. (10)

11. Uber Eats

Uber Eats is the popular food delivery service arm of cab aggregator Uber and now has a large base of users across many countries. The service is availed mainly through the Android and iOS mobile applications of Uber Eats. It is a pick-up and delivery service that gets orders from restaurants to user-specified locations.

Users browse food menus of restaurants on the Uber Eats application and place orders. They have the option of choosing from multiple payment methods and availing of offers. Uber Eats has grown in presence significantly in the last few years.

The initial version of Uber Eats was made for the web, but Uber wanted to branch out to the iOS and Android platforms. The developer team was confronted with the challenge of how its current dashboard could be transported from the web platform to mobile devices. They opted for React Native to achieve this goal. 

Currently, part of the Uber Eats application is made with React Native. The company plans to use it for future developments and facilitate better scalability and service delivery. (11)

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12. Walmart

Walmart or Walmart Inc. is a US-based multinational retail company. It is a dominant player in the offline and online retail spaces, with a large hypermarket chain, grocery stores, and department stores.

Founded in 1962 by Sam Walton, it has grown immensely in the last few decades and expanded beyond boundaries to international locations. It is also behind the Sam’s Club warehouses. Currently, Walmart has a strong presence in 27 countries with more than 11 thousand stores and clubs. It operates as ASDA in the UK, Seiyu Group in China, and Walmart de México y Centroamérica in countries south of the USA.

Walmart also possesses fully owned operations across Canada, Argentina, South Africa, and Chile. The company keeps expanding to new countries and locations continually and is reaching out to users across all online platforms. 

Walmart turned to React Native as it was looking forward to enhancing the application experience for users. Before that, it tried several options for enabling embedded web views.

The tests concluded that only React Native made a successful implementation compared to others. Walmart Labs mentioned that the framework helped them achieve a number of benefits. These included improved graphical performance, better speeds, and effortless and fast bug fixing. (12)

13. Wix

Wix or Ltd. is an Israel-based company providing a wide range of web development services for individuals and businesses. Users can create HTML5 based websites for mobile and web platforms by using the service’s tools.

They can utilize drag and drop functionality for creating websites and publish them without delay. Wiz now has offices around the world in countries such as Germany, Canada, United States, Ireland, Brazil, Ukraine, and India.

Wix users can implement online marketing elements, e-mail marketing, forums, e-commerce, social plugins, and more on their websites. This is made possible through Wix’s own and several third-party apps. The website builder can be used for free, with users getting access to additional features through paying for premium plans.

Wix makes use of common unit test tools from React, such as Enzyme, Chai, Sinon, and Mocha. The Wix Engine encompasses all its React Native app infrastructures into an integrated package. The Engine consists of a React Native framework, Android and iOS native projects, and native code 3rd party libraries. It is an integral part of the application’s operating system.

Opting for React Native was initially a gamble for Wix, who chose this framework for its massive user base. There were quite a few challenges on the way to implementing it into production. But, the development team witnessed massive improvements following the implementation. (13)

14. Salesforce

Salesforce is a widely-used cloud SaaS company that provides several market-leading customer relationship management solutions. Businesses using this platform’s cloud technology are able to create better connections with existing and potential customers. It is among the top SaaS options for customer management and empowers businesses with advanced tracking features. 

Salesforce has used React Native for its Mobile SDK, which has several components such as SmartSync Data Framework, SmartStore, and authentication. It helps in creating fast and feature-rich applications.

The mobile application of SalesForce is agile and high-performance, owing to its React Native infrastructure. Users can rely on it to take business decisions on the go.

The app has various useful features and offers optimal business process integration. It is useful for creating meaningful customer relationships and ensuring better outcomes. Salesforce continues using React Native to deliver seamless experiences to users around the world. (14)

15. Words with Friends 

Words with Friends from Newtoy is a multiplayer word game based on crossword-style puzzles. Players of this game create words similarly to how they would in a crossword puzzle.

It is quite similar to Scrabble and offers approximately 40 games that users can play together using push notifications. Words with Friends lets players search their contacts through Facebook or get matched through the randomized Smart Match, or rely on the service’s Community Match. 

Words with Friends is available across the iOS, Android, and Windows platforms and devices. Users can also play the game on Kindle Fire, Nook Tablet, and Facebook. A convenient chat feature helps users communicate while they are playing the game.

Words with Friends utilizes React Native for its applications. It helps the company integrate features into current apps, enhance its iteration tools to raise development speed, and extend support to the user community.

The company could integrate a React Native view into its current application targets within a view controller effortlessly. React Native reduced the need for making major codebase modifications. (15)

16. Foreca

Foreca or Foreca Ltd is a Finland-based private weather forecasting company with headquarters in Espoo, Finland. Fireca is a customer-focused company that helps businesses around the world with its comprehensive weather services. 

It relies on the European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts and other resources for providing its services. The company was initially founded as Weather Service Finland in 1996 and was rechristened as Foreca in January 2001 before becoming an international service provider. 

Weather can vary greatly on any given day based on the Earth’s location. Hence users have different weather app preferences based on where they live. Foreca faced some issues with providing the latest updates to users around the world as the reaction time was low.

React Native helped it improve this aspect of its service delivery. It helped the company create a user-centric development to ensure the best results. React Native has helped its service users better and sped up feedback and reaction times. (16)

17. Adidas

Adidas is a German clothing, footwear, and sports apparel company that has renowned brands like Reebok, Rockport and Taylor Made under its umbrella. It is one of the most recognized brands in the world and Europe’s biggest sportswear company.

Adidas is a crucial competitor of Nike in the global sportswear industry and services customers through its web and mobile online resources.

Adidas is a designer and manufacturer of sportswear, footwear, clothes, sporting equipment, toiletries, and deodorants. It first became prominent during the 1936 Berlin Summer Olympics.

Adidas used React Native for the development of GLITCH, which was its new e-commerce application. The app sells Adidas products to customers across the globe. The company relied on React Native for developing the application and achieving an optimal effect of skin/sock separation. It demonstrated how users are encouraged to pull inner boot skins up.

The Adidas team started development for the iOS application version first, and work on the Android version started after the iOS one was released. The Android version, which had similar coding, also ran quite well, and the team only needed to make minor layout changes. (17)

18. Delivery is a US-based online shopping platform that services its customers through mobile applications. Similar to Uber Eats, users of this service can order food items from restaurants in their area and get those delivered.

Currently, the company has a user base of more than 1 million users. It boasts a network of more than 12000 restaurants, grocery stores, dry cleaning services, and liquor and wine shops.

Delivery has its headquarters in New York and operations in more than a hundred U.S. cities, including major ones like Los Angeles, Boston, San Francisco, Washington D.C., and Chicago. The company also had operations in Hong Kong in 2014 but is now mainly focused on servicing U.S. cities. uses React Native as the fundamental technology for its mobile platform applications. Using the popular framework helps it establish a link between the native and mobile plugin.

The technology has helped users shop easier and improved the company’s business. The application runs smoothly due to the use of React Native, offering a favorable user experience. (18)

19. F8 Conference 

F8 or Facebook F8 refers to an annual conference organized by the social giant. It is attended mainly by businesses and developers that create products for the social media website. 

F8 has become a popular event and features new technologies that are used for Facebook’s offerings. It is also used as a platform for the release of new products, features, and enhancements. 

Facebook F8 also relies on React Native technology for its annual event. It is mainly used to provide optimal experiences to the meeting attendees and make information instantly accessible to them. So far, the framework has produced commendable results for this annual event. (19)

20. TownSKE

TownSKE is an application that makes navigation easier for locals and tourists in major cities around the world. This application can share information about their favorite spots within the cities they have visited or live in. Users can create their personalized guides and interact with other users on the application.

They can also share pictures of different locations with accompanying text descriptions. It is a platform for people to learn about the different places in any tourist city and read about other’s experiences. Travelers can use it to reference how they can live in a new city and gain information about vital resources.

Townske offers various features like blogs, guides, social tools, and more and focuses on delivering fluid functionality. The company relies on React Native for developing its intuitive user interfaces for mobile and web applications.

The framework has also enabled the company to achieve faster development, better sharing and feature implementation, optimal code reusability, and more. The company owes much of its app’s success to React Native. (20)


React Native is one of the best options today when it comes to responsive mobile platform development. It has established itself as a top option due to some powerful features. Opting for this framework can help brands optimize how they service customers and make better business decisions.


What is React Native?

React Native is one of the most popular and widely-used mobile application development platforms available today. This framework, created by Facebook, has been embraced openly by countless businesses around the world.

What popular apps use React Native?

– Facebook
– Facebook Ads Manager
– Instagram
– CoinBase
– Shopify
– Tableau
– Flipkart
– Discord
– Bloomberg
– Pinterest
– Uber Eats
– Walmart
– Wix
– Salesforce
– Words with Friends 
– Foreca
– Adidas
– Delivery
– F8 Conference 
– TownSKE

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