Azure Notification Hub vs Firebase

Businesses have to evolve and pace up with the digital era’s ongoing dawn. Due to digitalization, all small and large businesses now know they need specific apps for their businesses. However, creating feature-rich, modern apps efficiently can be pretty challenging for some businesses out there.

So, the businesses at the initial level of developing applications can benefit from the availability of app development platforms. It is because effective app development platforms can let you stay away from all the training hassles. Additionally, these can help you develop more efficient and lucrative applications within no time as per your business needs.

Whenever it is about to go with the top app development platform to make the most out of it, then Azure and Firebase become two of the top names in this regard.

Azure Notification vs Firebase: Which one is better?

Well, here we have brought a detailed overview of both Firebase and Azure Notification. So, you can make a more informed choice without any hassle.

So, here we go:

Azure Notification Hub Overview

Azure Notification Hub provides a scaled up and easier to use push engine that can enable developers to send push notifications to any type of platform, including Windows, Android, iOS, from any backend, either on-premises or in the cloud.

Notification Hub by Azure can work great for both consumer and enterprise scenarios. Azure Notification Hub can eliminate all types of complexities linked with sending push notifications as per your preferences from the backend of your application.

It is also a scaled-out, multi-platform infrastructure of push notifications that can reduce coding related to push and simplify your backend development in the best possible way.

Azure Notification Core Features

Here we have enlisted the best features of Azure Notification that you must know:

  • Reach to all the major platforms, including Windows, Kindle, Android, iOS.
  • Custom push notifications
  • Use your preferred backend
  • Faster broadcast push
  • Amazing scalability
  • Define and notify customer segments dynamically.

Azure Notification Advantages

Let’s have a look at the benefits of Azure Notification below to know more:

Offers massive scaling

Azure Notification is aimed at massive scaling. With this platform, you can quickly scale your application’s resources to billions of notifications and millions of mobile devices without even sharding or re-architecting. Instead, a notification hub will handle the architecture and infrastructure required for your applications scaling automatically to all the active devices along with lower latency.

Send localized push notifications

Do you want to cover multiple industries in your application? The notification hub’s template feature will provide you a quick and easy way to deliver localized push notifications. So, you can easily speak to your potential customers in their local languages. Templates can also let you get rid of the localization settings and storing for every customer. Even more, you can also create hundreds of tags quickly.

Flexible services to be used with backends

Notification Hub by Azure is a flexible service. So, you can plug it easily into the backend, whether that is located in the cloud or on-premises. It is making it easier for developers to update their mobile applications quickly and engage customers in the best possible way.

Firebase Overview

Firebase is a Google-powered application development solution well-known for its real-time database originally. A multi-node and key-value database that is optimized for data synchronization at its core.

Most importantly, the platform is meant to make developers’ lives easier by handling data pushing and pulling. It can relieve the developers from the programming burdens linked with locations or managing versions.

With Firebase, developers can write apps new bits, and the data is going to be consistent all over the system. Also, Firebase is a largely valued platform because it can synchronize and propagate changes constantly between information’s local copies stored on devices of users with versions that are kept in the cloud.

At present, Firebase has been acquired by Google and is an essential part of its cloud development kit to offer you more benefits.

Firebase Core Features

Do you want to know more about Firebase? Here are the core features of Firebase that are essential for you to know:

  • Rest API
  • Crashlytics
  • Google analytics
  • A/B testing
  • App configuration
  • Real-time database
  • Push notifications
  • User authentication
  • Dynamic links
  • App invites
  • AdWords
  • AdMob
  • Real-time database
  • Cloud messaging
  • Firebase hosting
  • Cloud storage and many others

Firebase Advantages

Knowing the benefits of Firebase enlisted below will help you to make a better decision with ease:

An all-in-one development platform

Firebase is an all-in-one development platform that can be used by beginners and experts simultaneously. Even more, it comes up with a comprehensive set of products and services to help them in the app development processes. 

With its amazing range of development services and products, Firebase is capable of covering your overall cycle of application development. Even the platform contains essential features for building, monitoring, and releasing feature-rich, modern applications in the best possible way.

Stay focused on user experience

Firebase provides you an entire range of facilities to manage your backend services. As a result, developers can get more freedom to focus on the development of their applications’ frontend. Using Firebase can also allow developers to standardize their backend environment under an easy-to-learn technology in the best possible way.

Generate more traffic

Firebase can also facilitate app indexing to allow users to re-engage google search users by giving app links on Search. With this, you can experience enhanced ranking on Search by indexing your application once. Ultimately, this will make your application get exposure to new users and improve your user base more effectively. 


Undoubtedly, app development platforms are highly appealing for developers. It is because this helps them to accelerate their development process while experiencing a lot of other benefits as well.

However, to reap all these benefits making the right choice is essential in this regard. However, the above-detailed overview of two amazing platforms can surely help you to make a more effective choice with ease.


What is Azure Mobile Notification Hub?

Platform to send push notifications from any backend.

What is Firebase?

Google backend application development platform.

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