Firebase vs Azure Mobile Services

Whether you want to develop an application for mobile or web, by any stretch, it is important to know the best app development services in this regard.

Mobile applications are commonly designed to provide their users with all the necessary services, features, and facilities. Because of technological advancements, more and more mind-blowing features have been added to mobile and web applications.

Fortunately, the availability of different mobile application development services has made things easier and more convenient. However, whenever it comes to choosing the best mobile app services, you can find many options out there in this regard. Therefore, choosing the best ones become overwhelming.

Therefore, to make things easier for you here, we have brought an overview of two top services in this regard.

So, here we go:

Firebase Overview

Firebase is one of the most popular BaaS (Backend as a Service) solutions and is considered a lucrative application development platform for developers. Even though the platform was started in 2011 initially. However, in 2014 it was acquired by Google.

In short, Firebase is an amazing backend as a service platform that aims to help developers create better websites, apps, or games, regardless of coding for server-side, backend data storage, app infrastructure, and API.

Even more, Firebase offers access to various unique products that can let developers reduce their app development time significantly. This platform can let you develop and run successful applications in the best possible way. Additionally, the plethora of services and tools offered by Firebase are highly reliable throughout the development journey of your applications.

Firebase Core Features

Here we have enlisted top features of Firebase that you must know:

  • Performance monitoring
  • Firebase authentication
  • User management
  • Firebase hosting
  • Custom traces
  • Network request traces
  • Test lab
  • Predictions
  • App indexing
  • AdMob
  • Invites
  • Dynamic links
  • Cloud messaging
  • Remote configuration
  • Crashlytics
  • Real-time databases
  • Cloud functions
  • REST APIs and many others.

Firebase Advantages

Have a look at the Firebase benefits to knowing more about the things in this regard:

Quick backend development

It is a vital fact that building the backend of your application is a huge and hectic task. However, Firebase can help you to make backend development quick with the availability of ready-made backend services. Also, it will dramatically reduce the time, cost, and effort required to develop feature-rich applications in the best possible way.

Real-time database

Cloud firestore is a lucrative database solution. It can let developers set up a highly flexible and scalable real-time database for your applications. It can ensure proper synchronization of your data within the app environment irrespective of network connectivity.

Google analytics integration

Getting application insights is critical to track the success or failure of your applications. Fortunately, Firebase offers easier integration of google analytics to your applications. Integrating Google Analytics into your applications will make it easier for you to identify customers’ journeys across devices and monitor user behavior.

Flexible pricing plans

Firebase comes up with a free trial with which developers can use most of the Firebase features easily. Even more, the premium plans are also pretty flexible and based on pay as you go method.

Azure Mobile Services Overview

Azure Mobile Services is an entirely managed solution that allows system integrators and developers a lucrative mobile applications development platform. This solution is highly scalable and can be used for any kind of app development process with ease.

  • Most importantly, the platform is available globally to benefit all integrators and developers from all around the world. It is also a fully managed platform offering amazing services for experienced developers. Additionally, this service can bring rich capabilities set to mobile, web, and integrated services.
  • Azure Mobile Services can give developers and integrators of enterprise-level an attractive and easier to use mobile app development platform that can be scaled to any extent based on the requirements of your applications in the best possible way.

This platform can provide you amazing services to sign in using their enterprise, and social login credentials provide. This platform supports multiple social platforms to complete the process of user authentication in the best possible way.

Azure Mobile Services Core Features

Here we have some of the most amazing features of Azure Mobile Services that you must know:

  • Broadcast push using customer segmentation
  • Single sign-on for enterprises using Azure Active Directory
  • Autoscale for applications to support a growing number of devices
  • Social apps integrations
  • Offline sync
  • User authentication  
  • Data security
  • Data storage
  • Custom code to integrate services
  • Client SDKs
  • Quick data access and much more.

Azure Mobile Services Advantages

Do you want to know why Azure Mobile Services is considered one of the top mobile app development platforms? Let’s look at the key benefits of Azure Mobile Services below to know more about it with ease.

So, here we go:

Built robust and responsive apps quickly

Azure Mobile Services can let you develop responsive and robust applications that can even operate with offline data sets as well. Most importantly, these offline data sets can be synced automatically with the service. Ultimately, handling conflicts will become easier.

Develop cross-platform and native apps

You can even use Azure Mobile Services to build engaging native and cross-platform applications quickly. Even more, you can easily add any number of features to your applications using Azure Mobile Services. As a result, it would be easier for you to build creative and feature-rich applications in the best possible way.

Offline sync

You can also create robust applications which will be useful even when there are some network problems. In this condition, creating and modifying data will be easier for your customers. Developers can boost app responsiveness by cashing your app data locally on users’ devices. With Azure Mobile Services, developers can easily add a native sync experience in their applications built for any platform.

Auto-scale applications

Developers can also configure built-in auto-scale features for their applications and notifications hubs to match the needs of your applications. Developers can easily spin up or down their applications resources based on actual usage. As a result, you will have to pay for what you have used only.


Application development processes are becoming complex with every passing day. However, the availability of mobile app development solutions has brought some ease to developer’s life.

Still, choosing the best platform is highly tricky. To make it easier, you must have a look at the overview of the two best platforms. Ultimately, choosing a more effective for your apps would become easier.


What is Firebase?

Google-backed application development service.

What is Azure Mobile Services?

Mobile backend as a service platform from Azure.

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