Firebase vs Laravel

Even more, countless applications have been developed and launched regularly. It means applications are becoming more and more popular every day. Also, the trend doesn’t seem to be faded soon.

So, when it is about app development, using an intuitive mobile app development platform has become necessary. It is because these platforms can let developers create aesthetically appealing and more user-friendly applications within no time. So, you can also stay competitive in the ever-growing app development market in the best possible way.

Most amazingly, the market of cross-platform applications has reached $7.5 billion in the previous years. Even the amount of mobile development tools is also on the rise. Therefore, knowing which tools and frameworks are the best to consider for app development has become tougher. So, knowing about the top app development platforms is a must to make a better decision in this regard.

Key Takeaways

  • Firebase is Google’s backend as a service platform
  • Laravel is a PHP development framework
  • Firebase is proprietary and Laravel is open-source

Firebase vs Laravel: Which one is better?

Whenever it is about to choose the best app development frameworks, Laravel and firebase are considered top names in this regard. However, if you cannot choose between them, then knowing a detailed overview of both platforms is a must. Here we will let you have a better idea about both of the platforms.

So, here we go:

Firebase Overview

Google Firebase is a complete application development platform that is available to use for free for starters. Also, it comes up with quick subscription plans based on the pay-as-you-go method. It means users of firebase have to pay for the resources they are using only.

Even though the platform was launched initially in 2011, however, Google acquired it in 2014, and since then, firebase has grown tremendously. The whole platform works as an efficient and effective backend as a service solution both for web and mobile applications that includes services required for developing, deploying, testing, and managing applications in the best possible way.

Due to its vast BaaS services, this platform allows its users to get rid of the need to manage infrastructure and backend databases and get corresponding hardware. Instead, you can easily plug in your essential services with the help of dedicated APIs for each service. Firebase comes up with 7 APIs to cover the complete spectrum of backend development in the best possible way.

Overall, when it comes to firebase, it is an extensive app development platform. Besides the things we have mentioned above, the platform has a lot more to offer for its customers who want to effectively manage all their applications’ backend services.

Firebase Core Features

Let’s have a look at the firebase core features below to see why it is an amazing app development platform:

  • Push notifications
  • Cloud functions
  • App indexing
  • User authentication
  • Hosting
  • A/B testing
  • Remote configuration
  • Storage
  • Dynamic links
  • AdWords
  • Test Lab
  • App analytics
  • Crash reporting
  • Real-time database
  • Social integrations and much more.

Overall, firebase can offer you tons of features to make application development a breeze. So, you can easily use as many of these features as needed in your app to make it more user-friendly and successful in the best possible way.

Firebase Advantages

Do you want to know what makes firebase one of the best application development platforms out there? Let’s look at the key benefits of firebase below to get a better idea about the things in this regard.

So, here we go:

  • Firebase offers robust databases for your applications. You can easily integrate them into your applications according to their requirements. Fortunately, both firestore and real-time firebase databases are scalable, and you can grow them in the future without any hassle.
  • In the beginning, firebase won’t cost you anything for the majority of its services. It is because firebase is offering a free plan for its new customers. So that they can easily have a test-drive of this platform and start development processes even without spending anything here.

Most importantly, the entire firebase platform is well-documented. It comes up with API documentation, good technical documentation, SDK references, and other explanations. All of these make firebase an easier-to-use platform because you can easily find detailed information regarding any aspect of firebase.

Additionally, firebase can also help you to accelerate your application development process in the best possible way.

Laravel Overview

Laravel is a PHP-based app development framework known to be the best option for developers due to its high performance and great data security. Laravel is an intuitive and understandable framework as compared to other PHP-based frameworks available in the industry. In this framework, you can easily use its default testing environment or create your unique, customized environment for a more specific purpose.

It also ensures a more efficient and rapid authentication service when you are going to compare it with PHP frameworks. Most importantly, it can let you integrate all the fundamental elements of an eCommerce site with one command only. It means that the platform can accelerate your development process in the best possible way.

Laravel Core Features

Everyone knows that PHP is the most commonly used and oldest programming language out there. Above 20 million websites on the internet are based on PHP. So, Laravel is also one of the most amazing development platforms based on PHP and offers top-notch features for its customers.

Do you want to know about the key features available with this well-defined toolbox? Let’s have a look at the ones given below to know more.

  • User authentication
  • Effective ORM
  • MVC architecture support
  • Secure system for migration
  • Artisan
  • Innovative template engine
  • Modular and libraries
  • Intact security
  • Lucrative unit testing
  • Laravel database and many others.

Laravel Advantages

Here are some of the most important advantages of Laravel you must know:

  • Laravel is the best PHP framework that uses the best PHP standards and more effective coding practices to provide additional benefits for its users.
  • With Laravel, building custom components is super easy. Also, you can use its ready-made services to reduce the consumption of time and resources required for the development of modern applications.
  • Most importantly, Laravel is a flexible framework that can power almost any application in the best possible way.

Firebase vs Laravel Comparison

DescriptionGoogle’s development platformOpen-source and free PHP web framework
Launch Date20112011
PlatformsMobile and WebWeb
HostingYesYes, under Lavarel Vapor
Popular AppsAlibaba
The Economist
New York Times
Morgans Hotel Group
AdvantagesComprehensive app platform
Backed by Google
Free to use


Overall, both Laravel and firebase come up with their own features and benefits.

Firebase is the app development platform from Google. It covers the entire app development cycle, including building, monitoring, and engaging. It’s straightforward to use, and some popular clients are Alibaba and New York Times.

Laravel is a PHP development framework. It’s free to use, open-source, and hosting services are available under Laravel Vapor. It’s easy to use, and popular apps are My Rank and


What is Firebase?

Google’s development platform

What is Laravel?

Open-source and free PHP web framework

What are the differences between Firebase and Laravel?

– Firebase is Google’s backend as a service platform
– Laravel is a PHP development framework
– Firebase is proprietary and Laravel is open-source

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