Top 10 Node JS Hosting Companies

Node JS is a server-side runtime environment of JavaScript that is getting famous among developers at a fast pace because of its dynamic properties. Indeed, the coders who use JavaScript for both front and server-side development prefer to go with NodeJS because of its non-blocking and great scalability features.

Withal, finding a suitable hosting company for the Node JS project is still a complicated job. But you don’t need to worry more because this article is going to analyze top Node JS hosting companies with their core features.

Key Takeaways

  • Node JS is a runtime environment that facilitates in server-side development of JavaScript applications
  • Fast processing, event handling, and scalability features make it an appealing choice for JavaScript coders
  • The top Node JS hosting companies consist of Heroku, Back4App, DigitalOcean and EvenNode

What is Node JS?

NodeJS is a cross-platform, free, server-side and open-source environment to run JS scripts outside of the web browser. This JavaScript’s runtime environment was launched by Ryan Dahl in 2009, and it works under MIT Licensing.

Typically, individuals think Node.js is a framework or a language, but in actuality, it is just a runtime environment that needs a V8 engine to conduct its tasks.

If we talk about the usage statistics of Node JS, then around 1.5% of web servers are using this environment, according to W3Techs. The notable companies that are using Node.js are Twitter, Zillow, PayPal, Walmart and Yahoo.

Node JS Advantages

Node JS owns a huge usership. Only at StackShare, it has more than 99K followers and around 7573 companies mentioned about using this JS backend runtime environment. Here are the significant advantages of Node JS due to which coders and businesses love to use it:

Rapid Processing

It is a V8 engine that doesn’t only permit this runtime environment to work outside of the browser atmosphere but also compiles JS tasks into machine scripts with fast speed. This engine was basically designed for Chrome, but it is also working very well for JavaScript. Google’s backing also assists in improving the performance of this engine while compiling codes.

Similarly, asynchronous processing of Node.js is another factor that aids in fast processing. Yes, this approach administers the requests quickly because it comes with non-blocking output and input properties.


Node JS also appeals to businesses because it confers them to scale their applications vertically and horizontally. Indeed, it is easy to add new resources and features to the existing software by using Node JS. To make Node JS more scalable for users, its non-blocking and event-based model are playing major roles.

Moreover, with the microservices ecosystem, you can seamlessly divide your application into small segments. These divisions allow the coders to create, maintain and deploy modern applications quickly without affecting the app’s performance. Developers can also reduce and extend the resources comfortably because of this microservices adaptability of Node JS.

Tested & Trusted Runtime Environment

Node JS is undoubtedly a tested and trusted JS environment that reputed tech giants use for their applications. Although Walmart, Twitter, Medium and Uber are using Node.js but newbies can also consider studying the case study of PayPal about switching from Java to Node JS and JavaScript. With Node JS, they used 40% less files and 33% fewer scripting lines.

Strong Technology Stack

Developers can enhance the benefits of using Node JS when they use JavaScript for the full-stack. Yes, in this regard, it is ideal to use AngularJS for the client-side development and the combo of Express JS and Node JS for server-side development. As a full-stack package, it can help the coders to build, reuse and share the script with teams efficiently.

Node JS Limitations

  • The application programming interface (API) of Node.js is not considered stable because of periodic modifications. Because of the unbalanced API of Node.js, developers need to spend more time while dealing with it.
  • Compared to other programming languages, JavaScript also doesn’t have enough library support. This JS drawback also severely affects Node.js.

Top 10 Node JS Hosting Providers

Here are the best Node JS hosting providers that SMEs, large enterprises and startups can consider using for their projects according to their requirements:

1. Back4App

Back4App is one of the cheap Node.js hosting providers that offers both monthly and annual dedicated hosting plans. In this regard, it provides three types of dedicated hosting plans. The first one is ‘silver’ that allows 40GB of data storage and unlimited requests.

Similarly, its’ gold’ category grants 80GB of data storage, unlimited request, load balancer and much more. It confers a ‘platinum’ package that comes with lots of features and premium support to facilitate large enterprises.

To learn more read How to host a Node.js application using containers or Deploying a Node.js application using a backend as a service.

Core Features

Easy Interface — It is quite convenient to use this Node.js hosting platform because of its simple interface. It provides a spreadsheet-like user interface when it comes to exporting or importing data. Dashboard of Back4App is also easy to handle for novices, and you can even send numerous notifications within some clicks.

Cross-Platform SDKs — Cross-platform SDKs permit businesses to connect their applications with servers of this hosting provider.

Rest & GraphQL APIs — To back numerous database-centric operations, this Node.js host naturally creates Rest and GraphQL APIs. It also automatically documents them without any error.

Realtime— Back4App confers complete support for Real-time queries. With this responsive database support, developers can fetch and update the data on both the front and backend within no time.

JS Cloud Code Functions — With Back4App’s cloud code, developers can cardinally perform back-end functionalities of JavaScript projects.

2. Heroku

Heroku is also another reliable and free Node JS hosting platform that coders can use with limited resources. Yes, it offers free-tier to host Node.js applications, so you can consider a free source if you want to approach specific and limited resources.

Heroku is basically a platform as a service (PaaS) company that has offered a variety of cloud services to the programming world since 2007.

This hosting platform is also known for providing extraordinary support for Java, Go, PHP, Python and Node.js projects. Therefore, it could be an ideal platform for hosting Node.js applications.

Core Features

Easy Deployment — Heroku facilitates the Node.js projects with a sleek container. This safe container also makes a smooth curation of the Node.js stack for developers.

Metrics — Node.js developers like to proceed with Heroku’s dashboard because it provides timely reports and complete analytics of memory, usage and CPU consumption.

Scalable — It is convenient to extend resources for Node.js applications by using Heroku’s hosting. It comes with a single-threaded approach and facilities in horizontal extensibility.

Resources — Heroku hosting also provides multiple resources. Likewise, it gives famous add-ons including Heroku Redis and Papertrail and provides buttons like pgweb and Slackin.

3. Firebase

With the backing of Google, Firebase platform is a complete package to build, host, deploy and launch both web and mobile applications. Indeed, it is also a considerable and free Node.js hosting platform that was made public in 2011. Mainly, if you are building a small or medium-sized Node.js application, then Firebase could be a trustworthy choice for you.

The product of this cloud platform that provides hosting service is known as ‘Firebase Hosting’ and gives several advantages.

Core Features

Secure Connection — If you want to host your Node.js application on a secure connection, then you should try Firebase hosting because of its built-in secure sockets layer.

Microservices Support — Firebase is not only suitable to host dynamic and static applications, but you can also utilize it for microservices like Express JS.

Firebase CLI — The use of Firebase CLI is ideal for installing your application within seconds on this hosting platform. This toolkit also comes with too many other benefits.

4. DigitalOcean

DigitalOcean is one of the most accessible cloud services that was made public in 2011. It comes with a number of hosting packages that are affordable for users with limited budgets.

However, they are an elementary level hosting service that requires the user to have an advanced level of understanding of the service and how it works to perform basic tasks.

Core Features

Droplet Templates — DigitalOcean supports Ubuntu droplets that lets the developers have a much smoother experience when it comes to setting up the webpage. It also gives coders a much faster means to establish the webpage.

Scalable — The services that DigitalOcean provides are suitable to any level of users that may be using the client app. It can easily be upgraded as the number of users increases. It has the option to upgrade the storage and bandwidth allocations at the press of a button.

Data Center Options — DigitalOcean gives you an option to choose a faster data centre in your own continent. It ensures that the user can have speedier data fetching.

Nanobox — DigitalOcean has the option to be set up through Nanobox that can facilitate setting up and managing the hosting utilities that a programmer requires. This can assist a beginner in ensuring that all the requirements that are needed by hosting necessities can be fulfilled. However, if you are aware of native DigitalOcean application manipulation, it can give you more control over what is set up on your host.

5. EvenNode

EvenNode is also one of the top Node JS hosting services available. It comes with a number of features built into it. Moreover, it is designed for Python and NodeJS, making it much more compatible with the script and running more smoothly within that code.

Features like smoother error reporting and well-optimized workflow management ensure to allow the developers to focus on development rather than maintenance.

Core Features

SSL Encryption — A Free SSL Certificate is included within most of the packages to ensure that the webpage gains credibility within its users. This free certificate comes with a number of their plans and is retrieved from Let’s encrypt. Moreover, this can be deployed within a few seconds.

App Logs — EvenNode comes with an application logging feature that ensures that the errors are all logged. This makes the process of detecting and removing bugs within the application much more manageable. They also ensure that all the features of the application are running smoothly. This tool can come in handy in a number of scenarios, such as adding new features and checking most thrown exceptions etc.

WebSocket — A highlighting feature of EvenNode that makes it one of the best free Node.js hosting options is it’s out of the box support for WebSocket. This feature makes it easy for developers to deploy chatbots and chatting capabilities. It supports REST API and can even run games within a single TCP connection.

FTP Access — This feature makes EvenNode a good option for node js hosting as applications can be deployed with a single FTP connection. It helps a developer who does not know git commands to ensure that the app is quickly and completely uploaded. While other hosting services may require uploading and deployment through command lines, this requires a seasoned developer with the technology.

Scalable — Applications running on EvenNode are very scalable as this Node.js hosting company comes with a number of plans to support any number of users for any application. This makes it an easy choice for apps looking for a simple option that would still be sustainable when the application and its users grow.

6. NodeChef

NodeChef is a Service that supports many Cloud Native applications and can be utilized for cheap app hosting. It has several pricing options available for Node.js hosting and is credited because of its feature set.

Core Features

Multi-Country Servers — NodeChef provides the users with the option to choose their servers. These servers are not only fast but are also based in numerous continents. This ensures faster load times for business websites or apps specific to a region.

Database Options — They let the users choose between SQL and non-SQL database options. This helps the developers to easily deploy an application based on their own requirements without worrying about the database compatibility implications.

Scalable — The packages it provides are very reasonable but, more importantly, are scalable for the user’s needs. This makes it easier for most coders as it allows for less hassle when shifting over to more extensive resources.

7. AWS

AWS or Amazon Web Services is one of the most famous names out there for Node.js hosting. Amazon is one of the most popular web service providers and has made its way into almost every service.

Indeed, AWS is one of their most popular services that can be found almost anywhere and everywhere on the internet. It comes with a number of headlining features and ensures easy help with the availability of a number of forums and help centres.

Core Features

Service Support — AWS grants a number of service usability. This has a number of services that it can run to ease deployment and management. It also has easy access to deployment and management options within these services. This can help developers use services that they are comfortable with.

Deployment & Maintenance Handling — It has functionalities that support developers in the deployment process. You simply have to upload the application, and AWS handles the deployment part of it. It even offers automatic maintenance of the code and application so that the developer doesn’t have to keep coming back to the code in case of errors or failures.

Serverless Hosting Options — Amazon web service has a number of highlighting options, but Lambda would be one of the most highlighting ones. Lambda gives the developers the option to go for serverless hosting. This means that less infrastructure would have to be used on the development end. Moreover, a separate server manager would not have to be hired.

Beanstalk Deployment — Beanstalk deployment is one of the services that Amazon web service supports. This can help massively reduce deployment and implementation time as beanstalk has a familiar interface and coding environment for seasoned and beginner programmers.

Easy to Learn — AWS is one of the most accessible technologies to understand and manage as it has a vast usage worldwide, so it has more solutions available to common and unique problems alike.


Infrastructure management may be one of the hardest things to do for many companies, preventing them from growing.

Maintenance is one of the most common drawbacks of conventional infrastructure management as it causes the company to associate a manager for that particular job. So, with 99.99% uptime,’s cloud hosting service could also be an outstanding choice here.

Core Features

Infrastructure Management — gives you infrastructure management with the help of PaaS or “Platform as a Service”. This ensures that all the features related to management are either coded into the backend or are available for the user to take advantage of through the management interface.

Cloud Basis — This host is running its hosting partnership with big names such as AWS and Google. This makes it a simpler option for users as these names are trusted and already established in the market, and provides even simpler management alternatives.

9. Glitch

Glitch has gained a name for itself as a free tool that has most of its features free for a longer period of time. It means that developers can choose it for prototyping and application building. Howbeit, it is not required for businesses as it lacks certain features that a business application would require.

Core Features

Online Support Available — Glitch belongs to the same company from where Stack Overflow is associated. So, Glitch itself is known widely for its forums and its capability to answer almost every common question related to applications. The same case trickles down for Glitch as well.

Anonymous App Creation — Glitch can allow you to create an anonymous project that may be used for prototyping. This massive feature does not require you to buy hosting until you have entirely tested out your prototypes. This can only be done through GitHub and is deleted after 5 days.

Free Services — It provides the users with 200 MBs of disk storage and 512 MBs on the backend. It also supports 4000 requests per hour and has 512 MBs of RAM. Projects ‘sleep’ and then stop after 5 minutes of inactivity but are restarted again if requested.

10. Azure

Microsoft Azure is one of the more demanded Node.js hosting services on the list. This service has gained its integrity due to it being a Microsoft product. Microsoft has made a name for itself through significant players such as Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Office. Azure has undoubtedly become an easier choice for developers due to a number of reasons.

Core Features

Feature Rich — Azure has many services running within its own domain. These services all come with a number of assistive features that ensure that Azure is an easier tool to opt for.

Management — Azure App Service is one of the services that offers complete management of the application. This means that the developer can have the option to worry less about management and maintenance and focus more on development.

Free Period — With the services that Azure provides, it is a no brainer for many developers. This option becomes more attractive due to the trial year that Azure gives its users. They even provide you with a $200 credit to spend on features and services for the first few days.

Hybrid — Azure lets developers work and deploy on their own terms. They work on a “Hybrid” cloud which means that the development can be done both online and offline with the help of Microsoft’s resources.

10.+ DomainRacer 

DomainRacer is the topmost company that gives most secured Node.js hosting solution. They offer you the best features to grow in the world of Node.js hosting. You can start node js hosting just by selecting their affordable plans.

DomainRacer offers multiple hosting services Reseller Hosting, Shared Hosting, VPS Hosting, DedicatedServer Hosting, LMS Hosting and Application Hosting (Node.js, PHP, MySQL, WordPress, Web Developer, Joomla, Drupal, Magento, Ecommerce).

All low-cost node js hosting plans are bounded with unlimited and free stuff. DomainRacer has an expert team of node js hosting to support their user on time. You can access their support through phone, mail, chat, ticket system and WhatsApp.

DomainRacer has a developer-friendly environment as you can work with multiple languages and databases.

Core Features

Highly Secured – DomainRacer doesn’t allow its users to get used to with weakly secured atmosphere. They provide you with the best and most highly secured security tools like ModSecurity, PYXSoft, DDoS Protection, Email Spam Protection, Firewall Protection, Imunify360, and ImunifyAV+. 

They also provide the cPGuard Protection and the best part is that DomainRacer is an official partner with the OPSSHIELD.

Tier-IV Server Locations – DomainRacer has data centers all over the world as India, USA, UK, Canada, Singapore, France, Germany and more.

Free Resources – DomainRacer offers unlimited SSD storage space, unmetered Bandwidth, free SSL certificate, 21x faster LiteSpeed cache technology, 99.99% uptime, one-click Softaculous, free weekly JetBackup, etc.

Add On – DomainRacer has its own search engine. Also they give a free-of-cost ranking monitor tool named as SEODefault.


This article enlightens the top Node.js hosting companies with their core properties and essential package details. Although all of them are credible to use but the selection of Node.js hosting also depends on your project’s requirements. So, it is suggested to pick the most suitable hosting options rather than trusting a host due to its popularity.


What is NodeJS?

NodeJS is a cross-platform, free, server-side and open-source environment to run JS scripts outside of the web browser.

What are the advantages of NodeJS?

– Rapid Processing
– Scalability
– Strong Technology Stack

What are the best 10 NodeJS hosting companies?

– Back4app
– Firebase
– Heroku
– Digital Ocean
– Azure
– EvenNode
– NodeChef
– Glitch
– DomainRacer

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