Optimizely vs Firebase

Web development requires constant data-driven experimentation, i.e., developers need to keep continuously and carefully making changes to the websites and applications in order to improve the user experience.

A/B testing, using tools like Optimizely and Firebase, allow developers to create hypotheses and learn why certain elements of their experiences impact user behavior.

Key Takeaways

  • Optimizely is a digital experience platform software as a service
  • Firebase is GCP’s backend as a service
  • More than 9k businesses trust Optimizely
  • Firebase has customers like Alibaba, Playbuzz, and NYT

What is Optimizely?

Optimizely is essentially a digital platform Software as a Service (SaaS) solution that provides a plethora of testing tools for web experimentation, recommendation, personalization, and feature flags. It provides multivariate and A/B testing tools along with web content management and digital commerce.

This SaaS solution is primarily lauded for its easy-to-use visual editor where developers can see their changes in real-time. You can create various experiments using Optimizely for your web pages and validate the conversion rate optimization efforts.

Optimizely core features

  • Create and publish content within the DXP

The Optimizely content cloud allows you to monitor the website for the content requirements, and also allows tools to author and personalize it from one platform. You can design compelling digital experiences and deliver them across your entire digital footprint using a headless CMS model.

  • Intelligent experiences

Advanced analytics tools make it easier to predict user behaviors from the comfort of your tech stack and explore data-driven solutions to improve your product. Integrate data from multiple data channels and test it under a harmonized data model.

  • Real-time impact

Transform your data into real-time customer profiles and experiment deep into your data stack to improve the consumer experience at every step. The real-time visual editor allows you to test the impact of your optimization efforts before rolling out the changes to everyone.

Optimizely advantages

  • Complete suite of digital experience products

Optimizely is a flexible SaaS solution with a fully integrated stack of digital experience services. It allows the seamless integration of content, commerce, personalization, and analytics to measure the impact of every release to the customers and improve the overall user experience of your product or service.

  • Easy integration

Optimizely is one of the most flexible DXP offerings owing to it being fully open yet integrated. It combines several aspects like commerce, content, intelligence, and experimentation to optimize the digital experience. End consumers get a completely seamless buying experience throughout their purchase journey.

  • Advanced personalization

The AI working behind the scenes at Optimizely offers intelligent product and content recommendations that allows developers to offer a personalized experience for each user.

It predicts the user intent and interests from their behavior on your website or app and enables you to deliver engaging content relevant to their interests. The AI can also be used to increase up-sells and cross-sells through a personalized brand experience.

  • Easy updates

Optimizely helps bring your digital product to life with the ability to test and learn and change to meet the user requirements. You can build AI-driven experiences that get smarter the more the consumers use them.

What is Firebase? 

Google-backed Firebase is an application development platform that provides the complete set of tools and features required to develop Android, iOS, and Web apps. In addition, it also provides tools for analyzing and visualizing the data, reporting and fixing app crashes, and creating and deploying marketing and product experiments.

Firebase is useful in several situations owing to the advanced integration levels it allows to Google and third-party services. For instance, developers can provide users with a quick way to sign in using Authentication, define audience profiles based on their behavior, and roll out new features progressively after testing.

Firebase core features

  • Powerful analytics tools

At the core of Firebase is Google Analytics and its dashboard is one of the best features of Firebase. It is free to use and can create unlimited reports for up to 500 events each with at least 25 attributes.

You can create custom audiences based on predefined events or user device data and properties, which can be specified with other Firebase features when launching new features.

  • Easier app development

With robust operational functionality, developers can solely focus on developing the app to deliver the best possible user experience. It has several attributes like Cloud Messaging, Authentication, Test Lab, Hosting, Storage, and Dynamic links which seamlessly integrate to make the app development process easier.

  • User engagement tools

Firebase also offers several tools for growth and user engagement and can be linked to third party commercial apps for added functionality. For instance, you can easily link AdWords to segment and define your userbase and improve targeting in your marketing campaigns.

Firebase advantages

  • Firebase A/B Testing

Firebase A/B Testing, with Google Optimize under the hood, allows developers to optimize the application management experience by making it easier to run, analyze, and add scalability according to the user demands. You can make changes to your app’s UI, features, or engagement campaigns to see if you get the expected ROI before rolling them out to consumers.

  • Real-time database

The NoSQL database is based on the JSON document protocol, allowing developers to store and sync the data between clients in real-time. Moreover, the data can be accessed across all devices, and developers do not need backend support to build apps for multiple platforms. 

  • Crash reporting and fixing

Firebase allows end-users to report bugs and crashes quickly and easily. The Firebase SDK logs the crashes automatically and notifies the cause to the developers and testers, who can identify and fix the problems at the earliest.

Optimizely vs Firebase Comparison

DescriptionDigital experience platform software as a serviceFirebase is GCP’s backend as a service
Date Launched20102011
Type of BusinessPrivate corporationOwned by Google
Enterprise PlansYesNo
Popular ClientsEbay
Pizza Hut
New York Time
Core FeaturesDigital Experience Platform
Content Cloud
Intelligence Cloud
A/B Testing
Free to startNot specified on the websiteYes
PricingNot specified on the websiteFree Tier
Pay as you go


In the end, your choice of the DXP tool depends on the product and experience that you want to deliver to your audience. You will need to carefully read and understand the pros and cons of each tool before deciding one for yourself.

A leading app hosting company will help you figure out the differences and select one that best matches your requirements, so do not hesitate to contact one if you are confused between Optimizely and Firebase.


What is Optimizely?

Digital experience platform software as a service

What is Firebase?

Firebase is GCP’s backend as a service

What are the differences between Firebase and Optimizely?

– Optimizely focus on digital experiences
– Firebase is a broad app development platform
– Firebase A/B testing is free to use
– Optimizely lean towards enterprise customers

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