Pushwoosh vs Firebase

Organizations and individuals all across the world resort to different hosting services in order to send push-notification. For a business to grow, it has to reach out to people through various platforms, and hosting services are used to power up these very applications. In today’s world, Pushwoosh and Firebase can be considered two of the major push-notification services.

These two platforms have been proved to be reliable and thus are widely used by businesses around the world. While both tools have some features in common, there are certain aspects that set these two apart and pave the way for the discussion regarding Pushwoosh vs Firebase. A detailed study of both tools will give you an idea about what to choose for your convenience.

Key Takeaways

  • Pushwoosh provides push notifications, in-app messaging, and email services
  • Firebase is an end-to-end development platform from Google
  • Pushwoosh is great for non-tech users, and Firebase is built for developers

What is Firebase? 

A typical example falling under the category of Backend as a Service (BaaS) service, Firebase comes with a strong real-time backend and distinct API features.

With several tools for developing applications across the web and mobile, Firebase is arguably one of the most favorite tools of organizations. Firebase hosting is not only extremely fast for the app but also provides security to it. With its easy-to-use interface, individuals find it a convenient tool to develop apps with.

Firebase also minimizes the requirement for server management and API creation. The platform comes with image-based cloud storage and also allows developers to use Google Cloud Storage. 

Firebase Core Features

Successful apps in most organizations are built with the help of Firebase. This essential platform comes with many features that contribute to its popularity. Take a look at the following:

  • Real-time Database

Real-time database falls under the category of NoSQL cloud database that paves the way for effortless syncing of data and real-time storage. At a time when the application is offline, the database can be easily accessed. Furthermore, a Real-time database collects and stores the required data in the JSON format and also synchronizes it across the clientele.

  • Notifications

Firebase enables an individual to send notifications across several platforms for free. The notification messages are wholly integrated with Google Analytics so that the user gets access to conversion tracking and detailed engagement. Also, no coding is required to check its effectiveness from a single dashboard. The notifications are displayed on the device for the user’s convenience.

  • Authentication

An authorization system based on tokens, the Firebase Authentication can be rendered as comprehensive. Owing to this, easy integration with popular platforms like that of Twitter, Facebook and Google are possible.

Advantages of Firebase

Using Firebase for your business app development has many advantages. A few of them are:

  • Scalable Database

Armed with a Real-time database, Firebase allows its users to scale the data and optimize the performance. The data is split across several Realtime Database instances which are also known as database sharding.

  • Free Notification Service

The process of sending notifications across platforms for free is termed Firebase Cloud Messaging (FCM). FCM sets up an authentic and battery-saving connection between the devices and the server. The messages are both delivered and received without any cost.

  • Backed by Google

Firebase applications are backed by Google Cloud. This feature makes it possible for the user to scale the app to millions of users around the world.

Thus, this Google-backed tool is preferred by both startups and big companies and is one of the strongest points to be made in an argument about Pushwoosh vs Firebase.

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What is Pushwoosh?

The power of push notifications lies in the factor of reaching out to millions of users at the same time. Users do not necessarily be on the app at that given point of time to receive the push notifications.

Pushwoosh is software for push notifications and marketing services that give users a chance to build efficient cross-channel platforms. Companies across the world rely on Pushwoosh services to get their applications to reach out to the users.

When availing Pushwoosh services, you are taking your customer engagement quotient a notch higher. With in-app messaging, automated push notifications and email campaigns, Pushwoosh is trusted by many big brands around the world. It has been proved that communication via push notifications not only increases the conversion rate but also your revenue subsequently. 

Pushwoosh Core Features

Pushwoosh has several distinct features that make it a trusted platform for big companies around the world. Some of its major features are:

  • Automation

Pushwoosh gets the message delivered on the user’s device without much time and hassle. The delivery is mainly decided as per the user’s geolocation and behavior. There are several other user-level actions that not only enhance the communication by making it relevant but also save the company’s time and effort.

  • Personalization

Customers always prefer personalized approaches, and Pushwoosh services enable just that. With different templates, content and segmentation, Pushwoosh rightly targets cross-channel campaigns.

  • Cross-channel

What can be a more lucrative offer for a businessman to engage its customers across all communicative channels? With Pushwoosh, the users receive push notifications in both in-app messaging and Facebook Messenger. The efficiency naturally increases when most communication channels are at your disposal.

Advantages of Pushwoosh 

Push notifications not only increase conversions but also boost purchasing and retain users. The following can be a few of the advantages of using Pushwoosh:

  • Customer Retention

Sending targeted messages to customers compels them to use the application more and make increasing purchases. The profit soars up considerably even if there is a tiny margin of increased customer retention. 

  • Engagement

To connect with the users, the push notifications have to be more relevant and personalized. With Pushwoosh, you can now send a chain of push notifications based on the user’s specific actions.

  • Conversions

Once you target your customers based on the segregation made through several criteria, sending push notifications after that makes the conversion rate considerably go up. As the content creates an impact on the user, the business house invariably makes a profit.

Pushwoosh vs Firebase Comparison

DescriptionAdvanced customer engagement platform.End-to-end development platform from Google
PricingDeveloper – $49.95/mo
Marketing – $125.95/mo
Custom Plans
More information here.
Pay as you go
Ideal forNon-Tech professionalsDevelopers
AdvantagesAdvanced segmentation and personalizationComprehensive app development platform
HeadquartersUnited StatesUnited States


As you thoroughly study the above-mentioned points, you can reach a conclusion on the Pushwoosh vs Firebase debate.

Pushwoosh is an excellent customer engagement platform. It is designed for non-techies, provides high-level segmentation/personalization, and starts at $49.95 per month.

Firebase is an end-to-end development platform from Google. It is designed for developers, provides multiple features, and uses can start using it for free.


What is Pushwoosh?

Pushwoosh is an excellent customer engagement platform.

What is Firebase?

Firebase is a end-to-end development platform from Google.

What are the differences between Pushwoosh and Firebase?

Pushwoosh is an excellent customer engagement platform. It is designed for non-techies, provides high-level segmentation/personalization, and starts at $49.95 per month.

Firebase is an end-to-end development platform from Google. It is designed for developers, provides multiple features, and uses can start using it for free.

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