The Top 5 Real Time Messaging Platforms You Should Know

This article will explore five of the best real time messaging platforms. The list includes Back4App, PubNub, Firebase, Pusher, and Scale Drone.

Real-time messaging uses real-time processing to manage workloads whose state is regularly changing. This contrasts with conventional databases containing persistent data, primarily unaffected by time.

When it is about choosing the best real-time platform, we have immense options available for this. But to let things work better for you, you need to be wise while selecting the best real-time platform for your next project.

What is Real Time Messaging?

It’s a technology that allows real time transmissions over the internet. A great and easy-to-understand example of real time messaging application is WhatsApp.

Every time a user updates a message, it is pushed or distributed to all other devices using a real time mechanism.

It contrasts with a traditional messaging platform where users need to update or refresh their apps to gather the most updated messages.

The Five Best Real Time Platforms

Do you want to know some of the best real-time database services that can help you in your next projects? If yes, we have enlisted the top 5 real-time solutions that can work for anyone. So, here we go:


Back4app is one of the most impressive real-time messaging solutions which can let you store your app data in real-time. 

Some of the most promising features of the Back4app platform include push notifications, user authentication, email verification, real-time messages, third-party service integrations, social login, and more.

Back4app offers a more straightforward way of creating, hosting, and managing applications in the best possible way. It comes up with an all-in-one web-based dashboard that can help developers manage powerful data manipulation in a more effective way.

Back4app comes up with a live query feature that will let users to subscribe to any of their required queries while making it possible to sync app data in real-time.

Activating the live query feature to send real time messages is easy using Back4App. The first step is to setup an account with Back4App. After setting up your application, please access server settings and the live query thumbnail.

Real time messaging Live Query Setup
Live Query Setup – Step 1

The second step is to activate a subdomain that will process the real time messaging for your application.

Please refer to the this real time messaging app example and the video below for a detailed tutorial on how to create a real time application.


  • Free account available. 
  • Paid services are starting from $25. 


  • Real-time queries
  • Spreadsheet like format
  • GraphQL/REST APIs
  • Push and e-mail notifications
  • Scalable infrastructure


  • 24/07
  • Documentation & Community
  • E-mail & Ticket
  • Slack / WhatsApp / Phone
  • Enterprise


PubNub is one of the most widely known data stream platforms offering secure, flexible, scalable, and reliable real-time database and communication API for mobile, IoT, and web applications. 

This platform will help you create and manage real-time database solutions within no time. PubNub is also an effective solution to build real-time features into your applications and let your users be capable of bringing them back together.

Most amazingly, PubNub is also offering above 70 SDKs. Ultimately, it will become pretty more effortless for developers to connect their mobile, web, or IoT applications within real time to offer enhanced services, better performance, and improved reliability. Managing real-time resources or services with PubNub is super easier.


  • Free tier available 
  • Paid services are starting from $49 monthly. 


  • Real-time database
  • In Chat App
  • Geolocation
  • Data-streaming
  • IoT device control


  • 24/07
  • Documentation & Community
  • GOLD – Email
  • Platinum – Email + Phone + Slack
  • Enterprise – Email + Phone + Slack + Dedicated Support Agent


Firebase is one of the leading application development solution which comes up with real time database management.

This platform can support any of your applications in the best possible way. This fantastic development platform is based on a model server scheme that is highly effective in creating interactive mobile and web solutions. The real-time database solution of firebase can help developers to make changes in data on servers in real-time.

Even more, Firebase is an amazing backend as a service platform, too, which is helping developers to accelerate their application development to an extent. Not only this, Firebase is offering a fantastic range of features that will let you develop feature-rich applications within no time.

It also offers easier integration of backend solutions in your apps to make them more functional.


  • Free trial available 
  • Premium services are available as pay as you go solution.


  • Real-time database
  • ML Kit
  • Hosting
  • Cloud messaging
  • Authentication


  • 24/07
  • Documentation & Community
  • Tickets


Pusher is one of the best available solutions to empower your applications with real-time experiences. It offers bidirectional APIs for its hosted users and is meant to be scalable, flexible, and super easier to utilize.

Pusher can help you develop different types of solutions, including alerts, real time messaging applications, in-app chat and location tracking, etc. 

From live sports commentary and polls to real-time messaging applications, it can help you create everything even by putting less effort than traditional development methods. This platform is one of the most trustworthy solutions even by big enterprises too.

Pusher can be a fantastic solution to consider for anyone around. Pusher is a robust solution offering scalable real time services to make your applications more amazing.


  • Premium pricing plan of pusher is starting from $49 every month. 


  • Real-time database
  • Push-Notifications
  • Hosting


  • 24/07
  • Documentation & Community
  • Tickets


Scaledrone is an effective solution that can help you in sending real time data to the users. It can take care of complex and challenging real time infrastructure issues so that developers can get a better opportunity to build applications only. 

It can help you to build awesome applications within a shorter time period. This solution can help you develop feature-rich real time applications in the best possible way. Ultimately, you will be able to save more time, money, and effort with ease.

Some of the most promising features of this platform include live user events, enhanced web sockets, access levels, authentication, and much more. All and all, this is a great solution that can let you get started without paying anything.


  • Free tier available 
  • Pro version is starting from $9 every month


  • Real-time database
  • Enhanced WebSockets
  • Authentication & Access levels
  • Cloud Hosting


  • Documentation & Community
  • Tickets

Pricing Comparison Table

Free TierStarting Price
PubNubFree Trial$49/mo
FirebaseYesPay as you go
Scale DroneYes$9/mo


If you are curious to know some of the best solutions to build applications based on real time services, then our solutions mentioned above are worth considering.

The good news is that all services offer Free Tiers or Trials for testing, and you will be able to dig into more details without spending additional dollars.

All of these come up with their own services, features, and benefits. Knowing a detailed overview of each is undoubtedly going to help you know which can work great for your type of project in the best possible way.

So, it is highly recommended to have a look at the information given below to make a smart move more effectively. 

What is real-time messaging?

Real-time messaging uses real-time processing to manage workloads whose state is regularly changing. This contrasts from conventional databases containing persistent data, mostly unaffected by time.

What are the best real-time messaging providers?

– Back4app
– Pubnub
– Firebase
– Pusher
– Scale Drone

How does pricing look like?

Back4app: Free Tier, pricing starts at $25/mo
PubNub: Free Trial, pricing starts at $49/mo
Firebase: Free Tier, Pay as you go model
Pusher: Free Tier, pricing starts at $49/mo
Scale Drone: Free Tier, pricing starts at $9/mo

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