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The best Firebase alternatives for React Native

The best Firebase alternatives for React Native
Firebase Alternatives for React Native

This article will discuss some of the Firebase alternatives for React Native and their features.

React Native is a JavaScript framework that Facebook provides for making mobile applications’ user interface. It is so widely used because it helps developers smoothly work and create mobile apps using a cross-platform framework. Simultaneously, using the services of platforms like Firebase significantly reduces the application backend side development.

This makes it very professional, functional, and cheap for the developers to make stunning mobile applications. However, using Firebase to React Native will not be the optimal solution for everyone to use different Firebase alternatives to React Native.

Top 4 Alternatives to React Native (#3 is amazing)

Top 4 Alternatives to React Native (#3 is amazing)
React Native Alternatives

This article will discuss the best alternatives to React Native and review the pros and cons of each framework.

Developing sleek and feature-rich mobile applications is a prerequisite for any business targeting high conversion rates. It requires mobile platform developers to utilize an agile app development framework like React Native, which offers several convenient features for its users. 

RN framework is now considered the standard choice for developing iOS and Android applications. Yet, many developers prefer to use React Native alternatives for their mobile application development and deployment requirements. Take a look at some of the best available alternative frameworks you can use below. 

The best alternatives to React Native include:

  • Flutter
  • Cordova
  • Xamarin
  • Ionic Framework

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NodeJS Backend for your React Native App

Developing and maintaining a server is one of the most challenging tasks that any developer can do. Mobile and web development is one of the most important bases of computer science. The web design market is $20.1 billion in the US alone, whereas the web development market far exceeds this number.

Two of the essential components in modern app development are Node JS and React Native. Similarly, a service known as BaaS is becoming popular nowadays.

Here is a summary of this article:

  • NodeJS | What is? What are the advantages?
  • React Native | What is? What are the advantages?
  • BaaS Backend | What is? What are the advantages?
  • The Best 5 NodeJS Backends for your React Native App

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Apple token-based Push Notifications available on Back4App

Apple token-based Push Notifications available on Back4App

We are pleased to announce that the Back4App Push Notification service for Apple devices now supports the HTTP/2 protocol and the token-based authentication mechanism. The benefits of using the new connection mechanism are:

  • It is faster than the previous legacy binary protocol;
  • You can use the same Key for all your Apple platforms(macOS, iOS, Apple Watch);
  • You can use the same Key to send Push Notifications from multiple Apps;
  • The key doesn’t expire so it’s not necessary to update it every 12 months, as certificates did;

Firestore vs. Firebase

Firestore vs. Firebase
Firestore vs Firebase

Firebase is an amazing application development platform for mobile and web application development. It can provide an amazing variety of services and tools. These services and tools are meant to help developers in creating high-end and feature rich applications. So that they can get better opportunities to improve their user base as well as earn more revenue in the best possible time.

However, do you want to know more about Firebase? This article can let you explore much about similarities and differences between Firestore and Firebase. At the end, you will be able to make a bold decision of making the right choice with ease. 

Do you want to learn more? Let’s have a look at the information given below about this topic to get an even better idea about the things in this regard:

Firebase comparison vs other service providers

Developing cutting-edge mobile and web applications requires a powerful and feature-rich backend. A robust backend platform enables developers to access advanced functionality for creating agile applications.

Firebase is now regarded as a top choice for developers across the world today. While it is the preferred backend for many, there are many others solutions worthy of consideration. This article will compare Firebase vs several other service providers.

Read on to discover some of the best competitors and alternative services to Firebase BaaS. 

Is Firebase Free?

Is Firebase Free?
Is Firebase Free

Firebase is one of the best-known platforms for building mobile and web applications. Originally, this platform was developed as Firebase Inc. However, later on, Google purchased it in the year 2018. Till then, Firebase was being backed by Google.

Firebase is an excellent option for app development, but is Firebase free? This article will help you to answer this question and explore the details of Firebase’s pricing structure.

Let’s proceed below because here you will learn about:

  • Main pricing plans for Firebase 
  • Always free services by Firebase 
  • Firebase paid services pricing 
  • How to estimate your Firebase costs?

React Native vs. Flutter | Which is better?

Many developers prefer cross-platform application development technologies to build modern apps because of the many advantages. For instance, Flutter and React Native, which are two of the world’s leading cross-platform frameworks today, offer numerous features that enhance development outcomes. This article takes an overview of React Native vs. Flutter development frameworks.  Hopefully, this comparison would help you make an informed decision while choosing a framework for your next app project.

Below is the overview of the content of this article:

  • What is a cross-platform mobile framework?
  • Why Choose Cross-Platform Development?
  • Everything you should know about React Native
  • Everything you should know about Flutter
  • React Native vs. Flutter | Comparison
  • Conclusion

Firebase Databases: Which one you should go with?

Firebase Databases: Which one you should go with?
Firebase Database

Did you know that Firebase has more than one database option? This article will guide you over the two database options available at Firebase and explain the differences between the Real-Time Database and Cloud Firestore.

Here you will get to know about:

  • Available options for Firebase database
  • A comparison between real-time database and Firebase Firestore 

Google Firebase Pricing for Dummies

Google Firebase Pricing for Dummies

How Much Does Google Firebase Cost?

Firebase is a platform for building web and mobile applications. It was originally developed by Firebase Inc., and purchased by Google in 2018.

Firebase has two main pricing plans. The Firebase pricing plans are:

  • Spark Plan (Firebase free tier) is a basic plan offering 1 GB total storage, 20K writes/day, 50K reads/day, and 20K deleted/day
  • Blaze Plan (paid) is a pay as you go plan charging $0.18/GB for database storage, $0.026/GB for application storage, and additional charges for database operations, data transfer, etc.

In this article, you will learn:

  • How Much Does Google Firebase Cost?
  • Firebase Always-Free Services
  • Firebase Pricing for Paid Services
  • Cloud Firestore Database
  • Real-Time Databases
  • Hosting
  • Authentication
  • Cloud Functions
  • Firebase ML
  • Test Lab
  • Firebase: Estimating Your Costs

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