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How to Write Specifications for a Mobile App Development Project

Last year, Hacker Rank asked app developers to share their biggest pet peeves. The survey united over 70,000 developers with different specializations and levels of professional experience. 

The top five problems that irritate senior developers were spaghetti code (64%), ghost bugs (46%), and badly written documentation (55%). 

But while errors in the code are obvious problems, why does poor documentation irritate experienced developers so much?

When signing up for a project, developers receive app specifications from the client. These specifications should contain a detailed description of the app’s goals and the client’s expectations of the end result. 

Now, we’re saying that specifications should be detailed, but they often aren’t, and that’s what usually causes a lot of project delays, revisions, and frustration, both for a developer and a client. 

So, in order to get the result you want, you need to provide your app development team with a document that will turn a vague idea into a detailed blueprint. 

This is what we’re going to talk about today as we look at how to write app specifications for a mobile app development project. 

The Firestore Alternatives in 2021

This era’s needs have made the developers develop special applications where they can easily navigate different functionalities. However, apart from the user experience, the developers need to focus on the backend of the applications. It is because the functionalities only work because of the backend of the application.

As developing the application’s functional backend is a very time-consuming and costly procedure, different platforms like cloud Firestore are used these days. It is because these platforms help the developers in developing better applications with ease. This is only possible because of the features that are integrated into these platforms.

As a developer, when you use cloud Firestore for the backend of your application, the application becomes a lot more functional and well-performing. It is only because of the services that have been included in cloud Firestore. However, this is sometimes not the best choice for every developer because of the two things mentioned below.

  • Cost of the platform.
  • Features and functionalities available.

Different developers are looking for other platforms that will provide the required features at a better price. If you are also looking for such alternatives to Firestore, here we will discuss some of the best options for Firestore that you can use.

How does a mobile backend as a service work?

How does a mobile backend as a service work?
how does a mobile backend as a service work

The old days of creating the Backend of your applications have passed. Now is the era of making the Backend of your applications on cloud storage. It is all possible only because of Mobile Backend as a Service or MBaaS (BaaS).

It is a technology that helps developers develop excellent mobile and web applications without setting up Backend servers and services. The Backend service providers manage all the services, features, and servers needed to be set up for the application’s proper functionality.

It makes things very easy for the developers to focus only on developing the applications’ front end. When MBaaS is used to create the applications, many features can be easily added to the applications like the following.

  • Scalable Database
  • GraphQL and REST APIs
  • Notifications
  • User management
  • Third-party services integration

There are a lot of features for the developers that are provided by the MBaaS providers. However, here we will discuss why the developers should select this method to develop their mobile applications. We will also discuss things that you must consider in your provider when you choose one.

Best BaaS – Backend as a Service 2021

App development projects require proper planning and attention to detail to be successful, especially when choosing a backend service for your app development project. However, the procedure for selecting the right platform can be overwhelming since there are several options in the market.  

In case you are searching for the best backend service in 2021, this article will help you navigate the best options.  First, let’s look at vital points to consider while planning to create a mobile app.

Top 10 Advantages of React Native

Cross-platform app development has witnessed a sudden surge in demand over the past few years. With the competition getting higher, the need for a simple framework grew as well, a framework that uses one platform but works on two different operating systems.

Fortunately, the demand was met by React Native (RN), an open-source framework used to develop applications for various platforms like Android and iOS.

It is a popular JavaScript-based framework for mobile app development, and developers use React Native to develop natively-rendered applications for Android and iOS mainly. With this framework, you can seamlessly build an app for multiple platforms using one codebase.

The best mBaaS providers in 2021

The smartphone industry has changed extensively since the introduction of the first smartphone to the world in 2007. Smartphones are everywhere these days, and people are downloading apps like crazy.  

According to the Statista website, smartphone users downloaded apps 204 billion times in 2019, and the analytics website projects 258 billion downloads by 2022. This projection is realistic because mobile apps have become a vital strategy for businesses all over the world.

The high demand for mobile apps by smartphone users has increased significantly over the years.  The usual app development methods are insufficient because developers are under pressure to create new apps and update existing ones. That is why they readily embraced Mobile Backend as a Service(MBaaS) to develop apps faster and more efficiently. 

MBaaS offers developers the resource required to expedite app development and create advanced app functions with minimal effort.  Let’s look at MBaaS and why developers are switching to this method of app development. 

What is the React Native Framework?

A mobile development framework is one of the most vital components for creating feature-rich and high-performance mobile applications. Selecting the right framework has a direct impact on the quality of development and user experience. React Native is among the top mobile development frameworks used by developers across the world today. It offers robust functionality and a significant number of powerful features for both iOS and Android applications.

This article will get a general idea about frameworks, the React Native framework, its advantages and disadvantages, and some alternatives. 

Understanding Managed Services And Its Benefits On App Development

Applications are the most popular software in the world. It became a big hit during the smartphone takeover and is now used for various functions. The business sector is one of the primary beneficiaries of application development and is partly responsible for different industries’ success.

Businesses contact third-party developers or hire people to develop an app that they can utilize to market their services or products. Another reason why different industries resorted to using apps is to adapt to modern times. Amidst globalization, it’s more appealing to consumers if your product or service is available online.

Such an asset can only be created through a painstaking process, and sometimes you’ll need all the assistance you can get to ensure its completion. This is where something like managed services come in handy. To expound on this topic further, continuing reading to understand managed services and their benefit on app development.

What is an API service?

Web service and API are two of the most common yet overlapping tech terms that get confused regularly.

You also might have heard these words being used interchangeably. However, have you ever thought about whether these are the same things or there are any differences between both of these? 

Even though these two terms do have some overlap, APIs and Web Services are generally two distinct concepts. Do you need a quick and straightforward explanation regarding Web services and API to understand their differences more clearly?

Let’s have a look at the description given below in this regard.

Top 10 React Native Components

React Native is offering isolated UI components that can make your app development process more convenient and more comfortable. Using these components, libraries are meant to help you accelerate your application development processes in the best possible way. 

However, knowing about the top React Native components will help you to make better decisions with ease. Here we will overview the top React Native components to let you understand things more effectively.