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Top 5 Firebase Open Source Alternatives for 2021

Mobile applications need a backend that is powerful enough to support their performance and cost-efficient at the same time. Platforms like Firebase allow the developers to develop these applications by providing excellent backend services.

However, Firebase has some disadvantages like not being open-source, working only with NoSQL databases, and may not the ideal solution for applications that require complex queries. So, here we will discuss the best five open-source alternatives to Firebase that you can use in 2021.

Ionic vs. React Native | Secrets Unlocked

When it comes to app development, two of the popular choices are Ionic and React Native. Although both of these frameworks fall under the cross-platform ecosystem, there are significant differences between them. Be it React Native or Ionic; each comes with its own set of features, capabilities, and goals. Which one is better? Which one to consider for your project? We will try to define each of these individually and then highlight the pros and cons to develop a clear view.

Summary of the article below:

  • Ionic | Overview, pros, and cons
  • React Native | Overview, pros and cons
  • Ionic vs. React Native | Comparison Table

Keep reading to learn more about the differences between Ionic and React Native.

Top 10 Alternatives To Ionic Framework

Every company needs to design a system that will help in brand valuation and integrity across different channels, devices, and apps. With the concept of globalization looming large and far, it becomes essential to get connected through apps to different corners of the world. Clients are everywhere; suitable software and apps need to be used to stay updated and get connected. 

Developing the right type of apps becomes essential, which will work with every system, platform, and device. Reusability is the key, and it is the future. Ionic one of the most popular cross-platform frameworks, efficiently accelerating an app development project.

However, if, for any reason, it is not the ideal choice for your software project, this article is for you. It will compare the best ten options to the Ionic framework.

The best hosting services for your React Native app

From the start of the human race, we have seen many developments and advancements, and one of the best technological developments that have happened to us is the portable lifestyle. Mobile phones are the devices that are getting so powerful with every passing year, and they are bringing a lot of ease to our lives.

Cross-platform applications and their integration with appropriate hosting services make the development and user experience better. From all these things, a hosting service is a vital part of any mobile application because it helps make the application perform better. It also makes the updating process a whole lot easier.

However, it is not easy to select the best hosting service for your React Native application. Here we will discuss some of the best hosting service providers to choose for your React Native application as a developer.

React Native Performance Roadmap

As Developers, we want to build apps that customers will love and spread with the world. To achieve that, a significant part of the app development community often chooses to develop their apps using React Native because they can deliver beautiful, high-quality, and multi-platform mobile apps.

React Native naturally offers a lot of optimization for designing high-performing applications out of the box. However, frequently you might face performance issues mostly related to your codebase structure. Slow apps or crashes will give your users a poor experience, and they will eventually uninstall it.

When talking about performance issues, people usually jump to the tips and trick optimization part, but we need to be aware of the tradeoff in terms of budget, time, effort, etc. The purpose of this article is to give you a clearer idea of what is essential to have in mind before starting a React Native project and to guide you on how to identify improvement opportunities for your App. We are not to encourage you to pick what is hip and trendy.

Where to host your app for free?

There is a wide range of web hosting services available presently. Each one of them offers intense competition against one another. The pricing for hosting services varies from one company to another. But the question that comes: what is the need for mobile app hosting? How to do it effectively?

When launching a mobile app, you need to make sure it reaches out to a broader audience group. Unless proper marketing is done, it may become challenging to make a positive impact on the industry. That is the reason why backend hosting for your mobile apps becomes so critical.

Want to discover the best hosting services for a mobile app? Please keep reading below:

Where To Host A Mobile App Backend?

Is there any better place to host your mobile app backend? Well, this is a common question that often strikes mobile app developers forcefully. It is not only about satisfactory customer experience; a suitable backend hosting support for your mobile app assures a higher level of scalability, enhanced security, and better speed.

So, how to host the mobile app backend? What are the vital areas to focus on?

To host the backend of a mobile app, it is necessary to have sound knowledge in the following areas:

  • Server-side programming
  • Database management
  • Big data
  • Modern cryptography
  • Mobile telecommunication network

All these are a necessary part of the process—the toughest area when managing backend hosting all by you is the coding procedure. Apart from the skills, the procedure requires an extreme level of dedication and effort.

Also, it’s highly time-consuming since the process is too lengthy to consider. But if you want to manage the mobile app backend without going for many hiccups, the best option will be to rely on MBaaS providers.

MBaaS stands for Mobile Backend as a Service. Once you opt for this option, a lot of time and effort gets saved in hosting management. Yes, the MBaaS provider will be handling the hosting part.

Best React Native App Hosting Services

Backends are essential for seamless mobile application development. Developers always prefer feature-rich backends for mobile application development and testing needs. There are numerous backend solutions available if you want to develop applications with the React Native framework.

Do you want to know more about React Native and the backend options available for this purpose? Let’s proceed below to learn more about it.

Top 10 Backend Server Hosting Platforms

Top 10 Backend Server Hosting Platforms

A backend plays the most crucial role in making an application function properly. Henceforth, it is necessary to focus on the backend part carefully.

Opting for a backend service can help relieve the developers’ shoulders’ pressure, leaving them more focused on frontend design and development. Using managed cloud solutions, the server hosting part takes place automatically. It saves a lot of time, effort, and money.

Here, we shall be discussing the top 10 best backend server hosting platforms of 2023. Let’s have a quick overview of each of those: