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React Native vs. Kotlin

Developing mobile applications has always been an elementary job of the tech industry. However, there has always been an issue that is having multiple platforms.

For this, different apps need to be developed. Besides maintaining two teams- one for iOS and one for Android, there lies a gap between the developments of the app. This initiated the idea of creating a cross-platform.

Ket Takeaways

  • React Native is a cross-platform framework created by Facebook
  • Kotlin is a programming language created by Jetbrains
  • React Native and Kotlin are open-source and free to use

Top 10 PHP Frameworks

PHP is one of the most trusted server-side programming languages nowadays. Although it was initially released in 1995, but it is still popular among developers, particularly when it comes to web app development.

According to W3Techs, 79% of websites available on the internet are using PHP for backend development in 2021. Most of these sites are using 5 and 7 versions of PHP. Indeed, PHP is still popular, but the selection of the right framework for PHP projects also matters.

Hence, this guide is presenting the top 10 PHP frameworks with their major features and limitations. This article is also going to discuss the importance of PHP frameworks.

Xamarin vs Kotlin

Developers all around the world are in search of new tools and platforms to make app building easier. Recent times have seen a rise in several software companies that help in creating performant applications.

When one thinks of Xamarin vs Kotlin, the choice becomes incredibly difficult as both platforms have a unique set of tools and various easy-to-use features. You can make a detailed study of both to decide which one would be the most suitable for your application development. Once you get a hold of what the platforms are capable of delivering, you can make an informed choice.

Key Takeaways

  • ​Xamarin is a tool utilized for cross-platform app development that enables engineers to share up to 90 percent of code across platforms
  • Kotlin is the tool Google recommends to develop Android apps
  • Both Xamarin and Kotlin are open-source technologies

Top 10 Python Frameworks

The use of the Python programming language is becoming famous among developers for app building projects nowadays. With 11.86% ratings, Python got the second position according to the TIOBE Index. Indeed, Python has beaten Java to acquire the second rank in the TIOBE Index.

Similarly, 48.24% of programmers also favoured Python in the Stack Overflow Developer Survey and ranked it at the 3rd position among the most popular technologies.

These statistics definitely show the growing popularity and usage of Python language among businesses and coders. However, the selection of the right Python framework is also crucial. That is why this guide is going to share the top Python frameworks with pros, limitations and framework types of this programming language.

Best 10 Backend for Vue JS

Vue JS is a JavaScript’s framework that is becoming famous among coders because of its advantageous properties, including lightweight file size, virtual DOM, integration capabilities and much more.

However, it is also important to know what backends are the best for Vue JS. This article is going to present one of the best backends for Vue JS with the pros and cons of using this front-end technology.

Pushwoosh vs Firebase

Organizations and individuals all across the world resort to different hosting services in order to send push-notification. For a business to grow, it has to reach out to people through various platforms, and hosting services are used to power up these very applications. In today’s world, Pushwoosh and Firebase can be considered two of the major push-notification services.

These two platforms have been proved to be reliable and thus are widely used by businesses around the world. While both tools have some features in common, there are certain aspects that set these two apart and pave the way for the discussion regarding Pushwoosh vs Firebase. A detailed study of both tools will give you an idea about what to choose for your convenience.

Key Takeaways

  • Pushwoosh provides push notifications, in-app messaging, and email services
  • Firebase is an end-to-end development platform from Google
  • Pushwoosh is great for non-tech users, and Firebase is built for developers

QuickBlox vs Firebase

QuickBlox and Firebase are platforms that help in streamlining the backend development of applications.

While developers use Firebase when they want to build successful applications, QuickBlox is used to create messenger apps with chat and video calling options.

Here, take a look at the features and benefits of the two platforms to make an informed choice and know which one is best suited for your upcoming project. 

Key Takeaways

  • QuickBlox is an instant messaging API for Android, iOS, and web apps
  • Firebase is a comprehensive app development platform
  • QuickBlox provides enterprise solutions and professional services, and Firebase doesn’t.

Firebase vs Backendless

Developers who are on the lookout for streamlining application backend development will come across many MBaaS platforms, which can be confusing.

In this article, dive into two of the most talked-about backend platforms – Firebase by Google, and Backendless. Both of them are popular service providers offering you benefits like real-time messaging, file, user, and data management. So, which is the best alternative for your project? Let’s take a look.

Key Takeaways

  • Firebase is Google’s app development platform
  • Backendless is a no code visual app builder
  • Firebase has two NoSQL databases:
    • The Realtime Database data is stored as JSON objects
    • Cloud Firestore is a document-oriented database
  • Backendless provides graphical interface, SQL-driven search and relations.

Xamarin vs Ionic – Which is better?

Mobile app development has been flourishing at a phenomenal rate. Developing an application has now become the most essential thing for every company.

This advancement in app development has led to a tremendous opportunity for app developers to enhance their skill sets. But before indulging in the development process, every developer needs to know which app development solution is reliable and helps to create an app that works on various platforms. 

Given below are two of the most amazing app development frameworks, Angular and Ionic. Read through the features and advantages of both the industry-leading frameworks and then choose the one that suits your requirement. 

Key Takeaways

  • Xamarin and Ionic are open-source app development platforms
  • Xamarin uses C# codebase to build iOS/Android applications
  • Ionic apps are built on HTML, CSS, and JavaScript