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Top 10 Low Code Advantages

This article will explore the low code advantages. The benefits include a faster time to market, accelerates digital transformation, lower development costs, cross-platform functionality, etc.

It is reported that by 2024, around 75% of all the applications in the market will be built on low code development tools. Over the last couple of years, omnipresence and rapid application development have become vital for businesses to survive and low code platforms are ideal for digitising businesses with little to no IT exposure.

As they build their software or website, businessowners can monitor the production process and optimise the UI to look and feel how they want.

Additionally, the low code platforms now offer advanced functionality like artificial intelligence features, allowing even non-IT proficient individuals to build intelligent enterprise applications and software solutions. 

In this article, we take a deeper look at what low code is and what advantages it brings to the production cycle. If you are a business owner toying with the idea of using a low code platform for your next project, the following list of low code benefits should help you make an informed decision.

Keep reading to learn the low code platform advantages.

Top 20 Mobile App Development Tools

This article will explore 20 of the best mobile app development tools. The list includes Back4App, Ionic, Zoho Creator, Xcode, AppSheet, NativeScript, etc.

Over the years, companies have realised the worth of a reliable mobile application in capturing and retaining their customers. More than 60% of the enterprises around the world already have a smartphone application and the rest are on the way to building one, irrespective of the industry they belong in.

The growth of mobile apps is further boosted by the rising popularity of mobile devices like smartphones, tablets, and smartwatches, which further facilitate the transfer of information and services and its ease of access. As a result, multiple mobile app development tools have surfaced that allow businesses to get their app ready for the market.

To build a mobile app for a business that actually provides a decent ROI, companies need to know what a successful mobile app entails, before moving on to the best mobile app development tools available in the market right now. 

In the following post, we take a look at the various categories of mobile development tools available in the mobile app market and then discuss the top 20 app development platforms that are used by enterprises around the world.

Keep reading to learn what is the best tool for mobile app development.

Top 10 Mobile App Builders Providers

This article will explore ten of the best mobile app builders providers. The list includes Back4App, Firebase, Buildfire, Backendless, Xano, etc.

Developing an application from scratch with writing each line of code is not efficient in the present age. It may take too long to design a feature that the feature already becomes outdated. So, different App builders allow users to build their applications without needing to write any code.

Things work here with drag and drop features, making developing an application extremely easy and quick. It has also become a market with huge competition between different companies. So, here we have the top 10 mobile app builder providers that you can select.

Top 10 Netlify Alternatives

This article will explore ten of the best Netlify alternatives. The list includes Back4App, Gitlab Pages, Firebase, Github Pages, etc.

Netlify is a detailed cloud computing platform that grants complete infrastructure to build, host and deploy websites and app projects in a serverless environment. It aids the developers to create, host and integrate applications in a short period of time with small expenses.

However, if Netlify’s features are still not impressing you or even you want to compare its services with other vendors, then you must try alternatives. So, this article shares one of the top Netlify alternatives with all of their core features and pricing models.

Moreover, this guide is also going to give an overview of the pros, properties and pricing structure of Netlify.

Top 5 Companies Using Objective-C

This article will explore five of the best companies using Objective-C. The list include names like Uber, Slack, Delivery Hero, Instacart, etc.

Whenever it is about developing an application or software, selecting the tools and technologies is one of the most important things. The technologies you select also include the programming languages, and the one that we will be discussing here is Objective-C.

Flutter App Server – A complete guide

This article will explore five of the best Flutter server side services. The list includes companies like Back4App, Parse, Firebase, etc.  

Modern developers depend on software development kits (SDKs) to develop feature-rich apps and websites. SDKs contain tools, libraries, sample codes, along with guides and documentation that enable the developer to use them efficiently. 

One of the leading modern SDKs is Flutter. It offers many useful features and makes Backend as a Service integration straightforward.  That is why many developers and businesses are adopting Flutter technology for their development projects. 

In this article, we shall be reviewing the top Flutter Server-Side options for developers. 

Top 10 Server Side Hosting Providers

This article will explore ten of the best server side hosting providers. The list includes Back4App, Firebase, Kinvey, Backendless, etc.

The emergence of mobile server-side hosting services has enhanced the process of mobile app development in several ways. This article takes a brief overview of the leading server-side hosting providers today. 

Top 5 Startups Using Elixir

This article will explore five of the best startups using Elixir. The list includes Peek, RD Station, Chime, Quero, and Postmates.

Whenever we are developing an application, website, or software, one of the first requirements is selecting the right programming language and technology. This beginning step has the highest importance for the future of the software, so it is highly important to make this selection right.

As every software has different requirements, different languages and technologies work. So, different options are selected for the development of different applications. One of those options is Elixir, and here we will be discussing what it is and the top startups that use Elixir.

Top 8 aspects to consider selecting a cloud provider

Businesses often wonder what cloud hosting brings to the table. But what they fail to understand is that it offers them the platform through which they can bring affordability, security, flexibility, and continuity to their business. As the cloud platform gains popularity, the market is getting flooded with more and more cloud hosting service providers. 

Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, CloudOye, Google Cloud etc are some of the most popular providers of Cloud hosting services. However, as you decide to move to the cloud, you need to do careful analysis and assessment to understand your business requirement. It will help you to search for the right and reliable service provider. 

Firebase Open Source Alternatives in 2023

Firebase Open Source Alternatives in 2023
The Best Firebase Open Source Alternatives

This article will explore ten of the best Firebase open source alternatives. The list includes Back4App, Parse, Kuzzle, CloudFoundry, etc.

Firebase is a leading mobile and web application development platform that Google acquired in 2014. It is ideal for startups, SMEs, and new developers to build web, Android and iOS applications.

This highly scalable platform enables the coders to create applications quickly within less budget. In this regard, Firebase offers a variety of products, including Realtime Database, Cloud Firestore, Test Lab, Cloud Messaging and much more.

However, companies want to try Firebase open-source alternatives because of some limitations associated with this program. For that reason, this article displays one of the top open-source alternatives to Firebase with all of their characteristics and pricing structures. This guide will also represent the core features and drawbacks of Firebase.