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Flutter vs Dart | Which is better?

Flutter vs Dart | Which is better?
flutter vs dart

Flutter and Dart are two major app development technologies endorsed by Google.

Generally, Dart is a cross-platform programming language, while Flutter is a UI SDK. However, developers and businesses want to explore Flutter vs Dart in detail.

Therefore, this guide will share the key differences and similarities between these dev technologies. Besides, we are going to talk about their advantages, features, and disadvantages.

The best free Heroku alternatives in 2024

The best Heroku alternatives

Are you looking for the best Heroku alternatives in 2024?

You are on the right place and this comprehensive tutorial will guide you about the best Heroku alternatives and cover competitors like Back4App, Render, Railway, and many more.

The article will first provide an overview of Heroku and highlight why users are looking for alternatives to Heroku.

Subsequently, this article will explore each Heroku alternative individually, covering the core features, pricing structure, and reviews.

How to host a Remix application?

Back4app Containers Remix Cover

In this article, you’ll learn everything you need to know to get started with Remix. We’ll look at its pros and cons, demonstrate how to build a Remix app, and lastly, how to deploy Remix.

Top 10 Mobile App Hosting Providers

Top 10 Mobile App Hosting Providers
Top 10 Mobile App Hosting Providers

The consumption of mobile applications has grown in the past few years. That is why the smartphone application market has gained big numbers in terms of earnings.

Statista report projects that mobile app revenues will hit 673 billion USD by 2027. This number was 254 billion USD in 2019. It signifies mobile app development is highly beneficial. 

However, without a high-performing mobile app backend hosting provider, it will not be an easy job for you. So, this article will discuss the best backend hosting services for mobile apps in detail.

Let’s begin:

The Best 10 Backends For React!

The Best 10 Backends For React!
Top 10 Backends for ReactJS

The section of an app or website communicated with the end user refers to the client side. Similarly, the part of a site or app that deals with server-side operations is called backend.

Choosing the correct backend for your frontend is crucial. Mainly, if you use the React library for frontend operations, employing a suitable backend for React will be a daunting task.

React is basically a JS library utilized to craft native, highly interactive, and scalable UIs in the breeze.

Founded in 2013, React uses a declarative and component-centric approach to design user interfaces. Moreover, this open-source library has 45.1k repository forks and 221k stars on GitHub.

Contrarily, if we talk about its market dominance among the popular JavaScript libraries, it holds a 4.5% share and 5.6% usage percentage, according to W3Techs.

Correspondingly, a survey by Statista claims that React is the 2nd most used web framework with 40.58% votes. 

So, it is essential to choose the best backend for React that doubles the chances of success for your project. So, this article will discuss the types of React backends and the top solutions. 

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