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What is Dokku?

A robust platform as a service is one of the most critical requirements for developers today. It is essential for the deployment of agile and feature-rich applications that deliver favorable experiences to users.

Dokku is one of the top PaaS offerings today, known for its remarkable ease of use and features. Take a detailed look at this platform and what it offers below.

Swift vs. React Native – A detailed Comparison

React Native and Swift are somewhat new technologies but are presently among the leading platforms for mobile app development today. Swift was invented by Apple, while React Native is an open-source framework based on JavaScript.

This article is written to compare and contrast swift vs. React Native so that developers can choose the most appropriate framework for their app development project. 

The content of this article is listed below.

  • Introducing Cross-Platform Mobile Frameworks
  • Overview of Native Development
  • Overview of Swift
  • What is React Native?
  • Comparing Native vs. Swift

Top 10 React Native Templates

When it comes to developing applications with unique features, creating a great user-interface is also very important. However, building the user interface from scratch takes a lot of time. So, why not use some templates for this purpose.

There are a lot of templates for React Native applications that not only look amazing but also make the development process extremely fast. Here we will discuss some of these React Native templates.

Top 10 React Native Tools

This article lists the best React Native tools. It includes backend services, debugging tools, IDEs, templates, etc. Want to know more? Keep reading.

Smartphones are now under use for most of our light to medium tasks. It has made these phones the most used technological devices on the globe. But this is only possible because of the consistently improving hardware and efficient applications to support that hardware.

But one thing that is difficult for the developers is developing native applications. For this, React Native comes in use because it allows the developers to develop hybrid applications. Those applications work on all operating systems without needing to code again and again.

However, some tools further help the developers in the process of development. Here we will discuss some of those tools you can use for your React Native applications to ease your development process.   

Top 10 backend servers for an Android app

This article will highlight the best ten backend servers for an Android application.

The number of tasks that users can do on their Android phones is continuously increasing. It is all because of the robust hardware and the ultra-capable android platform that these phones provide. So, for these powerful devices, the applications need to be as practical as well.

It is because users demand better performance, but this makes things troublesome for the developers. There is a lot of work needed when it comes to the development of a well-functioning application. It amazingly makes things easier for the developers because they can use Backend servers’ services.

The best cross-platform development frameworks

Developers worldwide are embracing cross-platform app development because of the many benefits it offers. Today, multiple frameworks exist that allow developers to use the same code to create apps for various platforms. If you are researching the best cross-platform app development framework for your next project, you are in the right place. This article reviews the leading frameworks that allow you to achieve your cross-platform development objectives. 

Before we review the top options, let’s take an in-depth look at cross-platform development and its advantages.

Top databases for your Ionic app

Here in this article, we will assist you in making the right decision for selecting the database for your Ionic apps. Selecting the right application is very important as it will affect the application’s performance and functionality. So, in this article, we will discuss the following things.

  • Ionic Overview
  • Reasons why it is a good option for mobile app development
  • The best databases for your Ionic apps

So, here is all that you need to know about selecting the best database for your Ionic app. Make sure that you read till the end to get to know everything.

Ionic Overview

Ionic is a platform that allows developers to develop mobile and web applications that are great in terms of performance and reliability. It not only is an open-source platform, but it is also great in the following things.

  • Usability
  • Features
  • Reliability
  • Performance

One of the best things about this platform is applying different languages like JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. However, all the applications made here look great because of the Ionic’s attractive interface and themes.

Reasons Ionic is an excellent platform for mobile application developers

There are many benefits of using Ionic; however, we have shared some of the best here.

Cross-platform application development

It is a platform-independent platform; this means that whatever application you make here will work on all operating systems. It is an excellent feature for the developers because it saves a lot of time and workload.

Straightforward user interface

The user interface is one of the best attractions on conic. It is so easy to use, and this will not take a lot of time to adapt. Not only this, but the language and the interface components make the development process very easy for the developers as well.

Well performing applications

When you use Ionic for application development, you must be sure that your application will never lack performance. It is because Ionic has collaboration with Cordova that increases the performance of the applications.

The plugins from Cordova improve the overall functionality of the applications. Moreover, Ionicis also for making applications that can use the hardware in a better way.

Developed with AngularJS

As the Ionic developing process is with AngularJS, this is an excellent thing for the developers. It is because the developers can easily manage all the features and additional functionalities. Additionally, developers can work here conveniently.

Things to consider when looking for a database for your Ionic application

When you are looking to get the database services for your application, you must make the right decision. So, here we will share some things that you must look for in your database. The following are the things to look for in your database. It would help if you considered these things for selecting the best one according to your needs.

  • Relational or Non-Relational database.
  • Free or Paid database.
  • Scalability features.

Here is the detail about each of them

Relational or Non-Relational Databases, which is better?

The Relational or Non- Relational are the databases that are also distinguished as SQL and NoSQL databases. The significant differences between them are below.

  • Relational databases come with a predefined schema, unlike Non- Relational where everything is dynamic.
  • You can scale Relational databases vertically and the Non- Relational databases horizontally.
  • A relational database means it can only store data in tables, whereas the Non- Relational database can store in many different formats like in documents, JSON, or graphs.

Free or Paid?

The type of database where it is free or paid means that the free will is available to everyone, so there could be a lag in performance and security. However, the paid services are only available to the people who pay for them, and these have the best priority for their customers. However, selecting the database depends on your requirements and, most importantly, on your budget.

Scalability options

Scalability options mean that your database will be able to increase the resources for the storage of data. It is an essential thing to have if you talk on a long-term basis because the datasets for applications increase with time. So, a system can be scalable if it allows us to increase the resources.

The best databases for your Ionic application

The following are the best databases that you can use for your Ionic applications to make them better in terms of performance and features.


Back4app is one of the most popular, easiest, and most feature-rich database services you can get for your Ionic apps. From the ease of connection to well-performing apps, this is the database that will provide you with everything. Not only this but the database under good management, so you do not have to worry about anything.


Firebase is a cloud-based database service that is provided by Google. Here the best feature is that the data storage is in JSON format. Moreover, the data synchronization is for all the devices providing Real-time updates to every application user.

AWS Amplify

AWS Amplify from Amazon is the database service that can help you back your full-stack applications with their database services. Apart from their quick connection and setup, the databases are also straightforward to manage.


Couchbase is a NoSQL or non-relational database that can work for your Ionic applications. The best thing about it is that it is an award-winning service, so you are sure that there are no compromises to be made.

SQ Lite

SQ Lite is a SQL Database engine that works with using C programming language, so this provides high reliability, and you get to implement all the features of SQL Databases. It is one of the most used relational databases because of its easy connection and operation.


While Ionic comes with great features and support for the developers, it is essential to select the database correctly. So, here we discussed how you could select the right database depending on your requirements and budget. We also discussed some best databases for your Ionic apps.


What is Ionic?

Ionic is a platform that allows developers to develop mobile and web applications that are great in terms of performance and reliability.

Why use Ionic?

– Open-Souce
– Free
– Cross-Platform
– Reduce time to market
– Saves engineering effort

What are the best databases for a Ionic app?

– Back4app
– Firebase
– SQ Lite
– Couchbase
– AWS Amplify

The best databases for your Xamarin app

Xamarin is a platform that is getting popular day by day because it enables the developers to make applications that can work on all platforms. But one essential thing is to select the right database for your Xamarin Apps because it will affect the performance of the application.

This article will discuss the following things related to the Xamarin Apps and the database for them.

  • Xamarin Overview.
  • Why Xamarin might be the best option for developing Mobile Apps.
  • Some best databases for the Xamarin Applications.

Make sure that you read this article till the end to get the answers to all your questions.

How to Build an App in React Native?

How to Build an App in React Native?
build app react native

Are you looking forward to creating an app for iOS and Android platforms?  Then, you should consider using React Native. It is an innovative mobile application development framework that has transformed the way developers create mobile apps.

This article summarizes my 13 years of experience while creating apps for desktop and mobile devices. You will learn several secrets I discovered from experience, so you don’t have to make the mistakes I made in the past. I shall also offer several practical tips that save time and help make React Native development a pleasant experience.

Mobile technology has taken over the world by storm. It is by far the most dominant computing device in the world today. Thanks to mobile apps that allow people to perform almost any computing task from their smartphones.  Although creating apps for mobile devices is tasking and expensive, React Native and Backend services can help you develop apps faster and cost-efficiently. 

Top 5 Free mBaaS Services You Should Know

Top 5 Free mBaaS Services You Should Know
free mbaas

Backend services is one of the most crucial aspects of app development projects. Without a backend service, most of the apps on your mobile device cannot function.  Creating an app backend used to be a time-consuming,  tiresome, and tedious task, but that is no longer the case. Thanks to Mobile Backend as a Service companies that supports developers with infrastructure and tools that make backend development less tasking. 

Don’t worry if the concept of Mobile Backend as a Service is new to you. We shall take the time to explain this innovative service in the next section. 

What is Backend as a Service?

Mobile Backend as a Service, commonly referred to as MBaaS, is a platform that offers tools and cloud infrastructure for creating web, mobile, and IoT apps quickly. With MBaaS, developers don’t have to spend countless hours writing backend codes for apps. They simply use tools that the mBaaS platform provides to perform backend assignments without hassles.  For instance, most platforms offer tools and codes for implementing functions like authentication, push notifications, database management, and the likes. 

With the backend headache out of the way, MBaaS developers can focus on creating excellent frontend functions for their app users. Watch the video below to learn more about backend services. 

Benefits of Mobile Backend as a Service 

Below is a summary of MBaaS benefits.

  • Highly Efficient: Enhancing the efficiency of app development is the most apparent benefit of MBaaS. Developers leverage the backend platform tools to save time and create special app functions. 
  • Reduce Time to Market: Developers leverage MBaaS platforms to create new products and updates faster than before.
  • Cost-Efficiency: Backend services help developers reduce app development costs by taking care of knotty backend development tasks.
  • Help Create Better Apps: With more time at their disposal, developers can create excellent app frontend functions. 

The Five Best Free Backend as a Service

We have already discussed the many benefits of using backend services for app development. Here is good news for those looking forward to starting MBaaS development; you can begin MBaaS development without investing a dime upfront. Here is the list of five MBaaS companies that offer some sort of free plan.


Back4app is a Sunnyvale, California-based MBaaS company that provides a platform for creating apps more efficiently.  Since it’s inception in 2015, Back4app has been offering a free plan packed with plentiful resources. The free plan does not expire as long as the app does not exceed the allocated resource threshold. Some of Back4app’s features include push notifications, GraphQL and REST APIs,  Geo Queries, and many more. Back4app allows you to start creating your dream app at no cost. 

Back4app Pricing

  • Free plan
  • Paid plans start at $5 per month


Backendless is an innovative backend platform that offers lots of unique features that makes app development faster and manageable. It provides user authentication,  realtime databases, enhanced security, user-management, caching and logging, auto-sync, geolocation,  and many more.  With all these features, developers can create modern applications fast and efficiently.

Backendless Pricing

  • Offers a free plan
  • Premium plans start at $15 per month.


Over the years, Parse has evolved into one of the most reliable opensource community-driven Backend development solutions. The Parse community consisting of developers and technology enthusiasts, are making improvements to the platform continuously. Parse is an excellent development platform for both new and experienced developers. It is easy to use and offers top-notch functions such as APIs, email notifications, app dashboard, and lots more. 

Parse Pricing

Parse available as a free download.


Established in 2011, Firebase is one of the first generation Backend as a Service provider.  .Google acquired Firebase in 2014 and improved it to provide a comprehensive mobile, web, and IoT development solution. Some of the excellent features of Firebase include Analytics that gives professional insight on app usage. The platform also offers APIs, realtime database, storage, and other top-notch app development features.  It’s a viable MBaaS platform that offers a free plan packed with useful tools and server resources. 

Firebase Pricing

  • Free plan available
  • Premium plans are prices on resource usage on the go.


This is an easy to use Backend as a Service platform that offers excellent functions and great visuals.  One of the selling points of Kuzzle is the simplicity of implementing leading-edge features in apps. For instance, developers can create functions such as push notifications, geofencing, realtime data sync, and user authentication without extensive coding. 

Kuzzle allows developers to expedite time to the market and gain a better ROI for app development investments. 

Kuzzle Pricing

  • Framework is available for free download.
  • Managed hosting plans stars at  $1,200/month

A Final Note

Backend as a Service has become increasingly popular because of the value it brings to application development.  It is a viable solution for developing apps without heavy investment in infrastructure and backend development tasks.  Backend services continue to evolve, providing innovative solutions for creating, running, and managing apps worldwide.

The MBaaS platforms listed in this article are excellent for new and experienced developers, especially for people who would like to test-run development with free MBaaS in 2021.


What is a mBaaS?

Mobile Backend as a Service, commonly referred to as MBaaS, is a platform that offers tools and cloud infrastructure for creating web, mobile, and IoT apps quickly. With MBaaS, developers don’t have to spend countless hours writing backend codes for apps. They simply use tools that the mBaaS platform provides to perform backend assignments without hassles.

Why use a mBaaS?

– Reduce time to market
– More code with less developers
– Scalability

What are the best free mBaaS services?

– Back4app
– Backendless
– Parse
– Firebase
– Kuzzle