Best backend as a service in 2021

Best backend as a service in 2021

Best backend services for mobile apps

Any project involving the process of application development always needs attention and proper planning to its details. However, the availability of a vast number of options for mobile application developers has become necessary for the developers to start with the best available tools in this market.

When you are going to decide on a mobile application, you need to identify the components required for your mobile application. It means you have to determine the backend services you need to have for your mobile application.

These backend services are known as BaaS (Backend as a Service). And knowing which of the best backend as a service 2021 will be more feasible and effective for you will lead you to better development.

Things to consider while starting the process of mobile application development 

When it comes to developing a mobile application, then there are many factors that you need to consider in this regard. These factors are essential to consider because they will help you identify the structure of your application and know the best choices for you.

It is never a decision which you should rush into. The backend you will choose will play a significant role in the end results you will get. However, to make better and informed decisions, it is always better for you to look at the price and features of the best BaaS 2021.

Some people out there also recommend particular backend services because those are some which they have used personally. So, it can also be a good idea to look at all of them and analyze their features. It will let you know which one is going to suit your application the best.

Make sure the backend you are going to consider can help you handle calculations, business logic, application performance, and various other aspects of the process of application development in the best possible way.

The competition of mobile application is brutal 

MBaaS has become an essential tool that is helping business ventures to reach a whole new level. These are meant to help you to complete your application development process faster and more efficiently. Over time, mobile applications are becoming a valuable part of every business looking to become successful in the market.

Therefore, finding help from a reliable Backend as a service in 2021 can be advantageous. Therefore, paying more attention while choosing the best and reliable option for you is crucial.

Here we have brought a list of the best Mobile backend as a service 2021. The selection of the best mBaaS 2021, which can suit your needs and budget, is always the wisest decision you can make. All of the options we have included in this list are the ones that have plenty of feedback from the users’ community.

Best backend as a service 2021 

These are the best backend services in 2021.


This robust BaaS is bringing excellent features. Its intuitive dashboard can make it easier to manage. While other major features are LiveQuery Real-Time databases, replica set, GeoQueries, detailed analytics, multi-app tenancy, and version control, etc. are making it a powerful BaaS to consider.

Autoscaling is the coolest feature of Back4app. Even more, the free plan of back4app can also let you get started easily. All and all, Back4app is a great option for the ones who are looking for a reliable and high-quality platform. Communities running behind are thriving and let you get plenty of information on how to use Back4app.

Considering this information can be effective in learning how Back4app actually works. This project can develop real-time chat applications, hotel management solutions, social networking apps, etc.

Core Features

  • Spreadsheet like database
  • Notifications
  • Authentication
  • APIs
  • Storage


  • Free tier
  • Paid plan begin at $5 per month


Parse is a platform that is packed with useful features. It can let you get optimal results with ease. Its major features are including analytics, push notifications, global configuration, system emails, web hooks, background jobs, and a great dashboard.

Parse can make it effortless for developers to develop and deploy their applications. Like Back4app, this solution also comes up with great developers’ community behind for support and posting new tutorials to let people learn how to use this tool effectively.

Core Features

  • Open-Source
  • Large development community behind it
  • Notifications
  • Authentication
  • APIs


  • Free


Firebase is a project which Google backs, and this is making it worth considering in this list. It comes up with a robust structure with a lot of amazing features.

Major features include cloud storage, real-time databases, crash reports, and even a test lab. Most interestingly, this platform can let you have a fresh start with a free plan. With Firebase, you can easily scale later as per your application needs.

This BaaS has earned mostly positive views by users. Although there are some pros and cons too still, this can be an excellent choice to consider.

Core Features

  • NoSQL databases
  • Scalability
  • Analytics
  • Machine Learning
  • Messaging


  • Free Tier
  • Pay as you go


This is a particular backend service capable of offering numerous features, including mobilization for enterprise data, cloud-native services, and a template catalog.

If you want to make your application development process fast and efficient, this can be the best option. It can also let you enjoy high operational intelligence and great analytics. You can easily consider it to be reliable as others on the list.

Core Features

  • Microservices
  • Serverless
  • Enterprise ready


  • Free Trial
  • $2,500/year

AWS amplify 

AWS Amplify is worth considering backend is by none other than Amazon. AWS has been utilized in the development of Periscope, Netflix, and Airbnb.

Its important features are device farm, cloud storage, and authentication, etc. This is also offering a free plan which can be upgraded as per your needs.

As this platform is by Amazon, then surely you will also get support for it. Therefore, this will be a backend service that is known as a viable option.

For a complete list of vendors, please read:

BaaS | Backend as a Service 

Choose the right option for you 

With the availability of numerous backend service providers, here are the features which you can consider to make a better choice:

  • Security 
  • Scalability 
  • Push notification
  • User authentication
  • API console 
  • Email notifications 
  • Intuitive interface 
  • Community feedback 
  • Seamless navigation 

Although these are not the complete features, you can also find a lot in a backend provider. But this is a list of essential features which must be there in your backend platform. 

Please check all features at BaaS Features.

Applications which you can develop with BaaS 

Here are the types of applications which can be developed and managed by a BaaS service:

  • Mobile commerce 
  • GPS based applications 
  • Messaging applications 
  • Games
  • IoT solutions 

The list can be pretty vast as per offered features. 


Choosing one from above mentioned best BaaS solutions could be worth considering. This article explained the best five BaaS options to consider in 2021. The list includes Back4app, Parse, AWS Amplify, Firebase, and Kinvey.


What is a BaaS?

BaaS is a managed service that removes the hassles of managing infrastructure and provides ready-to-use building blocks for mobile app development.

What are the core BaaS features?

– Scalable database
– APIs
– Authentication
– Notifications
– Storage

What are the best backend as a service in 2021?

– Back4app
– Parse
– Firebase
– Kinvey
– AWS Amplify

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