Top 10 Python Hosting Free Servers

The popularity of Python as a programming language has burgeoned over the past decade, thanks to its clarity, flexibility, and broad applicability.

With this surge, there’s been an associated rise in the number of Python-based applications being developed. For both budding and seasoned developers, finding a reliable and cost-effective hosting server for these applications can be a daunting task.

While there’s no shortage of premium hosting services, the market also offers free hosting services that cater to those just dipping their toes, those on a budget, or those who want to prototype their applications.

This article takes an in-depth look into the top 10 free Python hosting servers that you can leverage for your programming endeavors.

How to build a backend for an Android app?

Back4app Android App Cover

In this article, we’ll talk about Android — one of the most popular operating systems. We’ll look at the pros and cons of Android development, backend options for mobile applications, and teach you how to build your own mobile backend.

The best Firebase alternatives in 2023

Firebase alternatives

Are you looking for alternatives to Firebase for app development? In this tutorial, you will learn about multiple Firebase alternatives. This article will cover competitors like Back4App, Parse, Backendless, Supabase, Appwrite, Nhost, etc.

Top 10 Redwood.js Hosting Providers

Redwood.js is a newly released full-stack JavaScript framework that offers users all-in-one dev tools and libraries.

Although Redwood.js is popular among small project developers, but it is also a favorite of startups. In this regard, Snaplet, Everfund, BuildPass, and Pullflow are prominent startups using this JS framework.

The use of Redwood.js is seamless, but you still have to work hard to choose a suitable hosting solution for this framework. That is why we share one of the top Redwood.js hosting providers with their core details in this article.

Top 10 Gatsby.js Hosting Providers

Gatsby.js is an open-source and freemium JavaScript framework that is also known as a static website builder. It is designed on top of NodeJS and utilizes GraphQL and React to perform development tasks.

With more than 2.5k plugins and absolute backing for backend rendering, it is surely a suitable framework for generating static websites. 

However, it is debatable when it comes to a reliable hosting platform for Gatsby.js. So, this article covers one of the top-notch Gatsby.js hosting providers with their core aspects and pricing policy.

Step-by-step guide to build a Flutter backend

This article will discuss Flutter, an open-source UI software development kit created by Google.

We’ll explore the advantages and disadvantages of using Flutter and highlight different backend options for your Flutter app.

Lastly, you will learn how to build a working backend for your Flutter app using Back4apps’ Backend as a Service (BaaS) feature.

Back4app ChatGPT plugin: Build Software with the Power of Conversation

In the software development world, creating a scalable backend with APIs has traditionally been a task reserved for skilled developers, often requiring hours of complex coding. But what if there was a way to streamline this process using the power of conversation?

That’s where the newly built Back4app ChatGPT plugin comes in! The plugin was created to transform the way backends are developed. No longer will you need to wade through intricate codes or wrestle with confusing configurations. With this plugin, you can simply tell ChatGPT what you’d like to create using natural everyday language, and it’ll build a fully functional, and scalable backend with APIs.

So whether you’re a startup looking to build a new software or application, an experienced developer, or just getting started and have a great idea, the Back4app ChatGPT plugin will give you an unprecedented level of accessibility and efficiency.

Top 10 Ember.js Hosting Providers

Ember.js is a JavaScript-based web framework that was introduced in 2011. This cross-platform framework lets the developers build highly extensible single-page applications and interactive user interfaces.

Although this technology confers several advantages to the programming community, but you can enhance the benefits using the right Ember.js hosting provider.

So, this guide will present top-notch Ember.js hosting providers with their core characteristics and pricing models.  

Top 10 Nest.js Hosting Providers

Nest.js is a Node.js framework that is usually used to build server-side applications. This open-source framework helps developers in building highly scalable applications. Also, Nest.js overcomes the configuration requirements by delivering source code in a specific manner.

Withal, it is still debatable which hosting platform provides the best deployment resources to set up a Nest application. Therefore, this article shares one of the leading Nest.js hosting providers with essential details. 

How to Deploy an Express.js Application?

Choosing the right deployment option is essential to ensuring your application can easily scale as it grows. This article explores different deployment options available for Express.js applications. Specifically, it focuses on how to deploy Express.js applications to a Back4app container.