Cloudboost vs Firebase

Having an application has become very important for almost every business of every scale. People do not usually find it efficient to do so as for some of the businesses. The expenditures are more than the benefits.

Regardless of what platform and device your apps will be running on, it is necessary to have a well-performing backend of your application. That is only possible when your application is developed on backend infrastructure.

Setting your infrastructure by getting the hardware and workforce to manage it may not seem the best option, but getting some backend as a service might be the best choice for you.

It not only works for the smaller business, but these services are exceptionally good for the large scale business. While Firebase and Cloudboost are both known for providing exceptional services in this regard, there are still some differences between them.

Top 10 Free Hosting Providers for Your React App

React is a dominating JS library that developers prefer to use to build highly responsive UI applications.

The Statista survey also rated React on the top of the most utilized web frameworks’ list with 40.14% votes of the coders. However, hosting a React application isn’t as easy as deploying a simple HTML or JS program. Indeed, the selection of the exemplary service to host React app free is a complicated task.

However, this article is going to be an informative guide because it will share one of the top free hosting providers for React apps.

Dokku vs Google App Engine

Increasing user demands complicates things on the developers’ end as they need to manage multiple tasks within deadlines to keep up with these demands.

These include developing the backend infrastructure, ensuring a seamless connection between the server and the host, optimizing the user interface, etc. A scalable app development platform helps developers improve their productivity by managing some of these tasks and scaling the app instances based on user demand.

Here, we take a look at two of such platforms, Dokku and Google App Engine. Continue reading as we compare their features and advantages to decide which one better suits your needs.

Dokku vs Firebase

A huge part of modern application development is getting the projects out of the development machines and into the web where the users can actually use the products and benefit from them.

Mobile app development is made significantly easier with the help of platforms like Dokku and Firebase, which handle the source code deployment and other messy server configurations, allowing developers to improve the actual app and its user experience.

Let’s take a look at two such platforms, Dokku and Firebase, and compare them to find which one better suits your requirements.

Deployd vs Firebase

Platforms like Deployd and Firebase are some of the best among all in the world. They make things easier for the developers. But when it comes to selecting one, it gets difficult for people.

The reason is that these are the platforms with some significant differences. So, if you are looking to select one, it is necessary to be aware of these differences so that you do not make the wrong selection.

Firebase vs AWS Cognito

Amazon Web Services Cognito and Firebase are popular tools used for user authentication. As both of them are amazing in one way and another, it gets difficult for new users to select between them.

So, if you are also confused about the selection part, all you need to know is which one fulfills your needs in the best regard. Make sure to stick with us until the end to know how you can make your final decision.

AWS Lambda vs Firebase

It is the digital era, and most of the stuff is being automated these days. There is no need to keep managing things when your code can do that for you. Well, it is not always the case where you can write code for automation.

Sometimes you need to be assisted, and several platforms provide their assisting services for those who want to add automation to their applications. AWS Lambda and Firebase are the best in the world currently for automation services.

If you are looking to select one of them, you must know all about their difference in depth to make the right decision as both provide amazing quality and value.

Firebase vs Android Studio

Having a powerful application development platform is necessary to develop sophisticated applications for both web and mobile platforms. However, with time mobile applications have evolved tremendously. Now it has become easier to find quality applications in every field, from entertainment to eCommerce, enterprises, and much more.

With millions of applications available to use and the launch of new applications regularly, it has become highly important to develop competitive applications with improved backend services and frontend aesthetics. The availability of the best app development platforms has made it easier to develop feature-rich applications within no time.

Whenever it comes to the best development tools, Android Studio and Firebase are two unavoidable names to consider in this regard.

Top 10 Mobile Hosting Services

A reliable mobile hosting service not only keeps the app faster and secure but also offers enormous scalability when your userbase increases over time.

Since mobile apps are far too important now to reach your consumers, mobile app backend and hosting become an important discussion when it comes to keeping the app users happy.

Developing the backend requires a thorough knowledge of network infrastructure, database management, modern cryptography, server-side programming, etc., but hosting is a different ballgame.

10 Programming Languages to Learn for Game Development

According to past Juniper Research findings, the video games sector will be worth more than $200 billion by 2023. This makes game development one of the most lucrative careers.

From mega joker to blackjack, game development is the backbone of every game you enjoy. However, the game development process calls for proficiency in animation, design, and simulation.

The good news is you can deliver a seamless user experience using only codes. Even so, choosing a programming language can be challenging for a beginner. Here are some of the best programming languages in game development history.