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People that use web applications are generally aware about what is the front-end as that is the part with which users interact with. But the front-end or client side is just a tip of the iceberg. All the Heavy lifting is done by the back-end or server side. 

What is back-end or server-side in a web application? 

Back-end is the place where server, database and OS configuration takes place in order to fuel the front-end. It is the most critical part of any web application.

In an application, the backend is used to configure databases, servers, interfaces and operating systems. The activity of the backend may involve a lot of things like user login, ordering and paying for objects, texting, searching, location services. Also any function that needs to send, receive or manipulate the data from the database is considered as a part of backend operations. Any developer that want to create web applications would most likely require to have hands on a back-end API.

What is a back-end API?

A back-end API is a programming interface that helps developers to interact with back-end services for example server. 

When choosing a backend API, there are a multitude of options available. There are certain things that you need to keep in mind that will lead you to your goals. Through this article, we will help you decide your best backend API. 

A guide to Top APIs for Backend 


StackAPI is an online NoSQL database backend. It can be used for both web and serverless applications. It is possible to use StackAPI to read, push, alter, and delete StackAPI data. Also a REST endpoint, StackAPI DB has a specific URL with client applications which helps in  communicating through URLs and JSON items.


If you are looking for services that you can use without having to handle servers or write server-side code, Firebase is for you. This API allows developers to access the Firebase features programmatically and quickly synchronise and store the data in real-time. As well as for querying the data, the API supports regular CRUD operations on data inside the databases. 

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Backendless removes the need for server-side coding fully. As a result, things are getting much simpler for mobile app developers. The REST APIs, along with the built-in software development kits, make development and deployment quicker (SDKs). 


JHipster was founded in the year 2013. JHipster helps to easily build and deploy modern web applications and microservice architectures. JHipster, which was derived from ‘Java Hipster,’ focuses heavily on productivity, efficiency, and tools for developers. One of the main features of JHipster is Rapid cloud deployment as code with infrastructure. It also has a Resilient design of microservices with cloud-native concepts. It will provide outstanding coverage of assessments. Developers will witness effective workflow with Webpack, Maven or Gradle to make applications. 

Tradematic Cloud API

Tradematic cloud API offers stocks, options, foreign markets, and cryptocurrencies with automated trading and wealth management tools. This API allows programmatic access to a back-end framework for building investment and trading apps with the Tradematic Cloud APITrack. Tradematic Cloud provides a complete set of  stock and forex traders, crypto exchanges and market data suppliers with an algorithmic trading engine with API and  ready-made adapters.


Appery.io has its very own ‘App Builder’ which sets it somewhat apart from the other common mBaaS service providers, commonly used to construct both iOS and Android applications. An amazing set of custom API plug-ins is given by Appery. Since the tool is fully cloud-based, it is not necessary for developers to worry about platform maintenance. The Appery.io rapid development model supported by the browser is augmented by enterprise-standard middleware and top-notch support for visual development. 

Spring Boot

Spring Boot is a Java-based, lightweight and open-source platform that is used to build Spring-based stand-alone and production-grade applications. Spring Boot was initially introduced in 2002, leveraging the Spring platform and third-party libraries to allow developers to get started with minimal hassle. It helps  to handle complicated XML settings. Spring boot comes with a framework ready for microservices. Apart from this, it provides good batch processing. Developers will also enjoy control endpoints for REST and ease in the control of dependency.


It was created in the year 2003. Many successful and heavily working apps use Django. It is a cost-free open-source back-end web development platform. Django is used to quickly build APIs and high-quality back-end web apps. It also provides an authentication stateless method, thus protecting the apps from a third party. With minimal coding, the latter part is performed. It supports scalability and architecture, and developers can add new hardware at any point. Django also helps classify JSON and XML files. Which in turn makes it interact with relational database management systems effectively.


Kii is a backend networking tool. It comes with an abundance of SDKs and vendor support. Moreover, Kii has focussed on IOT, which will grow exponentially in a few more years. Coders can refine and test their applications in the cloud platform, they can also manage scaling requirements. Among many great functions, Kii also provides push alerts and it supports geolocation functions.


Appcelerator is a widely common backend API technology resource for cross-platform app creation. It provides third-party developers with the option of building and hosting their apps on private, public or virtual private servers. Adding to the many benefits of Accelerator, it also provides its users with  in-depth insights. It is done through its high-end analytics engine. Developers can conveniently keep track of app installed and  if you wish to keep status of  retention and contribution levels, it can  easily be done  with this BaaS.


If you are looking for a backend solution written in PHP7, CakePHP is the best  back-end solution. It enables developers to build web apps with minimal coding at an increased speed. The framework is ideal for both small and large apps and contains all that has to be covered by the modern-day PHP framework. These include a versatile database layer, improved technologies for handling errors, etc. CakePHP allows code generation and fast prototype creation, and is licenced under MIT; it is suitable for commercial applications to be created. The system includes built-in CSRF security tools, XSS protection, input validation, SQL injection, database access, protection for type tampering, caching, database access, translations, and more.


Today, the idea of digital transformation reaches any company, regardless of their vertical or functional experience in the industry. A company’s digital presence is powered by digital transformation, as it helps fulfil the evolving needs of consumers.

Digital presence means the manner in which, whether via a website or a mobile application, a business appears online. Coders can fuse, entire software development process through backend API’s, for multiple OS. Apps are getting complex with time (all thanks to technology’s relentless evolution), mBaaS is becoming increasingly relevant because it helps developers to achieve more in a limited time frame.

Author Bio – Aabhas vijay is the founder of www.smtpservers.co, a blog where he teaches about marketing automation and how a business can leverage a free smtp server on its website to send free emails and interact with their subscribers.

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What is back-end or server-side in a web application?

Back-end is the place where server, database and OS configuration takes place in order to fuel the front-end. It is the most critical part of any web application.

What is a back-end API?

A back-end API is a programming interface that helps developers to interact with back-end services for example server. 

What are some great backend API providers?

– Stack Rest API
– Firebase
– Backendless
– JHipster
– Tradematic Cloud API
– Appery
– Spring Boot
– Django
– Kii
– Appcelerator
– CakePHP

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