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Sashido Alternatives: Top 8 Competitors

Sashido Alternatives: Top 8 Competitors

Top 8 Alternatives to Sashido

Sashido can help the developers to create serverless applications quicker with scalable JSON Rest, GraphQL API, Node JS. Even more, it comes with an easy to use object and file storage, CMS. It will never let the developers start their APIs from scratch. No coding is required to manage the services of applications. It offers flexible opportunities to develop cloud functions, , NPM modules, Node JS and other Cloud Jobs in a more effective way. This can let the developers manage their backend services like a professional and can provide an easier way to customize applications to the users.

However, when it comes to the best backend providers then there are various names that can take place as Alternatives to Sashido. To know which are the best Sashido competitors, you must have a look at the following information.

As 3 melhores alternativas ao Firebase!

As 3 melhores alternativas ao Firebase!

As melhores alternativas ao Firebase

Se você deseja fornecer aplicativos da Web, Android ou iOS sem problemas para escrever a programação do servidor, é altamente importante descobrir a melhor plataforma de desenvolvimento de aplicativos para trabalhar. No entanto, como desenvolvedor, você já pode ter feito sua escolha, mas ainda assim, pode ser a melhor oportunidade para você dar uma olhada em todas as informações fornecidas abaixo para entender que incrível variedade de opções estão disponíveis lá e que você pode facilmente utilizar. Ainda mais, analisar as informações fornecidas acima sem dúvida o ajudará a entender as melhores opções de backend conforme as necessidades do seu aplicativo ou projeto da Web de uma maneira mais eficaz.

Você está procurando as melhores alternativas ao Firebase, que devem oferecer maneiras mais surpreendentes de desenvolver aplicativos Web e móveis inovadores e eficazes da melhor maneira possível? Bem, aqui trouxemos alguns dos concorrentes mais eficazes e surpreendentes do Firebase, que sem dúvida ajudarão você a tomar uma decisão melhor de uma maneira mais eficaz. Portanto, dê uma olhada nas informações detalhadas sobre esses aplicativos. Isso ajudará você a escolher a melhor opção que pode atender a todas as suas necessidades da melhor maneira possível.

Aqui estão as 3 principais alternativas ao Firebase:

  • Back4App
  • AWS Amplify
  • Game Sparks

Quer saber mais? Por favor, leia a análise detalhada abaixo:

GraphQL Hosting

GraphQL Hosting

It’s no mystery that every developer wants to make high-quality applications, and if you’re one of them, we are here to assist you in finding a straightforward way to implement and host a GraphQL database. In the past, I’ve been an assiduous REST user, but my concerns about its complexity, over fetching requests and data transfer costs have led me to explore other alternatives.

In addition to some first-tier GraphQL hosting providers such as Back4App, there’s a frequently expanding list of cloud service providers that allow affordable GraphQL hosting.

In this tutorial, I’ll also describe some of the best cloud options to host GraphQL APIs; some providers that are less established but still useful to developers. The tutorial will cover the following hosting options:

  • Parse
  • Back4App
  • Graphcool
  • AWS App Sync
  • Hasura

Tips on Running a Successful Software Development Company

Tips on Running a Successful Software Development Company

Blackburn Labs’ Partnership Journey with Back4App

Since the initiation of our Partnership Program, Back4App has been collaborating with elite software development companies from around the world. On this post, I’m going to share the experience of one top Back4App Partners the Blackburn Labs. 

Blackburn Labs, a US-based software engineering company, is one of those committed, motivated, and experienced Back4App partners. With a team of engineers, architects, and process specialists, Blackburn Labs provides services to a great client like Brigham & Women’s Hospital and 

GraphQL BaaS – Backend as a Service

GraphQL BaaS – Backend as a Service

Creating the next big mobile app is an expensive and time-consuming process. Taking your idea to life demands time and energy, and, financial resources. I will explore how new technologies like GraphQL will reduce your time to market and speed up your app development process.

This article will explain the benefits of using GraphQL together with Backend as a Service platform, and here is a summary of what you will learn:

  • GraphQL overview
  • What is GraphQL?
  • GraphQL Schema
  • GraphQL versus REST
  • Why use GraphQL?
  • Benefits/Downsides of GraphQL
  • When using GraphQL?
  • BaaS and GraphQL working together
  • GraphQL BaaS providers

An Instagram clone using SwiftUI and GraphQL

An Instagram clone using SwiftUI and GraphQL

Today we are starting a series of blog posts that will teach you how to use a lot of cool tools to build your own Social Network: an application that resembles Instagram.

We won’t save up on tech and will be using the latest and greatest: Parse, GraphQL, some NodeJS and especially the (yet to be released) latest Apple’s framework SwiftUI. 

This will take a few posts in order to be fully functional, but when we get there, you will realize how simple it can be to get your ideas up and running with very little effort here at Back4app.

For better learning, download the iOS Instagram Clone project with source code.

So, it seems it is time for…

What are the steps to test a mobile App?

What are the steps to test an Android/iOS app?

The most famous operating system platforms are Android and iOS. There exists a massive amount of apps mainly developed for the platforms which are required to be tested through mobile app testing services. The figures as per Statista revealed that the prime element for testing mobile apps, in the period of 2013 to 2017, as per the research of senior IT management executives across the globe. In 2017, 46% of the individuals ascertained certification of their app as one of the primary elements for mobile application testing.

GraphQL iOS: Using Cloud Functions in a Swift App

GraphQL iOS: Using Cloud Functions in a Swift App

On this article, I showed you how to use GraphQL with NodeJS Cloud Code in Back4app.

And on this guide, I showed you how to use Apollo GraphQL iOS Client with Swift.

Now let’s bring it all together and make lots of complicated operations by producing really easy code. And let’s also have XCode to automatically generate any API code for us even when we change Classes.

Sounds good? So get some coffee and get along!

Parse Self Hosted vs Back4App

Parse Self Hosted vs Back4App

Parse versus Back4App

Did you know that Parse and Back4app are two very different platforms? Often beginners confuse the two, which leads them to choose the wrong platform. We’re frequently asked by our users, what are the differences between Parse vs. Back4App. To help answer that, we have created the most comprehensive comparison of Back4App vs. Parse (self-hosted version).

Firebase Open Source Alternatives

Firebase Open Source Alternatives

The Best 5 Open Source Alternatives to Firebase

Is Firebase Open Source? No, Firebase is a proprietary platform from Google and runs exclusively on Google Cloud.

This blog will provide a list of Open Source alternatives to Firebase and the benefits of using open source technologies for backend development.

This article will explore the advantages of using Parse, Back4App, AWS Amplify, Kuzzle, and Hoodie as open-source options to Firebase.

Even though Firebase is a feature-rich platform and great product, a proprietary framework has the following disadvantages over open-source platforms:

  • Vendor lock-in
  • Firebase owns the intellectual property over its framework
  • Lack of customization and flexibility to adapt the code
  • Dedicated hosting and private clouds are not an option at Firebase
  • Firebase base does not offer Enterprise contracts

Here is why you should use an open-source platform vs. a proprietary one: