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What is Firebase Cloud Messaging?

To make things easier for users, platforms like web apps and mobile applications need to have all the features. One of those necessary features is integrated messaging. This feature is required because the chats relate to that application’s functionality to stay organized.

Due to the increase in the number of applications, different platforms offer their messaging feature. One of the most used service providers for messaging services is Firebase, and here we will discuss everything you need to know about Firebase Cloud Messaging.

What is Firebase Authentication?

With all the technological advancements, more and more functionalities authentication plays a vital role in the online world. One of the biggest things to consider these days is security, and user authentication is one of the best solutions to ensure security at users’ end.

However, implementing this technology is not as easy as it seems, and the platforms like Firebase make it easier for the developers to implement authentication. The article will explain Firebase Authentication services and following the structure below:

  • Authentication Overview
  • Benefits of authentication
  • Overview of Firebase Authentication service
  • Firebase Authentication Advantages
  • Firebase Authentication Core Features
  • Firebase Authentication Pricing
  • Conclusion

Keep reading to know more.

Google Firestore Pricing for Dummies

Google Firestore is a powerful database solution that allows developers easy access to thoughtfully organized information, intuitive data management, and fully automated features that make it an essential tool for every developer.

Firestore is one of the most popular cloud services out there because of its accessibility, design, and affordability; many developers feel it is the perfect solution for businesses of any size. 

What is Firebase Machine Learning?

The present article will explain Firebase ML Kit, and it will cover the following structure:

  • Machine Learning General Concepts
  • Firebase ML Overview
  • ML Advantages
  • Firebase ML Core Features
  • Firebase ML Pricing Structure

Machine learning is now being introduced to mobile and web applications. It helps in providing a better user experience. When it comes to machine learning for the applications, there is a lot to learn about. Here we will discuss everything that you need to know about machine learning and Firebase machine learning.

The Best Mobile Backend APIs for your Application

Backend APIs are essential tools for the development and management of agile and feature-rich mobile applications. Many API backend services today contain useful features and functionalities that accelerate development tasks and help businesses service customers better. Take a look at some of the leading current mobile backend services mentioned below. 

This article explains Mobile Backend as a Service, APIs, and list the best API backend providers for mobile apps. Want to know more? Keep reading.

Best Backends to Build an API for your Mobile App

This article will provide an overview of APIs, Mobile Backend as a Service and list the best backend services to create an API for a mobile application.

Mobile applications are getting more feature demanding over time. It is because mobile phones are getting powerful and letting us deal with most of our tasks. However, it’s making things easier for the users, but it’s making things difficult for the developers at the same time.

They have to implement features in different applications, which takes a lot of time. However, one thing that is very helpful in this scenario is an API. So, here we will discuss what an API and its purpose in mobile application development are.

Popular backend APIs

People that use web applications are generally aware about what is the front-end as that is the part with which users interact with. But the front-end or client side is just a tip of the iceberg. All the Heavy lifting is done by the back-end or server side. 

Top 10 React Native App Development Companies

The difference in mobile devices’ platforms is creating a lot of fuss in the world for the developers. The main issue is that the number of mobile apps and the demand for features increases, so they need to develop the same app two times for different platforms.

However, this problem is very efficiently solved with the help of React Native. React Native is a development platform that allows developers to develop an application that works on different platforms. The React Native applications are also known as cross-framework mobile applications.

However, it is difficult for everyone to manage a team of developers. Here we will share the best ten companies from which you can get React Native app development services.

Top 10 React Native Dev Tools

Statista forecasts that mobile applications would cross $935 billion in terms of revenue till 2023. It also refers to a surge in demand for application development. That’s why programmers prefer to use efficient cross-platform frameworks for app creation and React Native is one of them. React Native is not only a cost-effective and speedy framework but a bulk of dev tools also support it.

However, if you are a coder and still looking for React Native dev tools, you should thoroughly read this article. This article defines React Native, suggests top dev tools for Reactive Native and explains their features and limitations.

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