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Top 10 Open Source No Code Platforms

Top 10 Open Source No Code Platforms
Open Source No Code Platforms

The utilization of no-code platforms and tools is rising among all sizes of businesses. These technologies enable everyone to create mobile and web applications without coding exigencies.

Open-source, no-code platforms are especially beneficial to giving life to ideas without technical experience.

Although several no-code platforms with an open-source nature are available in the market but, let’s discuss the reliable ones. Indeed, this article will comprehensively talk about the top no-code solutions.

What is AppGyver?

The use of smartphones and mobile applications is multiplying because the world is entering a phase of complete digitalization.

You can say the digital presence of businesses is fragmentary without mobile applications. However, developing these applications is arduous, and you must get professional help.

Nevertheless, several platforms enable startups and companies to craft and release applications without scripting complex codes. Hereof, AppGyver is a prominent name. 

Before choosing this app development solution, thoroughly exploring all features, pros, and pricing structures is vital. So, let’s explore everything about AppGyver.

What is a AWS Amplify? Secrets Unlocked

What is a AWS Amplify? Secrets Unlocked
What is AWS Amplify

The businesses are swiftly moving from on-premises development to cloud-centric models.

A forecast by Statista reveals that the annual spending of companies on cloud infrastructure is constantly growing. This survey estimates the figure will hit 133.7 billion USD by 2026

Similarly, Amazon Web Services (AWS) is at the top if we talk about the leading cloud computing service providers. With 200+ products and services, AWS is a well-known CSP.

It guarantees quick, efficient, and secure creation, deployment, and hosting of mobile and web applications. 

In this regard, AWS Amplify is a full-stack and one of the preeminent products of this cloud platform. However, if you are unaware of this fantastic AWS service, simply read this guide.

This article will discuss all aspects of AWS Amplify, from functioning to its advantages, limitations, alternatives, and pricing structure.

Top 10 Startups Using Spring Boot

Top 10 Startups Using Spring Boot
Startups Using Spring Boot

In this article, we will explore some startups using Spring Boot and what benefits it brings for them.

Java is one of the most mature and popular application development languages.

Java works with different frameworks to support different features and requirements of applications. One of those frameworks is Spring Boot.

It specializes in making the application development process extremely simple and easy while making it more comprehensive for the developers.

With so many benefits, Spring Boot has become the top choice for many startups.

Whether it be auto-configuration or support for microservices, Spring Boot provides great experience with good performance after development.

What are some popular backend APIs?

What are some popular backend APIs?
What are some popular backend APIs_

Frontend or backend APIs are mechanisms used to exchange information between different computer programs mutually.

This software-to-software interface involves data sharing, content embedding, app integrations, internal systems, etc. 

That is why utilizing APIs in web and mobile development is snowballing. According to a forecast by Verified Market Research, the market value of APIs will hit 21.06 billion USD by 2030. This figure was 3.76 billion USD in 2023. 

Correspondingly, a survey conducted by MarketsandMarkets anticipates that the value of the API management market will reach 13.7 billion USD by 2027.

It signifies the API management market has a 25.1% compound annual growth rate. Yes, its value was 4.5 billion USD in 2022. 

However, it is crucial to understand that client-side APIs are known for performing superficial tasks. All hefty server-side tasks are linked with backend APIs.

So, this guide will discuss the best APIs for server-side programming in detail. 

What is Mobile App Documentation?

Mobile app documentation is a form of technical documentation, which provides a detailed written record of everything about an app.

It’s the blueprint of the application—covering everything from the app’s functionality, features, design elements, user interface, coding, testing procedures, to user and developer guidelines.

In essence, mobile app documentation is like the DNA of your app. It contains all the information needed to understand, use, and maintain the app. It’s a vital tool for communicating with your team, stakeholders, and users.

Without proper documentation, you’re likely to encounter numerous challenges in your app development and maintenance process.

Heroku Pricing Explained

Heroku Pricing Explained
Heroku Pricing

This article will explain the Heroku pricing structure and cover the platform’s multiple services.

Heroku is among the leading platforms supporting the application development and hosting industry.

Previously we had to manage things manually and work with all the necessary resources from scratch, but things have changed now.

With this platform as a service, things get better for developers, and they don’t have to deal with problems like inefficient resource utilization or complexities of shared usage.

Now, the prices have become more effective for smaller platforms while making the performance and development experience better as well.

It is usually because of the PaaS provided by Heroku where developers can comfortably and conveniently develop and deploy their applications with everything they need.

It supports easy starting and critical aspects like scaling or security become easier as well.

With so many positive things, Heroku still confuses developers trying to start with it and that happens when you take a look at its pricing page.

So, in this article we will explain what services Heroku provides and how it manages prices for its services for you to easily get started.

What is Firebase? All the secrets unlocked

What is Firebase? All the secrets unlocked
What is Firebase_ All the secrets unlocked

This article will provide an in-depth analysis of Firebase, its significant pros and cons, pricing structure, and core features.

Developing robust and high-quality mobile applications is a proposition that requires much dedication, but more importantly, a powerful and feature-rich development platform.

Firebase from the Google stable is one such platform that has won over developers across the globe.

Firebase gives developers many options for creating highly functional and versatile web, Android, and iOS platform applications.

While several contenders are in the app development space, Firebase is constantly conversing with the best currently available platforms.

Read on to discover how Firebase works and gain in-depth insight into its capabilities.

What is BaaS – Backend-as-a-Service?

What is BaaS – Backend-as-a-Service?
Backend as a Service BaaS or MBaaS

Backend-as-a-Service (BaaS) is a cloud-based platform designed to streamline and automate backend development tasks.

It efficiently handles complex aspects of cloud infrastructure management, making it easier for developers to focus on creating applications.

By outsourcing server responsibilities, you can devote all your time to the frontend or client-side development. BaaS comes equipped with tools that can help you create backend code quickly.

With its ready-to-use features like scalable databases, APIs, serverless functions, social media integrations, file storage, and push notifications, you’ll be able to speed up the development process with ease.

Using BaaS means you can develop at lightning speed, cut engineering costs, and keep your focus on what matters most – your core business.

Top 10 Companies Using Firebase

Top 10 Companies Using Firebase
Top 10 Companies Using Firebase

Firebase is a sought-after backend CSP that businesses and dev teams use to create highly advanced applications. Several companies use Firebase for different tech stacks.

These companies utilize Firebase’s hosting, storage, database, testing, and analytical features.Indeed, it is troublesome for businesses to install and manage hardware resources.

Therefore, SMEs, startups, and large enterprises are moving from on-premises development to cloud computing options, and Firebase is a credible name hereof.

Around 3,049 companies are using Firebase, according to StackShare. Alibaba, Lyft, Venmo, and The Economist are big names in this regard. 

However, if you want to know how these companies benefit from Google Firebase to perform server-side tasks, you should read this guide. Yes, this article will talk about the top clients of Firebase in detail. 

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