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What is Cloud Firestore?

What is Cloud Firestore?
Cloud Firestore

One of the functions that support high-performance web or mobile applications is a robust database. An excellent database makes it easy to store information in a well-organized manner. It also creates an avenue to retrieve and manage the data effortlessly while providing functions that help automate various database management tasks. All these qualities make the database an indispensable tool for business across industry verticals.

One of the database platforms preferred by businesses around the world is Google Firestore. It provides features for advanced data management and realtime functions that enhance application development. In this discourse, we shall make an overview of the Google Firestore and the benefits it brings to developers.

Here is what you will learn reading this article:

  • What is Cloud Firestore?
  • Advantages of using Cloud Firestore
  • Cloud Firestore Features
  • How Firestore pricing works
  • Cloud Firestore Alternatives

Cloud Firestore Alternatives

Cloud Firestore Alternatives
Cloud Firestore Alternatives

A high-end database is one of the most vital prerequisites for any business that aims to host high-performance apps and websites. There is a great deal of popular database service options available today. One of the widely popular options is Firestore from the Google stable, known for the level of features and functionality it offers to developers. 

Firestore may not meet your needs in terms of relational queries or vendor lock-in. So, there are many credible Google Firestore alternatives that you should consider before committing to it. Doing so can help you make the right decision if you are evaluating hosting options. 

DigitalOcean vs AWS | Secrets Unlocked

Infrastructure as a service or IaaS cloud computing is highly reliable as a service model for countless businesses across the world. AWS (Amazon Web Services) and Digital Ocean are two of the most prominent IaaS providers for organizations belonging to diverse industry sectors. 

Both of these IaaS platforms offer distinct sets of features and benefits for their users, and AWS also offers PaaS and SaaS options. The DigitalOcean vs AWS question is usually difficult to answer for most business owners and developers. Knowing exactly what each platform offers is crucial for making the right choice. Take a look at the detailed information provided below to get a clearer idea about DigitalOcean and AWS. 

I will unlock the secrets of these two suppliers and here is what you will learn reading this article:

  • What is DigitalOcean? Pricing, features, advantages
  • What is AWS? Pricing, features, advantages
  • DigitalOcean vs AWS | Comparison

DBaaS vs PaaS. What’s the difference?

DBaaS vs PaaS. What’s the difference?

Cloud solutions provide developers with scalable potentiality and have therefore been seen to gain a lot of traction. With hundreds of new options introduced every day, it is indeed difficult to opt for a single one. Before choosing any, you have to ensure that a certain service is beneficial to your company. In a study between DBaaS vs PaaS, developers have always remained confused, for each comes with several special functionalities. 

Firebase Alternatives Russia

Firebase Alternatives Russia

Backend as a Service technology has gained a lot of popularity in the past years. Developers feel it very practical to have these services for their applications. Here we have some popular Backend as a Service solution providers along with their best alternatives.

Linode Vs DigitalOcean | Which is better?

Linode Vs DigitalOcean | Which is better?

Are you the one looking for an effective cloud hosting provider in 2020? If you are, chances are that you already have an idea about why these providers are hugely beneficial for app designers and web developers. If you are still in confusion, take a look at this out-and-out Linode vs DigitalOcean comparative study where you will find some highlighted crucial features of each and pricing overview. Before you sign up for a cloud hosting service, get a thorough understanding of the pros and cons, performance, and pricing of each to decide on your choice better.

Here is what you will learn reading this article:

  • What is Linode?
  • Linode Pricing
  • Linode Key Features
  • Linode Advantages
  • What is DigitalOcean?
  • DigitalOcean Pricing
  • DigitalOcean Key Features
  • DigitalOcean Benefits
  • Linode vs DigitalOcean | What are the differences?
  • Comparison Table

Netlify Vs DigitalOcean

Netlify Vs DigitalOcean

Who does not want a web developing platform that increases productivity? It is needless to say that the form of the web is changing rapidly with time. In a short time, web versions have converted from monolithic to decoupled apps, thus encouraging web developers around the world to work more and better than ever before. In this blog, we will reflect on Netlify vs DigitalOcean, and find out the differences between each platform.

What is a Mobile Backend as a Service?

What is a Mobile Backend as a Service?
Mobile Backend as a Service mBaaS

mBaaS stands for Mobile Backend as a Service. Using a mBaaS you will access ready to use building blocks that automate repetitive backend logic. Examples are like logins, notifications, social integration, geolocation, etc. It saves you a lot of time and avoid you reinventing the wheel for reusable pieces of code that are common for all apps.

A mBaaS is a managed service that takes care of the infrastructure and autoscale applications. Using a mBaaS you transfer the responsibility and hassles of managing servers to a third party.

Sounds good right? To better understand the concept behind an mBaaS we need to first understand the differences between an application frontend and backend.

Top 10 Tools for Developers in 2020

Top 10 Tools for Developers in 2020

For greater efficiency, tools are a must-have in every field of work. In the world of software development, some tools are becoming essential with every passing day. Most of the solutions provide generous free tiers and are a great way to start. Here is a list of top 10 tools that developers must use in 2020 for improved efficiency.

Top 5 Cloud Service Providers

Top 5 Cloud Service Providers

Getting cloud services has become very important because you trade CAPEX to OPEX and does need to run on upfront costs purchasing servers. Also, cloud providers will help you to keep using the most up to date technologies available in the market. This will allow your company to gain a competitive technology edge with minor investments and time allocation.

Many companies are providing their cloud services which are helping businesses by replacing the hard drive technology with the internet. These companies provide SaaS, PaaS, Iaas, and many other services. All of them are distinct in some way due to their features and services. Here is our list of cloud services we will cover on this article:

  • AWS – Amazon Web Services
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Digital Ocean
  • Alibaba Cloud
  • GCP – Google Cloud Platform