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How to scale content marketing for your Startup?

This article will detail how Back4App increased organic traffic from 8k users/month to 100k users/month in less than 24 months. In addition, we will provide real-life guidelines based on our own experience scaling marketing content. 

Key Takeaways

  • Writing quality content is a must, but not enough
  • It’s possible to scale marketing content without backlinks or social media posts
  • I’m not a marketer and had no previous experience creating content
  • No need for a full time marketing person, and you can outsource most of the tasks
  • We started creating content with only a $100/month budget

Intriguing and hard to believe, right?

Is Firebase Good for Backend?

Backend as a Service (BaaS) is taking web and app development by storm. With no maintenance, great scalability, and easy frontend integration, it’s hard not to see the appeal.

Google’s Firebase is one of the top BaaS offerings. Let’s see what features it provides, how it stacks up against a custom backend, and whether you should use it for your next project!

What is a Real-Time App?

Real-Time App (RTA) is a piece of software that implements a feature that works in a time span user perceives as immediate. The term is most commonly used for apps performing real-time connections with the server or between users to provide an instant, connected experience.

There are many components that power RTAs, and even more concepts behind them. This includes real-time messaging and a database. Let’s see how these parts fit together.

What Programming Language is Used for Android App Development?

In this article, we are going to take a detailed look at what programming languages are used for Android app development.

Smartphone apps have become an integral part of our day-to-day lives. In fact, you are likely to look at your phone around an astounding 86 times per day, constantly checking your Facebook, Instagram, or WhatsApp updates. 

Today’s smartphone applications can be used to obtain information, build connections, or simply have fun, – and creating them is also one of the most interesting jobs out there.

If you are thinking about becoming an Android app developer but aren’t sure how to begin your career, a good starting point would be to figure out which Android programming language you’re going to use.

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Native iOS apps are written in which language?

Alongside Android, iOS is one of the biggest mobile platforms. Thanks to great user experience (UX), performance optimizations, and high-quality development tools, it’s loved by both users and developers alike.

Among those tools are 2 programming languages – Objective-C and Swift. You can use both to develop apps for all Apple platforms, including iOS. However, where they differ is in feature sets, syntaxes, ecosystems, and available APIs.

Cross-Platform Mobile Development

With the mobile platform already overtaking desktop and still growing, more developers than ever want to develop for it. However, with both iOS and Android having a decent market share, you’ll want to target both platforms. That’s where cross-platform development steps in.

This article will discuss cross-platform mobile development and cover the following structure:

  • 3 Ways to Go Cross-Platform
  • Pros and Cons of Cross-Platform Development
  • Best Mobile Cross-Platform Frameworks
  • Best Backend Services for Cross-Platform Apps

Keep reading to know more.

Parse Alternatives – The Best 10 Options

Opting for a reliable mobile application backend is quite important for any business today. Development teams around the world prioritize platforms such as Parse for the level of functionality it offers to users. While Parse is a top backend option, there are many alternatives worth looking at. Take a look at the best Parse alternatives below. 

What is Digital Ocean?

This article will explain the Digital Ocean cloud platform, its pros and cons, core products, and pricing structure.

Deploying and scaling applications require businesses to depend on reliable and feature-rich cloud service platforms. Digital Ocean is among the top platform choices for many developers and business owners around the world.

While there are many options out there, this platform stands out due to its ease of use, features, and straightforward pricing. It offers many useful features to facilitate cost-effective hosting and deployment

Read on to know more about Digital Ocean, its features, and pricing.

Top 10 Programming Languages

This article reviews the most popular programming languages worldwide. The list’s data source is Statista1, and JavaScript leads the game with a more than 60% adoption rate among developers.

This article will obey the following structure:

  • Programming language overview and definition;
  • Variables to analyze when selecting a programming language;
  • Review of the top 10 programming languages.

Every developer utilizes a programming language to envision, create, and deploy applications across different platforms. Some languages are more suitable than others in terms of what tools and functionalities they offer to users.

Leading backend service providers offer support for the most popular web and application development languages on their platforms. But, knowing the capabilities of a language can be quite essential for developers.

Take a look at some of the most widely-used languages given below.