Does AWS offer a backend as a service?

A majority of organizations are transforming to cloud-based models to enhance user productivity, facilitate a mobile workforce, and obtain an ROI by decreasing the burden of managing IT resources.

Cloud-based models like Amazon Web Services with Backend-as-a-Service (AWS Amplify) are allowing businesses across the globe to stay both current and competitive.

What is a Backend-as-a-Service? 

The BaaS or Backend-as-a-Service, also known as mobile Backend-as-a-Service, connects cloud-based services to mobile apps. BaaS creates a unified application interface (API) and software developer kit (SDK) rather than using mobile middleware. 

The API-first-premise of BaaS houses replicating functions, such as location services, push notifications, file sharing and storage, chat and messaging, business logic, usage analysis, and user management. Backend apps will be available for the end-user, regardless of the app platform (Android or iOS) consumed by them.

What is AWS?

AWS, the acronym for Amazon Web Service, is legal, infrastructural software, offering database storage, several on-demand cloud services, content delivery, computer power, and various other functionalities. Organizations have the fortuity to use this secured cloud service platform to streamline business operations, scale them, and grow.

Most customers trust Amazon Web Services for their flexibility, scalability, cost-effectiveness, and easy-to-use feature. It is the best and the most comprehensive computing platform built to date.

Does AWS have a Backend-as-a-Service?

Yes, AWS has a BaaS and the service’s name is AWS Amplify

AWS offers many services, and the one that is gaining momentum is AWS amplify. AWS Amplify is a full-suite collection of services specifically structured to ease the developing and launching capabilities of mobile and web app developers. 

AWS Amplify makes user experience convenient by unifying the UX across various platforms. It makes full-stack development easier with its scalability and gives users the flexibility to choose the platform they want to run the app on. Most importantly, it allows users to integrate a range of functions securely and quickly with the developed app. 

Now, let’s look into the features of AWS mobile backend service.

  • Authentication

AWS Amplify features a fully operated user directory and pre-designed multi-factor authorization workload to help developers create faultless onboarding flows. It also allows users to log in through various social media platforms. 

  • Security and Storage

AWS Amplify offers an easy and secured data storing option. App developers can securely sync information between various applications with the help of Amazon S3 and Amazon AppSync. Users are also allowed to synchronize easy offline procedures. 

  • Analytics

AWS Amplify allows developers to track web page metrics and user sessions for analytics. The service features an auto-tracking procedure to get access to real-time data and analyze it for gaining customer insight. Amplify supports building marketing strategies to drive customer retention and engagement. 

  • Storage

AWS Amplify manages and stores user-generated content, such as photos and videos on the cloud. All these functions are operated through a simple mechanism followed by the AWS Amplify storage module that manages user content and protects the storage buckets. 

Now, let’s look into the advantages of AWS Amplify.

  • UI-Driven

AWS Amplify supports UI-driven, fast, and easy approach to developing web and mobile applications. With this modern UI component, developers do not have to code any app and the CLI processes make the app development process easier, simplifying the workflows and speeding up the app development process. 

  • Usage-Based Payment

AWS Amplify offers a usage-based payment option. Users have the authority to choose from various services. The flexible and cost-efficient feature of AWS Amplify requires its users to pay only for the services they choose.

  • Start for Free

AWS Amplify requires its users to set up a paid tier only after they achieve an optimum number of technical requirements. 

Alternatives to AWS Amplify

In the event AWS does not meet your requirements, here are some alternative platforms.


Build modern applications with this low code backend alternative to AWS Amplify service. Back4app is a scalable, open-source, and flexible backend that offers storage options for relatable data on the cloud. 


A powerful alternative to AWS Amplify, the Backendless database is a visual web and mobile application development platform. It provides a dynamic and persistent solution to app developing procedures, enabling rapid development and prototyping of web and mobile apps. 


Firebase is a platform, which helps quick and easy development of high-quality mobile and web apps. Created by Google, this alternative service allows you to develop data faster and lower the cost incurred in various app development processes. 


This article explained AWS Amplify that is the BaaS service from AWS. It highlighted its features, advantages, pricing structure, and alternatives.


What is a backend as a service?

BaaS creates a unified application interface (API) and software developer kit (SDK) rather than using mobile middleware. 

Does AWS offer a backend as a service?

Yes, AWS has a BaaS and the service’s name is AWS Amplify

What are the best alternatives to AWS Amplify?

– Back4app
– Backendless
– Firebase

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