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Although most single-player games do not require any internet connectivity, online multiplayer games do so. It is because multiple players need to be in one single game. So, this requires internet connectivity, but there is the involvement of server and hosting in this type of gameplay.

While it is not that efficient for the developers and gamers to manage their server-side hosting at huge scales, getting the Backend as a Service is the best choice, and here, we will be discussing it.

What is Backend as a Service?

Whenever online activity where people from all around the world can interact is considered, one thing is involved for sure: the server and hosting services. And as we have mentioned above, it is not very efficient for most individuals and organizations to manage this. 

So, what they do is get the managed services, and this managed service which provides all the server functionalities and hosting as well, is known as Backend as a Service. An interesting thing about these services is that when you get them for your game or application, there is no need to do any sort of backend management.

The best backend platforms for a game

Getting a platform as a service from any service provider comes with amazing benefits for building the product. Not only this, but the process of configuration and provision also becomes very easy as most of the things are dealt with by the service providers. So, if you are looking for the best BaaS platforms for game development, here are some of them.


It is one of the biggest names in the field of backend services providers. From managed to backends to hosting and platform as a Service, everything you want, they can provide it.

However, when it comes to game development, there are different requirements, and Back4App fulfills each of them in the following manner.

  • Scalability

If the game is built in a good manner, the chances of it having many players in no time are high. Additionally, as time passes, this number of players keeps constantly increasing. So, Back4app provides its services for the developers with full scalability options.

  • Personal game servers

With the BaaS from Back4App, the games can be made with personal servers for players. It means players can compete personally. However, for a developer, there is no need for additional server management.

  • Cloud code and database management

Back4App also provides its users with the option to have their backend code on the cloud. It makes accessing it easier, but management is also easy because of the usage of cloud servers. Additionally, for maintaining player stats and lists, there are database options provided with these services.

Game Sparks

Although this service provider has not been there for even a decade, it has become one of the most popular platforms as a service for game developers. It is because all of the following features that are provided here:

  • Real-Time analysis

Well, for a developer, the most important thing is the performance of their game, and this is the platform that provides the real-time analysis of the application. It means that the developers can know how well their game is performing and some other performance statistics.

  • Realtime multiplayer game development

Though there are not many multiplayer online game development platforms as a Service, this one provides the best services for the developers.


Who does not know about Firebase, backed by Google? Is it one of the most reliable backend service providers? In the case of a game development platform as a service, it provides the following most amazing features for the developers.

  • Multipurpose app development

Some applications need to work online as well as offline. Well, this is the platform for you if you are looking to develop such an application.

  • Data synchronization

As there is an ability to run the game offline, Firebase provides its data synchronization feature that helps in maintaining the data as soon as the internet connects.


It is the platform that can be used to develop online multiplayer games with all the cloud services. Whether you are looking for a multiplayer game or even a story mode game, this is the platform that provides the best performance for the users. It is because of its support with the Unity3D development tool. There are some features like:

  • Player management

By developing a game at PlayFab, the users can enjoy things like team management and player management.

  • In-game messaging

In-game messaging is a feature that has become very important these days, and PlayFab allows developers to add this feature to their games.


It is also a prominent name when it comes to backend services. Parse also provides its platform as a service for game developers with the following features:

  • Notifications

When you develop your game here, you can add the feature of notifications without any issues. It means that the users can get real-time notifications from their game.

  • Social login

Social login integration with games helps people play together, and Parse helps developers add this feature to their games.


Managing the backend features that are not related to the actual game algorithms can be tricky for game developers. So, the Backend as a Service is the best option for game developers. Here we discussed the best BaaS platforms that you can use for game development.


What is a BaaS?

BaaS stands for Backend as a Services and helps developers to outsource backend management and automate server side boiler plate code.

Why use a BaaS for game development?

– Accelerate development
– Scalability
– Focus on frontend development

What are the best backend platforms for games?

– Back4App
– Parse
– Game Sparks
– PlayFab
– Firebase

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