Top Mobile Game Backend Providers

Top Mobile Game Backend Providers

Top Mobile Game Backend Providers

Mobile gaming has become one of the most popular niches in the video game industry. There are hundreds of mobile games that have more than a million downloads. The mobile game industry has the potential to become the most popular & most profitable video game industry because almost everyone has a mobile phone these days. Because games are technically a program too, they require some space on the computer system that is playing them so that the games can store information and retrieve it for later use.

Introduction to Mobile Game Backend

Backend is all the important logic and processes that go behind running a game that isn’t visible to the user that is playing the device. Developers can either develop the backend themselves or ask game backend providers to deliver backend features for them, so the developers can focus entirely on creating that game themselves.

Here are the top mobile game backend providers that you should know about:


Back4App is an exclusive game backend provider company that is more suited to beginner developers who are looking to get into the mobile game development market but do not want to invest their resources in backend development. The interface of the website is very simple, and even first-time users can easily navigate through the screens.

There are three pricing options for Back4App, with no complex pricing systems.

  • Free – It is ideal for making new prototypes, and you will get 1 GB of storage, 1 GB transfer, and 10k requests.
  • Shared – Starts at $5/month. All the features of free, as well as having a daily backup option, monitoring, and scaling.
  • Dedicated – All features of Shared, plus much more like dedicated Virtual Machines, security, cloud service, and so on.

Want to know more about Back4App’s features? Please read the guide below:

Back4App’s Features


GameSparks has officially become one of the most popular mobile game backends. GameSparks was launched back in 2013 and has ever since grown up into quite a successful backend development company, playing a key role in many successful games on the market.

GameSparks gives its customers real-time analysis of the application, different management functionality under a single dashboard, leaderboards for gamers who want to be competitive in a particular game, and much more. The best thing about GameSparks that has made it so popular is that the backend developers can develop real-time multiplayer games, which were a new development in mobile gaming back in 2013. Even right now, there are not many real-time multiplayer games on the mobile market.

GameSparks offers a competitive market rate, with three options available:

  • Development – which includes all the essentials required for developing backend, cloud service, documentation, and so on. It’s free.
  • Standard – which includes everything from development, and much more like publishing rights and more connections. It is priced at $300 a month.
  • Enterprise – Includes everything from Standard, and gives the option to add custom features. The price can be negotiated through their link.


If you are looking to make online multiplayer games, or just games that have cloud services, look no further than PlayFab, a very complete game backend development team that has proved itself to be very successful too. PlayFab is not limited to online games, though, as it is also able to make the backends of single-player games. But since PlayFab has an official partnership with Photon, the most popular multiplayer service (it is also used by Unity3D to provide online functionality too), PlayFab’s forte is, without a doubt, multiplayer games.

PlayFab can provide a lot of features no other game backend team can provide, like player management, being able to add in-game messaging, and so on. Plus, their new marketplace is really amazing and ever-so-growing. Customers can buy/download features that will make their backend game even stronger.

Oh, and if you still can’t believe the legitimacy of the application, Microsoft bought it, and it is currently under Mircosoft Azure.

There are four pricing plans, with no extra pricing:

  • Essentials – The free version of the service can develop the backend of any game, with the original features. Everything that you might need is here, provided that you can do the effort.
  • Indie Studio – This 99$-per-month version of PlayFab is designed for most indie developers in mind, and can provide professional services for up to 100k MAU.
  • Professional – The most premium version of PlayFab is at least 300$ per month, and is designed for big companies. It includes all features of Indie Studio, but with no limitations.
  • Enterprise – This on-order service contains everything from Professional but priority services like corporate SSO support, private Slack channels, and so on.


Firebase is a service acquired by Google.

The backend is developed securely through the client-side, while the data from the client-side is also stored locally so that developers can work even if they are offline.

Firebase can also be used to develop an online application that can work offline so that as soon as the user regains internet connection, both data can synchronize and make for an amazing user experience.

Firebase has three price plans:

  • Free – Though supposed to be used for prototyping purposes, developers can also develop applications through the free version. All the essentials are present, though extra features are limited.
  • Flame Plan – For just $25 a month, developers get all the premium features of the application, as well as 50 GB of storage.
  • Blaze Plan – A custom on-order price plan that can include as many services that you require. They have a custom calculator that can calculate your pricing too.


These are the top mobile game backend providers in the industry. There are other options available too, sure, but these are the ones that we think are the ones to think about on the first try.

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General FAQ

What are the best game backend providers?

The list includes Back4App, GameSparks, PlayFab, and Firebase.

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