Baas vs PaaS: Which is a better option?

Baas vs PaaS: Which is a better option?

Baas vs PaaS – Understand the differences

Most commonly it becomes quite confusing for the people to understand the world of BaaS vs PaaS terminologies. If you are the one who is connected with the industry of development in any way then it is highly important for you at the present time to understand the difference of the two most wonderful and essential terminologies of the world of cloud computing. Both of these terminologies are meant to change the traditional ways of software development whether web or mobile application development. To understand the things in a more effective way, it is highly important to have a look at detailed information regarding BaaS vs Paas.

What is a BaaS – Backend as a Service?

BaaS is an amazing cloud service model in which application developers normally outsource there entire behind the scene aspects of a mobile or web application. With the help of BaaS, they only have to focus and maintain the front end or user side services. This model is acting as middleware and providing a better opportunity for the developers to connect their applications with cloud services. This model is designed to automate the processes of backend side development with its ready to use features. With the help of the BaaS model, organizations can give the responsibility of the backend services to a third-party.

What is a PaaS – Platform as a Service

PaaS is also known as Platform as a Service. PaaS is a complete environment for development and deployment in the cloud computing world. It contains the perfect resources which can make it easier for you to develop everything ranging from simpler cloud-based software solutions to cloud-based, sophisticated enterprise applications. In PaaS, service providers are delivering their clients platform which enables them to create, manage and run applications without any need for maintaining and building infrastructures and software development processes that are normally required in the development processes. This concept is much similar to the concept of serverless computing in which a cloud computing services provider manages and runs the server along with the allocations of resources in the best possible way. PaaS includes storage, servers, and networking along with the middleware business intelligence services, development tools, and real-time database management systems and much more in this regard.

Differences between PaaS vs BaaS

The use of PaaS has the ability to eliminate the expenses of purchasing, maintaining and configuring infrastructure while the use of BaaS can help developers to manage the backend services in a quicker and simpler way in the best possible way. Generally speaking, here is a simple way to understand the differences:

PaaS will render mechanisms like:

  • CDN – Content distribution networks
  • Automated deployment
  • Load balancers

On the other hand, a PaaS will not provide:

  • Database management
  • Business Logic
  • Frontend Code

BaaS will provide mechanisms like:

  • Out of the box backend features like email notification, authentication, push-notifications, social login, etc
  • Database management
  • Serverless environment

On the other hand, a BaaS will not provide:

  • Frontend code
  • The same level of flexiblity of a PaaS
  • Server level access

Both of the terminologies come with their own benefits. Even when it comes to preferring the use of PaaS or BaaS then the decision totally depends on the needs of the development process and the requirements which user have to fulfill using these solutions.


Examples of BaaS Companies

There are various organizations who are offering multiple BaaS services. Here are some of the most amazing BaaS services which you must know:


This is an amazing hosting service provider for parse services. It is offering the best services to develop the backend of the applications and helping the developers in faster creating Back4App is offering flexible and saleable services which are quite easier to use. Even more, you can also experience a 24/7 support service from Back4App. Here are some real applications created with Back4app are Hotel AppsSocial Network Apps, and e-Commerce Apps.


  • Data management dashboard
  • Private cloud options
  • Real-time database
  • Multitenant dashboard
  • Two-factor authentication
  • Logs viewer
  • Email verification
  • Transfer App & clone app
  • Automated backups


Firebase is one of the best BaaS which was started as a YC11 startup and later grew up as a next-generation platform for application development. Firebase is allowing users to craft fantastic user experiences. You do not have to manage the backend because Firebase is your Datastore, API, and server at the same time.


  • Real-time database
  • File storage providence
  • Email and password authentication
  • Easy to use hosting
  • Social media integration
  • Built-in security features


This is an effective BaaS provider. Backendless consists of a complete toolset that is designed to manage backend services easily and simply. With the pro version of the Backendless users can run the framework on their own servers in the best possible way.


  • Push notifications
  • API
  • Geolocation
  • Real-time database
  • Email marketing

Examples of PaaS Companies


Heroku is providing environments of abstract computing which are known as a dyno. These dynos normally come in two different flavors of worker dynos and web dynos. This platform has the ability to work in a more amazing with the application which is being built with Twelve-Factor App methodology. More interestingly, third party applications are also available with this platform.


  • Well-integrate with PHP programming
  • Streamline and simplify the process of development, deployment, configuration, and tuning.
  • Effective to scale and manage applications
  • Top-centric style of software delivery

Engine Yard

Engine yard contains decades of experience in providing services of managed PaaS. This is one of the most successful PaaS solutions which users can access because the company is always working to create solutions for their users in a more effective way. It is a perfect option for the developers who are creating applications based on Ruby on Rails, PHP and Node.js.


  • Dedicated instances
  • 3rd-party services integration
  • Lots of control over instances of the virtual machine
  • It is providing core building blocks for flexible and secure PHP applications.

PaaS solutions that are being offered from this company are helping the developers to build the applications based on multi-tenant. With the help of, the processes of software development are being performed with the help of purpose-built tools, Apex (development language) and nonstandard. Heroku is a recent solution which is providing support to the to support multiple programming languages for so long.


  • Development support for Node.js, Java, Scala, Python, PHP, Clojure.
  • It uses Heroku for running and deploying apps.

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