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mBaaS Comparison: The best 2024 providers

mBaaS Comparison: The best 2024 providers

This article will discuss the service offerings of some of the best mobile backend-as-a-service (mBaaS) providers. The list includes service providers that use both open-source and proprietary frameworks.

The deployment options range from cloud services to the ones that can be installed on corporate intranets.  Some of these platforms do not provide any support, while a few others have a dedicated support team that attends to customers around the clock.

Before we dive into reviewing BaaS providers, let’s introduce the concept of BaaS to the complete newbies. Keep reading to know the best mBaaS available in the market.

The best BaaS for your Android App

The best BaaS for your Android App

BaaS also known as Backend as a Service. mBaaS solutions are meant to help mobile application developers in linking their applications either websites or mobile to the cloud services with the help of API (Application Programming Interface). Even more, mobile backend as a service is also making grounds to help developers in improving user-management, accelerating their development processes, providing Features like push notifications, and much more than these. All and all, Mobile Backend as a Service platforms are full of amazing Features which can make it easier for developers to manage backend services of their applications in the best possible way. Some of the most common Features of mBaaS solutions include APIs, email verification, user authentication, push notifications, database management, user management, sending messages, reset passwords and much more. 

Introduction to Android 

Various devices are using Modified Linux Kernel, and these are normally android gadgets. Therefore, android platforms are the ones which are making use of this Modified Linux Kernel. Firstly, if we are going to talk about android platform’s origin, then we can relate it to Open Handset Alliance safely which introduced it for the very first time. This alliance was basically a collaboration between various prominent organizations, such as HTC, Motorola, Google, etc. 

If we are going to be more précised about this then it was done in November, 2007. An android platform is using Java programming language to run multiple applications in the system. However, the hybrid development solutions have made it even easier for the developers to develop excellent mobile applications by using a single operating system or platform. Even more, it is also allowing developers to manage designing process with ease which will not only make them able to save money but can also help the developers in introducing new applications with cool Features in the years to come. 

However, using both of these platforms to develop applications can also make the MVP complex at the same time. It can also result in delaying understanding of customers, and increasing development cost. While, when it comes to know the people who are using android platforms then you will be amazed by its user base. It is because about 80% mobile users are relying on android. So, if you are planning to target a significant portion of a market then it is highly important for you to prefer using android. It is more commonly being utilized in emerging markets like South Africa and Asia. 

However, when it comes to develop the best android applications which can ensure better user-experience then you must consider an effective android mBaaS solution for this. 

Best mBaaS platforms for Android 

When it comes to find out the best mBaaS platform for Android then there are plenty of solutions available in this market. While, we have compiled a list of top 5 mBaaS platforms for Android which can be more effective for you to consider in this regard:

Have a look at the details given below to know more about these top platforms:


This is one of the most major open-source BaaS providers which runs more than 80 thousand applications. This platform can offer you plenty of Features which will help you to complete application development process efficiently. Back4app is completely easy to use and flexible in its properties. You can easily scale its services when needed. Overall range of Features is pretty exciting and simpler in their functionalities. However, when it comes to Price range of back4app then it is easier to customize as per your needs. Even more, support team of bac4app is always ready to help queries and questions of its users.


  • Smoother hosting 
  • Push notifications 
  • Email notifications 
  • User management 
  • Database GUI
  • GraphQL and REST APIs
  • Administration panel. 


  • Available to use for free
  • Pro version starts from $5/month.


This is one of the most well-known and very first mBaaS solutions in the market. In the beginning it was owned by Facebook. Later, in 2016, Facebook decided to open-source this solution. Parse is one of the pioneers of mBaaS solution providers. With the passage of time it has come up with various communities and blogs which ensure that no one can overlook the utility of this solution. All and all, this platform is simple to use and highly flexible, and scalable too. 


  • Database GUI
  • Email verifications 
  • Push notifications 
  • Geofencing 


  • Free to download 


Google made a step forward in the digital world in 2014 to acquire firebase services. Among all other mBaaS providers Google found Firebase most promising. Later, Google revealed the availability of its Features and services in Google Developers conference. Overall, this platform is completely smooth to run and famous for its real-time database feature. Most amazingly, this tool is also available to use for free. Also, firebase is one of the most prominent platforms which is working more to make things easier for its users. 


  • Real-time database
  • Push notifications
  • Analytics 
  • Hosting 


  • Free trial available 
  • Pro version starts from $25/month.


Kinvey is also an amazing mBaaS solution which is putting other similar options in a high competition with its rich range of features. This BaaS solution is offering a range of unique Features for entrepreneur clients. Even more, some of the coolest tools of Kinvey are including data storing and modeling along with locations awareness and business logic options.


  • Microservices 
  • Cloud Solutions 
  • Cloud services 


  • Free trial available 
  • Pro version is starting from $2500/year.


Do you want to get rid of stressing backend coding? Backendless is an effective solution to fulfill your desires in this regard. This is an effective solution which can provide you easier management solutions. Its amazing range of unique Features are making it one of the best mBaaS solutions to consider. 


  • Database 
  • File Storage
  • Cloud solutions 
  • Geolocation
  • Messaging 


  • Free trial available 
  • Pro version starts from $15/month.

These are some of the best options which you can consider for your next android application project with ease. Identify the needs of your application and choose the best solution accordingly. 

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General FAQ

What is BaaS?

BaaS stands for Backend as a Service and  is a platform that automates backend side development and takes care of the cloud infrastructure. To know more, please read BaaS | Backend as a Service.

What are the best BaaS for Android development?

The list of Backend as a Service for Android development includes:
– Back4app
– Parse
– Firebase
– Kinvey
– Backendless

The Best BaaS For Your iOS App

The Best BaaS For Your iOS App

Do you want to develop an app for the iOS platform? You should consider using Mobile Backend-as-a-Service (mBaaS.) Many developers around the world now use mBaaS because of the many benefits they are enjoying.   Three of the vital advantages of using an MBaaS are:

  • Expedite development time.
  • Make savings on development costs.
  • Allow developers to focus on core programming tasks.

What is mBaaS?

What is mBaaS?

Mobile users are demanding more and more in their mobile applications with every passing day. From push notifications to social integrations, no application can gain popularity without these essential features. Due to more functionality requirements, it is becoming difficult for mobile developers to develop applications quickly while ensuring best user-experience. What’s required is a way to connect your mobile applications with backend services which can allow developers to make sure their applications are performing the best while meeting the demands or requirements of users and market. However, the things which can ease the entire process is known as Backend as a Service. 

To read a complete review of mBaaS please read the article below:

BaaS | Backend as a Service

What is Kinvey?

We are living in the era of digital technology. New mobile applications are arriving with every new day to bring new experiences to users. In the application development industry trend of MBaaS is emerging. This approach is meant to help developers in managing backend services of their application in a more effective and efficient way. However, with the growth of mobile devices, and mobile applications, a number of MBaaS platforms are also stepping into this market. However, going with the option which has the ability to meet the requirements of managing, developing and deploying your application cycle is always important. And, Kinvey can be one of the best picks to consider in this regard. Because this comes up with its unique features and advantages which you can’t avoid.

What is Backendless?

For most of the front-end developers out there MBaaS (Mobile Backend as a Service) looks like a startup application nirvana. This can help them replace their complete backend infrastructure with an API driven, cloud-based service which they can drive and direct with ease. Even more, Mobile Backend as a Service has also become one of the largest trends in mobile development market of the present day. While, various ambitious developers are lacking the ability to manage AWS instances. So, entering MBaaS market with an option which can bring a newest flavor to your application development process. Backendless is an amazing option which you can consider in this regard. Because this is a MBaaS solution which has a lot to offer you.

What is a Mobile Backend as a Service?

What is a Mobile Backend as a Service?

What is a mBaaS –Mobile Backend as a Service?

Mobile Backend as a Service, also commonly referred to as mBaaS, is a cloud-based model used to speedup backend development. It works by allowing developers to outsource vital functions of the backend (these are the codes that run behind the scene) to a third party. This action gives the developer ample time to focus on front-end development while saving lots of time and money on app development.

A mBaaS cloud vendor is responsible for providing ready-to-use backend boilerplate code and for running, maintaining, and scaling servers. Examples of automation a mBaaS provides is a data sheet like view of the database, APIs in a REST or GraphQL format, login and reset password routine, push-notifications, and much more.

This article focuses on explaining the concept of BaaS Cloud solutions and the value it brings to the table for developers and businesses. In the end, we shall also review the leading BaaS cloud service providers today.

BaaS Cloud? A step by step guide

BaaS Cloud? A step by step guide

Introduction – What is a BaaS Cloud?

This article will provide an Overview of Backend-as-a-Service or BaaS Cloud.

The terms Backend-as-a-Service (BaaS) and Mobile Backend-As-A-Service (MBaaS) are both referring to the same concept.  It describes a service that enables developers to connect mobile and web-based applications to backend cloud service. Besides storage, BaaS also provides additional services such as user management, integration with social networks, and push notifications, among many others. For complete list of BaaS features, please read here.

Technology analysts often describe BaaS as a readymade infrastructure for web and mobile apps. The major stakeholders of BaaS are companies (Startups or Enterprises) that provide resources that make it easy for developers to expedite web and mobile application development. Such resources include server infrastructure, Software Development Kits, Application Programming Interface (APIs), useful protocols, and tools for application development.

Parse Dashboard | What is and when to use it

Parse Dashboard | What is and when to use it

What is the Parse dashboard?

Parse dashboard is a spreadsheet like interface for editing rows, representing relationships, and performing GrapqhQL / REST queries.

A quick overview of the Parse framework and the value it provides

Developers around the world are looking for novel solutions that make application development less stressful. Many developers do not have the technical know-how to create advanced applications. That is why they are searching for platforms where they can create hi-tech applications with their basic knowledge of programming. Parse is a viable solution for achieving such goals. It’s not surprising that many programmers are trying to know more about Parse and the value it brings to the table.

So, What is Parse?

Parse is an excellent solution for developers that want to create high-level applications. However, this open-source platform can help you create sophisticated programs that would have been impossible with an average programming skill.

This article presents some vital information that would help developers understand the benefits of this platform, so they can leverage it to their advantage.

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