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Top 10 Mobile Cloud Hosting Providers

Mobile cloud hosting has witnessed considerable development in the last few years with the advent of new technology. Currently, many providers offer ample resources and features to help developers create agile and high-performance apps.

Making the right choice can be crucial for your business. Take a deeper look into mobile cloud hosting and the top providers below.

What is the Firebase backend?

In this article, we shall make a detailed review of Firebase by analyzing its features, pricing models, and the platform’s benefits and demerits.

One of the critical factors that enhance the development of quality apps is a powerful development platform with extensive features. Firebase is one of the preferred development platforms for developers because of its stability and the valuable tools available on the platform.  With Firebase, developers can create apps for iOS, Android and the web without much hassles. 

Although several cloud platforms for app development exist, Firebase competes with the top platforms worldwide.

Without further ado, let’s proceed with the in-depth analysis of the Firebase platform.

Understanding Azure Time Series Insights

Understanding Azure Time Series Insights

What is Azure Time Series Insights?

Azure Time Series Gen2 is an end-to-end Internet of Things (IoT) analytics service designed for industrial IoT deployments. It provides powerful APIs you can use to integrate it with current workflows and applications. 

Azure Time Series Insights collects, processes, stores, queries, and visualizes IoT data at scale, adding context and optimizing it for time series analysis. It is designed to explore data ad hoc and analyze operations, helping you discover hidden trends, spot anomalies, and perform root-cause analysis.

In this article, you will learn:

  • What is an Azure Time Series Model?
    • Time Series Model Components
  • Azure Time Series Data Storage
    • Storage Tiers and Data Availability
    • Warm Store
    • Cold Store
  • Azure Time Series Best Practices
    • Using Warm Store and Cold Store
    • Configure Time Series IDs and Timestamp Properties
    • Optimize Your Events
    • High Availability

Firebase Cloud Messaging Alternatives

Whether you are developing an application that lets the users socialize or make some utility application that lets people connect and do their work, one thing that will be common in most of them will be messaging service.

Although adding this feature requires a lot of complex coding, solutions like Firebase Cloud Messaging make things easier for you. Here we will discuss some platforms that provide this service.

The 10 Best Server Backend Languages

As software development is getting complex with every passing day, the backend services and technologies are getting more crucial. It is because they will be determining the features and performance that your project pulls off.

The scope is your project, and its applications in real life do not matter whether it is a startup or a large project. The most important thing is the backend technology.

There are several reasons for this importance, one of them being the better reliability regarding the need for that application. Other than that, a good backend technology can assure you that your software will have the following features.

  • Scalability
  • Performance
  • Responsiveness

The selection of the right backend technology is a vital part when it comes to software development. However, the abundance of backend technologies present in the world makes it very difficult for managers or developers to select the best one.

Another reason for this is that each of them has its different features and benefits that increase the confusion. Believe it or not, but in this case, things get tricky when you are not a developer.

As selecting the right backend technology is very important, here we will discuss the ten best backend technologies. We hope that this detailed discussion about the best backend technologies will help you select the best one for your needs.

Parse Alternatives – The Best 10 Options

Opting for a reliable mobile application backend is quite important for any business today. Development teams around the world prioritize platforms such as Parse for the level of functionality it offers to users. While Parse is a top backend option, there are many alternatives worth looking at. Take a look at the best Parse alternatives below. 

Cloudflare Workers Alternatives

Serverless development is the need of the hour for thousands of businesses across the globe today. Developers are warming up to the idea of hassle-free application creation, deployment, and management without the need for handling infrastructure management.

The advances of serverless computing technology have facilitated just that through reliable solutions such as Cloudflare Workers. It is one of the most popular options for businesses across industry domains due to its features.

While Cloudflare Workers is a superb serverless option, there are also several equally good alternatives to look at. Take a look at the best currently available Cloudflare Workers alternatives below.

Backend Explained

In this article, we shall take an overview of the backend technology to analyze how it works. 

What is a backend?

The backend is the portion of an application that executes various tasks that the app is designed to perform. The backend of an app is managed by the administrator and inaccessible to the app user; it the part of an app that stores data and codes that interpret program syntaxes.

The backend directly contrasts the frontend that provides an interface, allowing the user to interact with the application backend.

More often than not, backend codes consist of several programming languages. It is often referred to as the data access layer because it contains the functions accessible to client programs and users to provide various services. 

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