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Top 10 Backend Technologies

This article will explore ten of the best backend technologies, hosting options, and service providers. It will provide an overview of each technology, features, advantages and limitations.

Backend technologies are paramount in the development of day-to-day software projects. Either you are a startup founder, IT head, or a corporate decision-maker, selecting the right backend technology is crucial to determine your project’s success.

Indeed, well-chosen backend technologies can guarantee scalability, functioning speed and instantly respond to customers’ queries and needs. Withal, it is challenging to pick the appropriate option, especially if you are a non-programmer.

This guide will share the top 10 backend technologies, features, limitations, and further details comprehensively.

Hopefully, it will assist backend developers, front end developers, and full stack developers in making the right decision.

Backend Technologies

Let’s have a look and discover some back end technology examples.

Best Microservices Frameworks for Development

Today, the chief way for any business to reach out to its audience is via an application. Though there are various methods to make an app, why do you think 10% fail? As per CBInsights, 10% of startups fail due to a mistimed product.

Among the various other reasons, one is the slow development process! And this slow development process is encouraged by development tools that do not support developers in terms of speed. Solution? You guessed it right, microservices frameworks.

You see, the monolithic architecture used before slowed down the developers as the app was coded as one unit, top to bottom. The encapsulation of all the essential units of an app made it tough for developers to maintain, upgrade, and debug it. Hence, it led to slowing down and complications in the development process. However, microservices architecture has resolved all these issues.

As per stats, around 85% of the respondents from large organizations state that they use microservices. As the use of microservices is elevating and market competition is cut-throat, it is imperative for software developers to choose the best microservices framework.

Here in this article, we will highlight some of the best microservices frameworks for your business.

Top 10 Firebase Consulting Companies

In this article, we shall be reviewing the top companies that offer Firebase consulting services like Simplior, Bitcot, Blue Whale, and many others.  

The services of these companies are in high demand because businesses prefer cost-efficient Backend as a Service platform for managing apps rather than establishing their infrastructure from scratch.

Firebase is a cost-efficient and highly productive platform for developing cross-platform apps that modern businesses need.

Firebase Pros and Cons – Detailed Analysis

This article will explore Firebase’s pros and cons. It will detail benefits like accelerating app development and removing the infrastructure hassles of managing an app. It will also explain limitations like vendor lock-in and running only on the Google Cloud Platform.

Firebase, a Google product, is extremely popular amongst app developers across the globe as it provides them with a robust and feature-rich mobile app development platform.

App developers can use this platform to create highly sophisticated and versatile Android, iOS, and web applications.

The Google Firebase, a back-end platform for mobile application development, helps the developers to develop apps faster, release them in the market, track their performance, and engage with the users.

This reliable platform with numerous tools allows developers to create and scale apps according to demand.

Firebase provides access to all those services, which the developers have to otherwise create themselves for developing apps.

Access to all the services allows the developers to focus more on creating a highly engaging user experience.

The services of Google Firebase are cloud-based, allowing developers to scale up the app when such a demand rises quickly.

This article will comprehensively summarize the Firebase app development platform by analyzing pros and cons of this robust BaaS (Backend as a Service). vs Firebase | Which is the best?

This article will explore the differences and similarities between and Firebase. It will provide an overview of each provider, core features, and hosting options.

The open-source library, enables real-time bidirectional event-based communication, and works on every browser, device, and platform.

On the other hand, Firebase is a cloud service that has been creatively designed to power collaborative and real-time applications.

Both use Websockets, with their own js layer implementation. Socket.IO and Firebase belong to the ‘Realtime Backend/API’ category of tech stack.

However, there underlie several differences between the two, distinguishing one from the other. Keep reading to unfold more about Socket.IO and Firebase whilst understanding their features, pricing, and more.  

Azure vs Firebase – Which is the best?

This article will explore the differences and similarities between Azure vs Firebase. It will provide an overview of each platform, core features, and pricing structure.

As the cloud-based approach is outgrowing in popularity, more and more businesses are adopting it for their own use.

Cloud computing offers benefits for both businesses and end-users, similarly, to web-based email clients.

Several cloud hosting tools allow businesses to manage challenges and meet organisational goals, and Azure and Firebase are the most notable ones equipped with power-packed features.

Let us explore more about Azure and Firebase, their features, and pricing to understand the best tool for your business needs. 

Integrating Stripe with Back4App

Integrating Stripe with Back4App
Video Guide | Integrating Stripe With Back4app

The integration between platforms is fundamental when discussing and evaluating a backend solution to build your App in. Developers can take advantage of multiple platforms by using services that work together seamlessly and reliably.

With that in mind, back4app created Stripe Integration Week to help you sell to and charge your end users in a secure, fast, and reliable way. This series of videos is dedicated to guiding our users on integrating Stripe with back4app and making everything work seamlessly.

With a total of 5 videos, Alex “The Architect” will guide you through everything you need to know to so you can accept payments from your users and obtain important payment information directly from your back4app hosted App!

Stripe Integration | Video I

  • Installing the Stripe SDK locally
  • Creating a Customer
  • Listing all Customers
  • Retrieving a specific Customer

Stripe Integration | Video II

  • Understanding Payment Intents
  • Creating Payment Intents
  • Editing Payment Intents
  • Canceling Payment Intents

Stripe Integration | Video III

  • Confirming a Payment Intent

Stripe Integration | Video IV

  •  Creating an Invoice
  • Adding Invoice Line Items
  • Editing an Invoice
  • Paying an Invoice
  • Deleting an Invoice

Stripe Integration | Video V

  • Integrating with Back4App

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Top 10 Mistakes to Avoid Developing a Mobile App

More than 4.5 million applications are collectively accessible on both play stores, claims Statista. Surprisingly, roughly 80% of mobile applications are deleted after just one usage. Why? What is the secret to popularizing a mobile app and generating income? The reality, however, is in identifying the errors that lead to a mobile application’s failure, whether during the idea and design stage, development process, testing, or marketing of the application.

However, a deeper look at the android app development finds that a shockingly large proportion of apps are uninstalled after initial usage. The sheer competition of the digital economy is mainly responsible for this. As a result of the intense competition in the digital presence, many firms have chosen to create bespoke mobile applications throughout the years.

Unfortunately, they have been instructed to adopt their rivals’ procedures and include all their features. But in practice, it won’t do anything; instead, it will make the development process more difficult and weaken its grip on the market. Mobile applications have become more prevalent in offering a particular function for customers due to the worldwide increase of smartphones. It aids in expanding audience reach and seizing new business chances.

But is creating a mobile app as simple as we think? Not. It requires time, dedication, and flexibility to create a unique mobile application since so many new trends need to be considered and included. A customized mobile application helps companies expand their web presence and set up for the future.

But beyond competitiveness, there are several blunders mobile app developers make that discourage the success of their applications. You may adequately place your application to become the dependable source of revenue you have all the time wanted by avoiding these common mistakes throughout development.

After years of working with numerous developers and observing the business, we’ve recognized 10 of these blunders.

Top 10 Firebase App Development Companies

This article will explore ten of the best Firebase app development companies. The list will include names like Blue Whale, Bitcot, Simplior, etc.

Companies are increasingly using Backend as a Service (BaaS) infrastructure like Firebase rather than investing in expensive hardware to develop apps.

Firebase offers an efficient and highly productive way to create cross-platform apps without spending a huge amount of money on hardware that is required to make these apps.

GCP vs Firebase – Which is the best?

This article will compare the similarities and differences between GCP vs Firebase. It will cover the core features and pricing of each platform.

With a continuously evolving technology, users are expecting more and more in the applications. They want to attain more features and technology in the applications used.

Due to the increasing demand for feature-rich innovations, it was initially difficult for the app developers to meet the users’ expectations.

However, today, easier access to leading platforms has benefitted web apps, and developers, with feature-rich and innovative applications on the go.

Let us discuss the top two leading development solutions and how they differ from each other. Keep reading to discover the differences between Firebase vs GCP.

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