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What is a serverless backend?

What is a serverless backend?

A serverless backend is a platform that eliminates or decreases the need for developers to handle complicated and time-consuming backend server functions. It allows developers to focus on frontend functionality and UX. Examples of serverless backend are BaaS – Backend as a Service and FaaS -Function as a Service platforms.

Here is what you will find reading the article:

  • Why use a serverless backend?
  • Examples of serverless backend
  • Advantages & Disadvantages of a serverless backend

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How to Create a YouTube App Clone?

How to Create a YouTube App Clone?

All global businesses were startups one day. The good thing is, the technology they used to power their platforms is easily accessible to you.

The story of YouTube is also similar to when three former staff members of PayPal built a video sharing platform. The social media platform that was only having around 30,000 daily visitors in the beginning, has become the world’s biggest video hosting platform in 2021 with 2+ billion users.

The success story of YouTube inspires every individual who is either a developer or a non-coder and wants to make an app like YouTube. However, if you are also one who wants to build a YouTube-like app, then you must read our thorough guide about creating a YouTube app clone.

Have you ever thought about developing an app, which helps to share videos? If yes, check out the procedure to know how to make an app like YouTube.

Withal, it is vital to understand that creating an app is not child’s play. Surely, several factors like costs, server issues, putting together a team, project management problems, and such other matters become impediments in the way. Read this article to save your money and, at the same time, keep headaches at arm’s length while creating your mobile app project.

If you are thinking of taking a step ahead, find the 8 steps to make a YouTube app clone.

  • Note down your high-level goals.
  • Make a list of minimum features.
  • Create a sketch of your YouTube-like
  • Begin from a template.
  • Create the backend.
  • Generate code for the front end.
  • Seek user feedback.
  • Publish and promote your YouTube-like

Why make an app using a template?

Why make an app using a template?

Templates have been around for some time now. Templates refer to a pre-existing structure that can help you reduce the time for app creation. When it comes to mobile applications, templates can reduce the hassle and time to market for developing apps.

A few years ago, businesses mainly used templates for WordPress content and website designing. However, with the advent of smart mobile devices, the times have since changed. Users can notice a major spike in the number of new apps across the App Store or Google Play Store year after year. Today, apps have become the primary business for a majority of startups. On the other hand, skilled developers are every day more difficult to find, and app development costs are increasing pretty fast.

Therefore, there is a growing need for cheaper and faster development processes that do not compromise on the quality of the finished program. This is where app templates have proven their worth.

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How to Make an App Like Airbnb?

How to Make an App Like Airbnb?

You got it! Do you want to do something great? Something unique? Maybe creating the next multi-million dollar travel app? But,…

How to create an app like Airbnb?

The travel and tourism industry that enjoys consistent patronage in and out of season has embraced technology to enhance its operations. So, when the online travel industry emerged, it grew astronomically because it provides a useful service to a massive client base. For instance, travelers can now book through flight, accommodation, or vacation itineraries from the convenience of their homes. These types of applications have made the life of travelers more comfortable. It not surprising that these programs enjoy massive patronage.

 Airbnb is arguably the leading travel aggregator on earth today, thanks to the useful features and the effective management of the app.  The success of Airbnb has inspired many application developers who try to replicate the platform. If you have such an idea, this article will guide you through creating a mobile app like Airbnb

 We have broken down the steps you need to create your Airbnb app clone into ten simple steps. Follow this guide to create your app and save time and money in the process. Before we stand to analyze the procedure on how to create a vacation app line Airbnb, let’s take a brief overview of the company and the service they offer.

How to make an app like Uber?

How to make an app like Uber?

Do you want to do something great, something big, something unique? Have this amazing idea to create the next billion-dollar taxi pick-up app, but…

How to make an app like Uber? 

This article will provide practical lessons on how to create an Uber-like app. All the lessons mastered running a software development company for more than 10 years. Read all the aspects carefully because they will save you thousands of dollars in engineering hours.

Uber was one of the leading organizations to produce an app for taxi booking and rides. This novel idea from the organization drove many others to develop similar services. The main secret to Uber’s success is its handy, simple, and practical application.

If you wonder how to make an app like Uber, this article can point you in the right direction. Moreover, it enlists how other digital services can gain from Uber’s model of business, specifically the sharing economy.  Listed below are some of the agendas for the article.

  • Keep it simple and start with an MVP.
  • Don’t begin developing right away.
  • Start with a functional prototype first.
  • Strategies to follow when creating an app like Uber.
  • Unique aspects and tech stacks required for the app creation
  • Admin panel, driver app, and passenger app functionality for Uber-like apps.
  • How to develop an app like Uber and stick to the allotted budget.
  • Established revenue streams for such taxi-hailing applications.

Remember that your aim should not be to create an app that matches Uber’s application in all aspects. Instead, you must introduce unique features and useful ideas, lacking in Uber’s product.

How to Create an App Like Instagram?

How to Create an App Like Instagram?

Do you want to do something great? Something big? Something unique? Have this amazing idea for the next photo-sharing app, but…

How to create an app like Instagram?

If you want to know how to make an app like Instagram, listed below are a few pointers commonly associated with the development of a photo-sharing app. We will share practical lessons that will save you thousands of dollars in development costs. Mobile application development requires considerable forethought and planning. To ensure smooth development, you should focus on the work that lies ahead.

  1. Research the market to determine your target audience.
  2. Start with an MVP.
  3. Finalize the concept of your unique application and focus on how it differs from Instagram.
  4. Study the competing photo-sharing apps.
  5. Define factors, such as the scope, budget, goals, and technologies for the application.
  6. Come up with an eye-catching advertising and promotional strategy early on in the app development cycle.
  7. Establish a channel to communicate with app users so that you can receive feedback from them.
  8. Pick a reputed and responsible app development agency to create an Instagram-like photo-sharing application.
  9. Keep in mind that the development procedure involves designing, creating, testing, and launching the program in question.
  10. Monitor the competitors and evolve your application accordingly with bug fixes, updates, and functionalities.

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DigitalOcean vs Heroku | Which is better?

DigitalOcean vs Heroku | Which is better?

This article will discuss the core differences between DigitalOcean and Heroku. It will provide an overview of each platform, core features, advantages, and pricing structure. 

As technologies improve, cloud hosting has become almost essential for developers. This facility simplifies the deployment procedure for apps and programs, offering greater scalability and scope.

Digital Ocean and Heroku are two of the most popular cloud hosting service providers in the world today. If you are having trouble picking one, the following comparison may help you make the best choice. 

Before getting down to DigitalOcean vs. Heroku, you must first understand what these two are.

Locaweb Alternatives: Top 5 Providers

Locaweb Alternatives: Top 5 Providers

Web hosting is an excessively useful service, without which companies fail to make their websites accessible through the World Wide Web. Locaweb is a popular web hosting service provider that offers its products to thousands of IT businesses.

What is Locaweb?

Locaweb is a Brazilan-owned and operated brand. It provides IT services to consumers, mid and small level companies, and even corporate enterprises. With thousands of active clients, it is considered one of the most important web hosting service providers in the world.

If you need quality web hosting services, Locaweb offers a dependable solution for your brand. However, other than the web hosting opportunity, Locaweb also provides other services, such as domain registration, cloud computing resources, and virtual call center services.

Locaweb Services

To know more about the types of services offered by Locaweb, take a look below.

  • Web hosting – This is the primary operation of the company. Web hosting from Locaweb includes the hosting service, domain registration, and all other related services.
  • Outsourcing services – It also offers Datacenter infrastructure services, which include dedicated servers and cloud computing.
  • Communication – Locaweb provides virtual call center services alongside virtual PABX for companies that need the same.

However, Locaweb is not the only web hosting service provider on the planet. Many companies are searching for Locaweb alternatives. Listed below are some options open to you:

How to Create a WhatsApp Clone App?

How to Create a WhatsApp Clone App?

You got it! Do you want to make something great? Have a unique idea for the next billion-dollar messaging app and want to create a WhatsApp clone app?

How to Create a Messaging App Like WhatsApp?

Almost every smart device user today is using any type of messaging app. Many new ones are also coming up here and there.Well, you can cash in on the instant messaging app craze and make your own messaging app like the popular WhatsApp.

In this article, we shall walk you through the procedure of creating a chat application like WhatsApp and also try to analyze what it takes to get the app up and running. We will provide a WhatsApp similar application template so you can better understand how the app works.

Data from SimilarWeb, web analytics, and market intelligence company shows that apps in the messaging category have the highest number of downloads in over 180 countries.

Recent survey by Statista also shares around 2 billion users are utilizing WhatsApp every month. In the same token, WhatsApp also ranked at 2nd position among the most downloaded apps of 2020 according to Apptopia. Yes, WhatsApp was installed 600 million times globally in 2020.

The statistics authority website also forecasts that this number will continue to increase. This means that a third of the global population will be using IM apps by then.  Although there are myriads of messaging platforms that compete in the market, WhatsApp is the dominant IM app with more than 2 billion users.

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Netlify Alternatives: Top 5 Providers

Netlify Alternatives: Top 5 Providers

With numerous websites being created every day, the demand for efficient hosting is always greater. Netlify is one of the most popular websites offering serverless back-end and hosting options to website developers.

Netlify: Features, benefits, and pricing

As mentioned previously, Netlify is a hosting website equipped to handle modern tooling and production sites. Listed below are some features of the service.


  • Connect to your repository, add your build settings, and deploy your website.
  • Netlify allows clients to choose between three products, namely, Netlify Build, Netlify Dev, and Netlify Edge.
  • Netlify allows fast builds, ranging up to 3 builds in just a minute.
  • You can rollback updates with a single click
  • Form handling
  • Custom redirects and rewrites
  • Prerendering


  • Netlify build allows developers to use any integration while building websites. If changes to the site are necessary, you are free to create innumerable branches for these updates.
  • The Netlify portal has in-built SSL and DNS management certificates, which simplifies the launch procedure for your website.


Netlify offers a free tier for limited use. The Pro Plan starts at $19/mo, the Business Plan at $99/mo, and Enterprise plans under quotation. 

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