Azure vs Google Cloud

Azure vs Google Cloud

With the progress in all aspects of life, the internet and technology have also attained a huge amount of improvement. The cloud services are also such a demonstration of the progress and they provide all the computer-related services on the internet. They have made people free of the stress of buying and managing the servers rather provides them the opportunity to show more advancement in their work.

Cloud services have helped the online businesses in concentrating more on their performance and improve them and this is the reason the use of the cloud is increasing manifold in the modern world. The website and applications are also running successfully on the cloud system and it also ensures complete safety of all these applications.

Azure vs Google Cloud

All applications (web, mobile, IoT), which are being used by people worldwide, need a cloud system for them to run these applications. The success of all the famous mobile and laptop applications is possible because of their smooth functioning and management of their issues in time. This all technological functioning of them is being run by the cloud. Although various cloud systems are available in the market, we are going to analyze the two of them which are Azure and Google cloud.

Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure is an online cloud system, which gives users the opportunity of saving their data and managing and changing it according to the choice of the users. This Microsoft supports the various languages of the programs like Java and Node JS. 

It has the highest number of data centers, which are around 52 and work is going on for increasing them. Main services include the compute services like creating the virtual machines, management of the applications by cloud service, etc. Networking services include the express route which makes the connection with other services possible for the users and virtual network, which makes the interaction between the Azure services safe.

 The next service is the storage of data, which includes the option of the disk storage and the file storage and blob storage. Blob storage has the ability of the storage of the excessive amount of text messages. Azure’s important functions include the development of the new applications, and then provides users with the option of testing those applications and hosting them. For the storage of the data, virtual disk drives can also be developed in Azure, which are an addition to the virtual machines.

Benefits of the Azure

Check out some of the important benefits below.

Global Presence

Azure is present in all regions of the world. It has more the 52 regions worldwide. This helps to reduce the latency to the lower possible levels and spread out the application workload to multiple locations.

Proper management of the applications

The applications are being managed smoothly and quickly by the Azure. Users should not be worried about any interruption in the functioning of their application. Any issue related to the applications gets managed quickly.

Quick response

The deployment of the applications and any issues regarding the services of the Azure gets heard and fixed in time, which makes it more desirable than the rest of the cloud services.

Legal and financial compatible services

All the data which is being stored in this cloud system is according to the legal and financial rules and saves its users from any conflict. And it also provides complete security.

Updated versions

Azure ensures that all the versions of the applications are updated and according to the latest trend. This constant up-gradation also allows businesses to show progress and boost more quickly with time.

Disaster recovery

In the case of any mishap and trouble, it provides the recovery options which include the rolling reboots and the hot/cold standby modes. This makes it stand out, as it gives a sense of security to its users. 

Google Cloud Platform (GCP)

This cloud platform is being offered by Google. Its services can be availed by connecting to the IT administrators and those working in the administrative sectors of the Google cloud, through the public internet. 

The services which are being provided by it include the storage of the data, designing and functioning of the application, networking, and the internet of the things. Google cloud also gives security to the data and provides development of the applications. The major products of the Google cloud include Google computer engine, Google app engine, Google cloud storage, and Google container engine. 

Google cloud enables applications to run actively and Google cloud sub causes the exchange of the messages between the applications. It also offers high-level services, in which training of the machines through the cloud machine learning engine is possible.

Benefits of the Google cloud platform

Google cloud is economical

Google Cloud is offering its services at a very reasonable price. The less cost of the provision of its services makes it possible for the users to easily avail the required needs of their task. It offers the different packages of its prices according to the services. But even after adopting the one service and subscribing for it, people have the choice to change their package of the pricing.

Shows efficient performance

Google cloud is quite fast in its functioning. People can access their data and applications from any location and can manage their functions accordingly. The speed of the deliverance of the required tasks remains fast and it does not decrease even if many people access the website at the same time.

Private networking

Google has a private network for its functioning. So, it keeps a complete hold on its functioning and it gives people the high quality of the performance. The use of fiber optics further increments its efficiency.

Provides security to the users

Google cloud ensures its clients about the safety of their data. It avoids any misuse of the data and also has professionals which keep a check on its security system and also keep updating it with the need of the time.

Final thoughts

Both of the cloud services Google cloud and Azure provide the services of the storage of the data, efficient working of the applications, maintaining and monitoring them. They also provide the needed security for mobile and web applications. The above-mentioned detail provides an overview of their functioning and one can select the cloud platform according to his preferences.

What is Azure?

Azure it’s Microsoft’s cloud platform. It has around 52 regions around the world and operate a broad range of services like computing, storage, and more.

What is Google Cloud?

Google Cloud Platform of GCP is a IaaS – Infrastructure as a Service. It provides services like computer engine, data storage, and more. It’s deeply integrated with other Google products like app engine and container engine.

What are the benefits of Azure?

– Large quantity of regions available
– Disaster recovery
– Enterprise Security

What are the benefits of Google Cloud?

– Better pricing
– Efficient performance
– Security

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