Elastic Beanstalk vs Platform.sh Comparison

Scalability and flexible development have become essential with ever-increasing requirements from websites and web apps.

It is also essential for developers to offer robust development and infrastructure management to keep up with the website’s features and performance requirements.

While developing everything from scratch is not efficient at all, some platforms provide their Platform as a Service for developing modern applications.

Elastic Beanstalk from AWS and Platform.sh bring such functionalities. While selecting one of them can be tricky, here we will elaborate on both so that you can decide.

Elastic Beanstalk Overview

When you select AWS backend for your website, Elastic Beanstalk will be the fastest and easiest way to get your website running.

Developing and running an application here does not require much effort from your end, and you only need to upload the application code. Meanwhile, Elastic Beanstalk will take care of:

  • Resource provisioning
  • Scalability
  • Load balancing
  • Performance monitoring, etc.

With all of these features provided with PaaS, a developer’s efforts reduce a lot as it can easily support different websites and their features that millions of users will use.

Besides the basic features, Elastic Beanstalk has easy connectivity with other tools and services from AWS, including its top-notch support.

Elastic Beanstalk Features

Elastic Beanstalk brings many features, and here are some of the most effective ones for your website development experience.

Application monitoring

Using Elastic Beanstalk means that you will have a unified user interface that you can use to monitor your application’s health.

Here you can get data based on more than 40 key factors that will effectively measure every aspect of your application’s health. The best part is that you will be monitoring all the metrics under one UI here.

Performance and Updates

When you integrate it with CloudWatch from Amazon and X-Rays from AWS, you can add monitoring dashboards for technical performance that provides insights about the following:

  • Latency
  • Response codes
  • CPU utilization

It also provides notifications about those insights. Additionally, Beanstalk provides the latest updates with its managed platform making an immutable development environment. Safety is also an additional feature you can enjoy here.

Automatic Scaling

The top-notch load balancing techniques with automatic scaling features help you scale your application whenever needed.

Everything is happened automatically as per the specific needs of your application. Thus, the reliability and availability of your application increase with Elastic Beanstalk.

Features Customization

Elastic Beanstalk is compliant with different AWS resources, and you have the choice to use it with any one that you like.

In this way, you can always have full control over the features of your application, whether the features are simple ones are complex.

The management capabilities also help you seamlessly manage all the elements under your infrastructure.

Elastic Beanstalk Pricing

There is no pricing information provided about Elastic Beanstalk on the official website. However, it is mentioned that it is a free service when paying for other AWS resources, including S3 buckets or EC2.

This way, you can enjoy a complete package of tools, resources, and services to run your web application.

One of the best things here is that you only have to pay for the stuff you are using, and there are no upfront commitments or minimum fee limits. So, you will only be paying for your website’s resources.

Platform.sh Overview

Platform.sh is your Platform as a Service(PaaS) that is made to simplify your application development experience.

It helps you focus on your website’s core requirements and fictionalities instead of working on DevOps. This way, it enhances the overall experience your users will have with your website.

With Platform.sh you will never need to work on security and infrastructure management as all of these come as managed services with many other features.

As it runs on a cloud-based platform, developing and managing different websites on this platform means that everything will be on the same page.

Platform.sh Features

The following are some of the best features you can entail at Platform.sh

Unified development experience

Platform.sh allows you to unify your development silos. This way, you can instantly close any Git branch, which will help you test different features on production. It also allows for rapid deployment and updates to keep everything on track.

Consistent development without infrastructure management

Platform.sh comes with an automated development environment that is stable and offers a consistent workflow.

So, here you can develop your website by enjoying the automated features without any need to manage your infrastructure.

Overall System Security

Whatever you develop here, you are developing on a single and globally available and secure cloud infrastructure.

So, Platform.sh is your PaaS that can bring all the features you need in your website regarding different industries while keeping everything pretty simple.

Language and Framework Flexibility

Platform.sh does not restrict you to specific frameworks or languages. It is flexible as it supports PHP, Java, Python, Golang, Node.js, Ruby, WordPress, Django, React, Angular, and Drupal.

Thus, you are pretty flexible with mixing and matching different languages, frameworks, and microservices within one project for a better product with a better experience.

Platform.sh Pricing

Regarding the price comparison between these two platforms, Platform.sh might win. It comes with very low pricing plans that everyone can afford easily. The service plans here are divided into 3 plans:

  • Professional
  • Enterprise
  • Elite

The professional plan is the most basic one, and it also comes with a 30-day trial period for free without even using your credit card.

The development services in the Professional plan start at $10, but you do not get any resource guarantee here.

More expensive packages are also available here that can be tailor-made to meet your requirements upon contacting the Platform.sh team.

Platform.sh vs Elastic Beanstalk Comparison

Elastic BeanstalkPlatform.sh
OverviewPlatform for deploying and scaling web applicationsĀ Platform to develop, deploy, host web applications.
Year launched20102011
Parent companyIndependent
(Series D)
Free tier30 days free trialThe service is free and the user pay for the underlying resources.
Pricing structureProfessional – $10/mo and up
Enterprise – Contact vendor
Elite – Contact vendor
The service is free and the user pay for the underlying resources.
Core featuresDev tools
Featured clientsMentos
British Council
GE Oil & Gas


Elastic Beanstalk and Platform.sh offer top-notch services with all the necessary features at competitive pricing.

When narrowing down to one of these, you can check which one meets your requirements in the best manner.

That will be the platform you want to choose, providing a better experience and a well-performing web app.

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