The 12 Emerging Web Development Trends You Must Know About

The newest web development trends involve more efficient chatbots. VEO. accelerated mobile pages, faster web apps, motion UI & serverless applications

Web development is a work that makes websites attractive and user-friendly. The trend of web development is evolving rapidly with the onset of new technologies. In this article, we will look into the top trends of web development that you should follow in 2020.

The functionality and attraction of a website depend on the adeptness of web development and design. A well-developed web page is bound to increase user interaction and help you with management. 

We did our fair share of market research to bring you the top 12 web development trends of this year.

1. Responsive Web Design

Responsive web design lets the user respond and interact with your web page depending on their platform, device, and accessibility. 

The web design uses grids and layouts as per the CSS Queries. 

The responsive website system can switch from different interfaces like PC, mobile, tablet, or notebook.

The company Neon Rain Interactive creates these responsive web designs which allow it to create an adjustable screen and image resolutions.

The screen adjustments are done to ease the transition from portrait to landscape modes. 

The use of fluid grids and image layouts will enable the website to adjust to any shape of the screen.

CSS max-width can easily adjust images. If the maximum width of an image is 100% then the image will adjust to the narrow or wide screens. 

The code max-width does not work with I.e. The resolution and download time is the main concern with image change. Overall responsive web design enhances the user’s experience.

2. Chatbots For Your Queries

A chatbot is a program that collects data and mimics human speech patterns by using artificial intelligence. It works through machine learning, deep learning, and language processing. The first-ever chatbot was created by Michael Mauldin in 1994. 

He used the software Verbot or Verbal bot. Now a plethora of bots is used called talkbot, intelligentbot, IMbot, talking bot, interactive agent, virtual talk chatbot, etc.

There are chatbots for businesses called Answer bot. These are specialized in answering client questions.

Other popular chatbots include Replika, Poncho, Insomno, and Dr. A.I. Replika mimics a person’s speech patterns and behavior. 

It then behaves and talks mimicking the person. Poncho is a weather chatbot that lets you know about the weather and Insomno will talk to help you sleep if you suffer from insomnia.

By incorporating AI chatbots, you can manage a greater extent of client interaction. It is predicted that over 70% of future businesses will use AI chatbot to interact with customers.

3. Accelerated Mobile Pages With Enhanced Load Speeds

Accelerated mobile pages are otherwise called AMPs. These use open-sourced HTML frameworks. This was first created by Google in 2015. 

This system is supposed to make the user experience on PC similar to mobiles. This project was launched by Google and Twitter to make websites faster on mobile.

The AMPs are slimmer versions of the usual HTML. This enables them to load websites faster. It is a system where the data are all cached and videos, images are not loaded until they are viewed on-screen.

If you link your domain with the stripped version of HTML, it will be designed to be faster. 

You will still be able to post advertisements and you can use AdSense, Outbrain, Analytics, and Omniture as advert trackers.

Nowadays most people use mobile apps to shop or visit websites. If the pages don’t load faster, the user may lose interest. 

In an online shop, this problem may cost a lot in terms of profit. But AMPs can decrease lag by 15%- 25%. That is why APMs have become extremely popular over the years.

4. Voice Search Engines And Tools

Speech recognition technology is becoming more popular and convenient to use. It can recognize the letters as phones and phonemes. 

These phones and phonemes are later put together as a context that the engine uses to search. 

Here, phones are the letters and phonemes are blocks of sounds. A definite set of algorithms are used to solve the speech recognition problem.

The voice search phenomenon started in the 1960s with the IBM shoebox. Then it gradually evolved into better versions such as Bing, Cortana, Alexa, Google Assistant, Amazon Echo, and Google duplex. 

People are increasingly using the voice search option for work. Tables can be booked at restaurants and phone calls can be made just by speaking over voice search.

It is important to incorporate the voice search method on your website to keep up with the present time. Visitors may soon become uninterested in typing their requirements on websites. 

It is also estimated that by 2025, 75% of searches will be made by voice search.

People working with SEO and affiliate marketing are also aware of this and are changing their optimization strategies to be vocal and sound friendly.

5. Motion UI To Increase Dwell Time

Motion UI basically means a motion user interface. It is a library of transition effects that can be used on apps to make them more attractive and user-friendly. It uses CSS to use the transition effects. 

There are a bunch of effects available in motion UI. These are slide effect, fading, hinging, and spinning effect. 

You can put these effects on overlays, modals, and even off-canvas menus. Animation and series animation is also available with motion UI.

Animations are created with the same effects as transitions. These are made with MUIi animation and can be used to make better animations for your website.

Motion UI will make your websites more engaging and attractive. It will also enable one to interact with the user. 

The user can click some tabs and view the animations or effects. You can utilize your information and design.

This increases the dwell time of your website to a great extent which is why a lot of big companies are using it nowadays.

6. User Friendly Single-page Applications

Single-page applications are apps that can operate with only a single page uploaded on the browser. The contents of the single page are written creatively to make this happen. 

This prevents pre-rendered pages from loading from the server. The lag time is reduced in case of page loading by single-page applications or SPA.

The later interactions are done in AJAX and JSON files. In this case, the client is the one to transfer data and not the server. 

The application uses the data of the JSON file to reload the page. The HTML file comes with the end-tag .js that turns it into the JSON file.

Time and bandwidth are saved through SPA and this diminishes lag time. It is more suitable for mobile devices. It improves the quality of user experience over slow internet. 

Here the client and server can be independent since the design of the HTML can be changed without changing the app layout. 

The SPA is easy to deploy and is a good option for mobile web developments.

7. Automation Testing For Accurate Development

It is a type of test that allows you to know about the product you are launching. It helps determine the deployment status.

Automation test helps development teams learn the status of other tests and compare them to improve theirs. 

This can reduce software development costs by up to 20%. It can also reduce the cycle of test time.

Automation testing uses a framework that is common for test tools. The common styles of testing include data-driven and keyword-driven framework. There are two types of testing. 

These are linear testing and modular testing. 

The linear testing script is not reusable but requires little planning. Modular testing requires more time to set up.

Some automation testing tools that are open-sourced include Selenium, Cypress, and Robotium. Robotium can help you test the user acceptance, system, and function of the software. 

Selenium and Cypress work within browses to test parameters and end to end integration, respectively.

Automation testing can give you software with better functions, accuracy, coverage, bug detection, and reusability.

8. JavaScript Framework

JavaScript framework is a system of pre-coded programs that you can use readily for your websites.  

JavaScript is a well-renowned coding language with extensive usage. The frameworks are a collection of libraries that provide codes in JS. 

These are frameworks to design a web page around. The frameworks can be used for different features.

The JavaScript frameworks are arranged in the form of templates.  The frameworks will enable you to build websites with perfect and clean codes.

Some frameworks will allow incremental use and others will be more obscure. Some popular frameworks are Vue, Angular, and React.

Vue uses a syntax of HTML that will help you create web pages with basic HTML. 

React is similar to Vue with incremental usage available. Angular is harder to learn. You can use any of these three or choose from the libraries of the JavaScript framework.

9. Serverless Applications 

Serverless applications use a specific algorithm that allows it to work without a server. It is a part of cloud computing. The idea is to use cloud computing to work with the consumption of machine resources other than the server.

The Serverless application architecture differs from the monolithic architecture of general apps.  The Serverless architecture operates with the same basic interface of general apps. 

The user authentication is operated by AWS Cognito which is a BaaS service. AWS API is also available to use as a Serverless option. 

AWS Lambda runs functions in parallel to each other, which are scaled. This can run with AWS Dynamo DB, which is a NoSQL BaaS database.

These functions drastically improve scaling and managing. The security and availability are upgraded as well. Production cost is also lower in Serverless applications. The written code only depends on the logic of the app.

Besides, AWS, Google Firebase, Google Cloud, and Azure by Microsoft are also viable for Serverless applications. A lot of people think that AWS and Google Firebase are the same, but there are differences when it comes to AWS vs. Google Firebase.

For instance, AWS uses open-source frameworks whereas Firebase uses proprietary technology. They also connect to different repositories.

10. Blockchain Technology

Blockchain is an open-sourced e-ledger that is based on peer-to-peer encryption.  Every time data is added, it merges with the previous ones like a chain. The peer-to-peer technology allows greater security.

Blockchain technology is still evolving. The enterprises that use this technology are coming up with new protocols to improve the scalability and transaction coverage. 

You can develop your own blockchain technology that is exempt from bugs and faults.

There are differences in a public and private blockchain. De Beers, DLT, Wal-Mart are some of the major companies that use the blockchain method of data entry.

11. Internet of things (IoT)

The internet of things is a method of connecting many devices through an internet connection.

The devices are connected by sensors embedded within them on an internet platform. The data collected through the devices are also integrated between them to analyze customer behavior, sales, and supply chain.

The IoT can be connected to an array of smart devices. Smart televisions are a basic example.

The IoT can integrate your house with an automated security system. it can connect the fridge, microwave, and other appliances to your phone so you can control them remotely.

In the outside world, the IoT can integrate security alarms, cameras, traffic lights, and all other technology that can connect to the internet. 

The 5G network system that is starting this year will put much emphasis on IoT. With IoT being integrated with mobile apps, it has become one of the top mobile app trends of 2020.

12. Push-notifications

Push notifications are one of the hottest trends of 2020. Many apps and websites are using them. These work with OSPNS. 

The individual mobile companies have their unique system of using it. The way push notifications work is given below.

The app publisher and the users’ device regulate push notifications. The app publisher has to register with the OS service for push notifications. 

The app publisher then adapts the API and SDK code with the app. This completes the process to enable push notifications. Here, API stands for an application programming interface.

When a user downloads the app, the unique identifiers of the app and device are noted in the OS service. The OS service also sends these connections to the app maker. 

The makers can decide on the push notifications they send and the time of it as well.

Push notifications allow sending messages to the user in a short and effective way. These have been linked with large interaction and website visits by users.

Final Thoughts

Every year there are changes in the field of websites and web development. And because of all the trends we talked about here, 2020 looks very promising. To keep up with the change it is best for business and tech companies all around to adapt to these trends and further enhance them.


What are the emerging trends in web development?

– Responsive Web Design
– Chatbots For Your Queries
– Accelerated Mobile Pages With Enhanced Load Speeds
– Voice Search Engines And Tools
– Motion UI To Increase Dwell Time
– User Friendly Single-page Applications
– Automation Testing For Accurate Development
– JavaScript Framework
– Serverless Applications 
– Blockchain Technology
– Internet of things (IoT)
– Push-notifications

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