Engine Yard vs Railway.app Comparison

Cloud technology has now been shown to be quite successful for businesses in the long run. It has simply altered the structure of how organizations operate in order to improve their future prospects.

Both innovations and benefits might be observed in the form of better data management and more agile business processes.

Solutions for cloud computing have always relied on a variety of Platform as a Service (PaaS) capabilities, but the two most important ones that cannot be overlooked are Engine Yard and Railway. 

Choosing one of these will surely help you improve your business and achieve better outcomes over time.

The Engine Yard versus Railway debate isn’t over, but the factors listed below can always help you pick the best one for your needs. Both of these are considered as the two most feature-rich and popular PaaS offerings for businesses. Many business owners find them to be effective in their respective ways. 

Engine Yard Overview

Engine Yard is a PaaS company that focuses on customizing, optimizing, and distributing cloud-based apps. It is a powerful platform for large and small-scale cloud installations.

Its features include congestion control, duplication, archiving, and database replication. Engine Yard is appealing to cloud application designers and builders for a variety of reasons, including autonomous connectivity, management, and consciousness.

For optimal performance, the platform relies on four system languages: Java, Ruby on Rails, Node.js, and PHP. The features offered by this provider are in high demand at businesses around the world today. 

Features of Engine Yard

Engine Yard’s capabilities are designed to generate new chances for both new and old, major and small enterprises. Continue reading to learn more about them. 

  • Automatic Scaling and Maintaining an Optimized, Up-to-Date Environment Around the Clock  
  • Control Costs and Improve Performance – Engine Yard excels at auto-scaling promptly and efficiently based on increasing application performance and demand. It also assists you in smoothly and simply optimizing resource use as you grow
  • Intelligence Infrastructure Optimization: Engine Yard has created massively scalable stacks for all apps, enhancing quality, giving shorter start times, and increasing scalability
  • Engine Yard is a solution that constantly and effectively refreshes your environments to comply with new industry releases for the most recent stack and stability patch updates
  • Faster app deployment, improved performance, and security

Engine Yard handles all administrative overhead for you effectively and efficiently. 

  • From Code to Production – When working on your app with Engine Yard, just write your code, make adjustments as needed, and press the remote connection. The tool will then examine and interpret your code, construct containers, and operate them on Kubernetes clusters automatically. 
  • No Sudden Drops in Performance – You receive a dedicated AWS account and a series of VPCs to protect yourself from the tumultuous environment around you. The functionality is completely internal, secure, and configurable. 
  • Continuous Deployment – It enables smooth connectivity of your deployment pipelines while enhancing availability with rolling deployments – with no downtime or performance reduction. 

Pricing of Engine Yard

Engine Yard’s pricing is linear and clear, making scaling relatively easy for organizations. You do not need to be concerned about scaling as a business owner. Continue reading to learn about the cost. 

  • Basic – $150 per instance, monthly
  • Premium – $300 per instance, monthly
  • Platinum – $450 per instance, monthly

Railway Overview

Railway is a PaaS that provides a comprehensive tool for developing and deploying projects to the cloud backend. Railway manages everything else and just needs code from your side. 

It is an architectural platform that is not limited to any one sort of project since its cloud backend enables both small and large projects.

Railway offers a versatile experience by allowing you to start using your current repository while also giving you the option to begin with a theme here.

It provides technology that can add functionality to your app via plugins because each project has various requirements that require different plugins. 

Features of Railway

Railway has 3 main useful features that can undoubtedly help your business grow. Read on to learn about the features in detail. 

  • Connect to any of the terminals

Railway CLI allows you to link your entire infrastructure and environment to any terminal. The best aspect is that Railway maintains it all in one place, making it easy to manage things for your team. 

  • Microservices-Based Infrastructure

The infrastructure here is centered on the microservice requirements of your project, and everything scales with them. You may add a database, cron job, or any other web service as needed by the program. These will grow as your Railway application grows.

  • Automatic builds and instant deployment

It delivers quick deployment services that offer high security, regardless of the project. As you iterate on your projects, the process will speed up. 

Railway Pricing

Railway has the advantage of using a pay-as-you-go pricing model, so you are only charged for the resources you use.

So, here are some useful resources and their costs – Railway charges $20 per 1 CPU per month for vCPU and$10 per 1 GB per month for RAM.

These resources include support from the community, storage capacity, pooled projects, and other functions. Railway also offers a free Starter trial package, a Developer plan for $5 per month, and a Team bundle for $20 per seat. 

Railway.app vs Engine Yard Comparison

 Engine YardRailway
Parent CompanyCrossover Independent
(Series A
Year Launched2006 2020 
Free TierNo Yes 
PricingPay-as-you-go Pay-as-you-go 
Core FeaturesAlways up-to-date
Deploys apps faster 
Easy troubleshooting 
Scales automatically 
Automatic builds Instant deployments 
Connects to any terminal Maintains every function in one place 
Featured Customers3PlayMedia


Now that you know about the two most advanced cloud computing tools, you can easily choose which one would be ideal for your business.

You should consider going through all the above-mentioned aspects before concluding. Make sure your decision is wise enough to support your business through its potentially rising scalability demands.


What is Engine Yard?

PaaS platform focused on the Ruby on Rails technology.

What is Railway.app?

PaaS platform made for multiple programming languages.

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