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With Mobile device usage growing by leaps and bounds across the globe, mobile apps are making headway in business mainstream to help businesses achieve their CRM goals and sales objectives. A study recently conducted by one of the world’s leading statistics portals Statista reveals that mobile app downloads are likely to reach 129 billion in 2020. The study further states that the number is expected to increase to 161 billion by 2023. The figures are enough to prove that mobile applications are finding their usage across industries throughout the globe. 

In this post, we will shed light on the factors driving the growth of mobile usage and also elucidate why a mobile CRM strategy is important for taking your business to the next level. 

Mobile CRM application, also known as Mobile Customer Relationship Management, is a CRM platform devised for handheld devices, such as smartphones, tablets, and other internet-enabled devices. In simple words, Mobile CRM is the mobile version of your web-based CRM software that can be accessed on the go from a tablet, smartphone, or laptop to access dashboards, open or share files, update contacts or leads, and plan using an inbuilt calendar. 

Why is Mobile CRM App Better than Web-based CRM?

A web-based CRM software has its limitations and is not as convenient as a mobile CRM. Here are some of the reasons why the mobile CRM app is considered better than web-based CRM.

  • Though mobile CRM software delivers all the functionalities of a web-based CRM, it comes with the added advantage of on-the-go access by means of cloud computing technology.
  • Unlike web-based CRM, mobile CRM software allows you to run your business from your smartphone.
  • A mobile CRM software helps your sales reps work from anywhere without the least restriction. It also enables your field sales reps to access real-time client data while they are out in the fields for meeting potential clients.
  • Mobile CRM software offers a user-friendly interface that can be accessed anytime, anywhere. It comes with useful tools to help you automate your workflow and manage healthy customer relations for retaining your customers. Additionally, the best mobile CRM also comes with robust inbuilt security features such as VPN requirements and multi-factor authentication.

Considering the factors mentioned above, forward-thinking businesses are allowing their sales reps to access customer data via a mobile CRM app so that they can excel in the sales territory besides building a strong rapport with potential as well as existing customers.

Benefits of Using Mobile CRM App

A mobile CRM app offers myriad benefits, such as enhancing team synergy, workflow automation, sales call tracking, round the clock access to client/sales information, data agility, and much more. It not only helps your sales force to achieve their sales targets but also adds to your business revenue. Mobile CRM apps are also highly flexible and customizable. Besides streamlining workflow, they allow you to view business opportunities, gain useful insights, and stay informed across channels. Below are some of the many benefits of investing in a mobile CRM application:

  • Access Data On the Go: Mobile CRM applications make it easy to access important data on the go. It is the ideal way for multitasking entrepreneurs who love undertaking multiple tasks at a time.
  • Customer Service: Mobile CRM software enables you to provide your customers with high-quality customer care services. With a high-performance mobile sales application, you can assure your customers that their issues will be addressed to and resolved by customer care agents on time. Since the mobile CRM app stores all your customer-related data, it enables your team to evaluate the requirements and expectations of your customers at the right time.

The software also allows your team to personalize customer service based on your customers’ prior interactions with your company. Moreover, since the agents have access to customer data related to the issue of the customer, it makes customer interaction smoother, besides making the process of issue resolution quicker and more effective. All this enhances client satisfaction besides ensuring customer loyalty.

  • Boosts Customer Retention: Mobile CRM app is a robust customer retention tool. If used collaboratively between your sales team and client service team, it can significantly boost customer retention rates. It helps your team identify your satisfied customers as well as at-risk customers so that you can take measures to reinforce the bond with the former and deliver an outstanding experience to salvage the relationship with the latter.
  • Activity Management: Mobile CRM software comes with impressive features such as calendars to help you and your team schedule meetings, create reminders and tasks to remember important dates, prioritize tasks, and coordinate events to ensure your clients are contacted on time. Thus it allows your team to focus on important activities. With an efficient mobile CRM app, you can also track the movements of your sales reps and enable them to prepare their daily, weekly, or monthly reports with ease. Since the process of generating reports is automated, it takes only a few taps on their mobile device to inform you and other departments of your company what sales are currently in progress and the number of sales transactions that have been closed during the week or month.
  • Boosts Productivity: A mobile CRM application stores all the details related to product and price, thus, relieving your salesforce from performing monotonous admin tasks. It minimizes and even eliminates the repetitive and time-consuming manual tasks that yield insignificant profitability. Consequently, your sales team gets more time to focus on activities that nurture customer relationships and maximize sales results.

Considering the factors mentioned above, we can conclude that deploying a robust mobile CRM app is the need of the hour as it keeps relationships moving forwards and besides keeping everyone on the same page. If you want to make collaboration between your salesforce in the fields and your team at the office smooth with real-time notifications, you should consider investing in a feature-packed mobile CRM software right away.

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