Building a no-code recipes app with ChatGPT

Imagine creating a functional application without diving into code lines or any prior software development knowledge.

Sounds impossible, right? Not anymore. Thanks to platforms like ChatGPT with Back4app integration, this dream is a reality.

This blog post will give developers an insight into how these platforms interact and can be used together to create an application.

Overview about ChatGPT

ChatGPT, a variant of OpenAI’s GPT-4 model, is a powerful language model capable of performing various tasks, including generating human-like text.

It’s not just a conversational agent; its potential extends to acting as a backend for applications, integrating with plugins, and making complex operations simplified for the end-user.

Overview about Back4app

Back4app is a scalable backend platform offering features like databases, cloud functions, and real-time updates. It’s designed to help developers build apps faster without managing infrastructure.

And now, with its integration with ChatGPT, even non-developers can set up and manage apps seamlessly.

How to create a recipes application with ChatGPT?

Please watch this video for a comprehensive tutorial on how to create a recipes app using ChatGPT.

The fusion of ChatGPT with the Back4app plugin makes the process almost intuitive:

  • Initialization: Begin with the ChatGPT interface, selecting the GPT-4 model, and enabling the Back4app plugin.
  • Command the Creation: A simple prompt, such as “please create a new app in Back4app named ‘Recipes App'”, will initiate the app creation process.
  • Data Structures: Define what you want in your app. For instance, in a recipes app, you might want two main classes: recipes and ingredients. You can even specify relationships, like allowing different ingredients for various recipes.
  • Adding Content: Once the data structure is set, you can add content. For example, to add a chocolate chip cookies recipe, prompt “store in this app a cookies recipe.” ChatGPT, with Back4app integration, will handle the operations and store the data.
  • Fetching Data: Not only can you store data, but you can also retrieve it. If you want to see the cookies recipe, you can simply ask ChatGPT, and it’ll fetch it for you.


The era of no-code applications is not coming; it’s already here. Integrations like ChatGPT and Back4app are revolutionizing the way we approach software development.

For developers, this means a new tool in their arsenal. And for those without traditional development knowledge, this means empowerment.

The horizon of what’s possible in the tech world is continuously expanding, and with tools like these, everyone gets to be a part of this exciting journey.


How to build a recipes app with ChatGPT?

– Initialization: Begin in ChatGPT, selecting the GPT-4 model and enabling the Back4app plugin for a seamless integration process, preparing the platform.
App Creation: Prompt ChatGPT with “create a new app in Back4app named ‘Recipes App’,” initiating the no-code app setup on Back4app.
Define Structures: Direct ChatGPT to structure the app with classes like recipes and ingredients, and detail interrelationships for diverse recipes.
Content Addition: Directly ask ChatGPT to store specific recipes, e.g., “store a cookies recipe,” and it’ll handle data storage via Back4app.
Data Retrieval: Use ChatGPT to fetch stored recipes, asking, for instance, “retrieve the cookies recipe,” and view data effortlessly.

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