Top 10 Server Side Hosting Providers

This article will explore ten of the best server side hosting providers. The list includes Back4App, Firebase, Kinvey, Backendless, etc.

The emergence of mobile server-side hosting services has enhanced the process of mobile app development in several ways. This article takes a brief overview of the leading server-side hosting providers today. 

Introducing Backend as a Service

Backend as a Service, commonly called BaaS is a server-side hosting solution that empowers developers to build apps without meddling with frameworks or server-side management.

Most of the BaaS providers out there offer a complete package containing frameworks and templates for building mobile apps. Developers love BaaS platforms because it simplifies development assignments and expedite project delivery.

Basic Features of Server-Side Hosting Services

Server-side hosting companies have myriads of features. However, the most basic features are authentication, notifications, storage, APIs, and database.

Top ten mobile app server-side hosting providers

While the companies below provide different types of backend services, all of them are excellent for your server-side hosting providers.  Let’s quickly review the top options in the world today.

Let‘s review each of these server-side hosting providers one by one.


This server-side hosting solution is easy to use.  It helps developers build apps faster without meddling with server hassles.  Here are some of the top reasons why you would want to use Back4app’s server-side hosting solution.

  • Offers dedicated servers
  • An open-source platform with no vendor lock-in.
  • Provides relational database
  • User-friendly features.


Kinvey is an excellent platform for building apps. It has all the features you need to develop and maintain business apps. Kinvey is a reliable backend option with top-notch features for managing app development assignments efficiently. 

AWS Amplify

AWS Amplify offers a plethora of JavaScripts for creating a reliable backend that is built on AWS services. Developers can take advantage of several cloud operations available on the AWS dashboard. 

On the surface, AWS looks like a platform for running scrips, but the features are amazing and better than some of the top backend providers in some cases. 


Firebase is one of the top server-side hosting providers that offer a suite of excellent services like scalable hosting, analytics, real-time database, and lots more. 


Kumulos is relatively new in the backend hosting service arena. It stands apart for its clean interface that can build apps for almost any platform.  This platform supports a massive number of SDKs that allow it to develop apps for any platform .conceivable. For instance, Kumulos can build apps for Android, iOS, Unity, Windows, Mac, PhoneGap, and Cordova


Backend less is a popular platform because of it’s novel app development features.  With this platform, developers don’t have to worry about managing infrastructure or writing codes. Backendless offers a UI interface for app development. 

Azure Mobile Apps

Azure is a Microsoft-owned platform that is well-known for its suite of integrative services. Here are some of the features that make Azure an excellent server-side hosting provider. 

  • Cross-platform development: Platform users can communicate with one another and build apps for Windows, iOS, Android, and MacOS.
  • Faster development: Offers features that expedite app development assignments so developers can deploy apps faster.

Digital Ocean

Digital Ocean is a Platform as a Service that enables developers to launch servers for app development quicker and without hassles.  Digital Ocean is open source and provides a marketplace for accessing useful services, tools, and components for app development. Digital Ocean is a versatile platform for backend hosting and much more. 


This is a Salesforce-owned Platform as a Service. It helps accelerate development assignments by providing servers and handling the ongoing management. Heroku is widely used by companies for hosting business applications and mobile apps.


Several useful features of Linode make it attractive for server-side hosting. This provider offers Linux-based high-performance and secure VPS servers. Sicne Android base code is based on Linux., Linode can offer better performance by providing Linux servers.  Developers that work on Linux machines love Linode server-side hosting services.


This article made a quick overview of the top ten server-side hosting companies in the world today. You can appreciate the features of the companies listed here and the benefits they offer to developers and businesses. 


What is a BaaS?

BaaS refers to Backend as a Service.These are platforms that offer tools and resources for app development without the extra hassles of managing backends and infrastructure.  Most BaaS companies offer frameworks and templates you can edit to build apps. The services of BaaS companies help developers build apps faster. 

What are the main features of server-side hosting?

Most server-side hosting companies offer authentication, notification, storage and APIs.

What are the ten of the best server-side hosting providers?

– Back4app
– AWS Amplify 
– Kumulos
– Linode
– Digital Ocean
– Azure Mobile Apps 
– Kinvey
– Firebase
– Backendless
– Heroku 

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