Streamlining JSON Array Storage in Back4App

The ability to store and retrieve structured data in the form of JSON arrays is a fundamental requirement for modern application development.

For developers working with Back4App, understanding how to efficiently store JSON arrays can significantly enhance data manipulation and retrieval processes within their apps.

This blog post is dedicated to guiding developers through the process of storing JSON arrays in a Back4App database, ensuring that data remains both accessible and correctly formatted.

How to Store JSON Arrays on Back4App?

Back4App offers a convenient way to handle JSON arrays by utilizing object properties within your database schema. Here’s a step-by-step method to store JSON arrays effectively:

  1. Define a New Column:
    • Start by selecting your desired class within your Back4App app dashboard.
    • Add a new column and set its data type to ‘Object’, which is suitable for storing JSON structures.
  2. Naming Your JSON Array Column:
    • Assign a descriptive name to your new column that reflects the type of data it will store, such as ‘myArray’.
  3. Inputting JSON Data:
    • With the column created, you can now input JSON arrays directly.
    • Make sure your JSON array, which should consist of multiple objects with properties like ‘title’ and ‘description’, is correctly formatted.
  4. Adding Data to the Database:
    • Copy your well-formed JSON array.
    • Back in the Back4App dashboard, add a new row to your class and paste the JSON array into the ‘Object’ field for your new column.
  5. Validation and Storage:
    • Upon adding the JSON array, Back4App will automatically validate the format.
    • Once validated, the data is stored in the designated object column in JSON format, ready for use in Cloud Code or front-end applications.
  6. Leveraging JSON in Your Application:
    • With the JSON array stored, all standard JSON methods can now be applied to this property.
    • This facilitates easy data manipulation and retrieval, ensuring seamless integration with your application logic.


Storing JSON arrays in Back4App is a straightforward process that leverages the platform’s robust data handling capabilities.

By following the steps outlined above, developers can ensure that their JSON data is stored in an organized, accessible manner, ready to be utilized within their application’s logic.

This empowers developers to build more dynamic, data-driven applications while maintaining the integrity and structure of their data within Back4App’s scalable environment.

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