Syncing Data Among Multiple Apps using Back4app

In today’s development landscape, a common challenge developers face is ensuring consistent data access across multiple applications.

Ensuring all apps have the same data can streamline user experience, reduce redundancy, and simplify maintenance.

A solution to this challenge is presented by Alex, the architect from Back4app. In this blog post, we delve into this solution and guide developers on how to achieve it.

Overview about Back4app

Back4app is a backend-as-a-service platform that facilitates seamless app development by providing a range of tools for developers. One of its core features is enabling multiple applications to access the same database.

By doing this, data can be effortlessly shared among different applications, ensuring consistency and reducing the workload for developers.

How to Sync Data Among Applications Using Back4app

  • Identify the Need: The first step is recognizing the necessity of data synchronization among your apps. This could be for ensuring uniformity, reducing duplication, or providing a consistent user experience.
  • Access App Settings: Navigate to your Back4app dashboard. For each of your apps, go to App Settings.
  • Navigate to Server Settings: Within the App Settings, locate and click on Server Settings.
  • Adjust CORS Settings: Proceed to CORS Settings and subsequently click on Settings.
  • Locate Database URI: Here, you’ll find the Database URI. This URI is essentially the address for connecting your app to its designated database.
  • Modify the Database URI: To share the same database among different apps, you’ll need to adjust the Database URI. Click on Edit Details and then Change Database URI. Enter the Database URI from the primary app you wish to sync data from. This action ensures all your specified apps will now link to this central database.

By following the steps mentioned, all your apps will now be able to access the same data, ensuring data consistency and streamlined user experiences.


Synchronizing data among different applications doesn’t have to be a daunting task. With platforms like Back4app, developers have efficient tools at their fingertips.

The process of syncing data, as detailed by Alex, is straightforward and can be a game-changer for developers working on interconnected applications.

As always, for specific use cases or challenges, it’s a good practice to reach out to the support channels to get the most tailored solutions.

Data consistency is the future, and with tools like Back4app, the future is now.

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