The Best Backend for your Swift App

Developing applications for Apple’s devices require a great deal of sophistication. Applications written in the Swift programming language are used across a wide range of devices today. This programming language is revolutionizing development for macOS, iOS, and other Apple platforms. 

Developing an agile and user-friendly Swift application requires a robust and functional backend. Finding the best backend for your Swift app is quite crucial for ideal development outcomes. Read on to know more about Swift and suitable backend options for it.

What is Swift?

Swift is a programming language created by Apple to facilitate the development of applications for its platforms and devices. It’s a general-purpose and object-oriented programming language for modern applications.

The Swift programming language is used for the development of iOS applications, macOS applications, watchOS applications, and tvOS applications. It is preferred by a large section of the Apple developer community due to its features and advantages. This programming language is also being preferred over the more dated Objective C language.

 Swift Advantages

  • Readability – As a programming language, Swift is easier to read and write than its alternatives. Swift offers clean syntax, and developers need to write less code compared to Objective-C. This convenience is facilitated as Swift does without conventions like parentheses, semicolons, and end lines.
  • Optimal safety – Applications built with Swift are quite secure due to this programming language’s level of security. Swift constructions and syntax do not contain many of the mistake types present in Objective-C. The level of stability it offers to developers leads to lesser crashes or erratic behavior.
  • Minimize code and legacy – Objective-C had many issues that resulted in application crashes. Swift, the newer programming language alternative, does not produce as many crash events due to its inline support for data and string manipulation. In Swift, classes are not divided across implementation and interface segments. As a result, project file counts are reduced by half and reduces developer effort. 
  • Higher speed – Swift is also advantageous from a speed point of view. It gives developers a distinct advantage at the development phase, as it can help them reduce expenses. To put things into perspective, Swift can run operations faster than both Python and Objective-C. This can be quite beneficial for the needs of most developers.
  • Easier Maintenance – Swift is quite easier to maintain compared to a language like Objective-C. This is because Objective-C needs programmers to perform two code file maintenance to enhance build time and code efficiency. 

What is a Backend as a Service?

Backend as a service (BaaS) is a cloud service model for enabling the automation of backend development activities. This architecture helps to achieve easy management of your cloud infrastructure, as BaaS companies handle most of the vital server setup and management tasks. A BaaS service provider offers several tools that aid developers in creating backend code and facilitating faster development. Some of the standout features of BaaS include data management, push notifications, file storage, and APIs. 

In a BaaS cloud infrastructure, APIs and SDKs are the connectors between cloud backends and applications. BaaS APIs function as the base of iOS and Android application platforms. Developers relying on BaaS service providers do not need to buy hardware components. BaaS is regarded as a preferred option that helps to simplify API development. 

BaaS Advantages 

  • Scalable – BaaS is helpful for developers as this cloud service model offers a great deal of scalability. Developers can instantly scale up BaaS resources whenever the need arises. 
  • Ease of use – BaaS is also advantageous for the ease of use it offers to developers. They are not required to perform endless configuration and maintenance activities. A BaaS service provider handles all of these activities.  
  • Time-saving – BaaS enables speedy and problem-free development as developers do not need to perform server management actions. Developers can expect fast availability of resources by opting for a BaaS model. Many consider BaaS to be a better option compared to several other cloud service model types.
  • Enhanced flexibility – BaaS provides a lot more flexibility in comparison to other cloud service models. It helps to carry out fast and problem-free application and web development, and API deployments. 

The best 5 backend services for your Swift App

Back4app Back4App isan open-source backend service that delivers out-of-the-box GraphQL APIs and SQL and NoSQL databases. It is one of the best backends for applications written in Swift. Back4App offers a significant amount of usability and scalability for the needs of developers. It is preferred as a service for hassle-free application development, hosting, and management. Back4App is used for hosting mobile, IoT, and web applications. 

Cloudkit – It’s Apple’s mobile backend development platform. It delivers automatic syncing across Apple devices, simple file sharing, and a ready-to-use dashboard to monitor backend activity. 

Firebase Firebase is another widely-used BaaS platform and Swift backend. It offers a wide variety of tools and features that help in the development of web and mobile platforms. It is a NoSQL program that utilizes the JSON protocol for data storage. 

Kinvey Kinvey is a serverless application development offering for the development of multichannel apps. It works with the combination of cloud backend and SDKs. Kinvey offers prebuilt components and features for integration, storage, and development. 

AWS Amplify  AWS Amplify encompasses a set of components and services to develop AWS-powered full-stack applications. It is widely relied upon by mobile and frontend developers. Amplify helps to develop voice-powered experiences, customized onboarding flows, targeted campaign launches, and real-time AI feeds.


The above-mention options can help you choose the best backend for your Swift app to ensure favorable development outcomes. Consult with an expert to know more about these options.

General FAQ

Why develop with Swift?

Swift is a programming language created by Apple to facilitate the development of applications for its platforms and devices. The advantages include readability, security, and faster speeds.

Why a BaaS?

Backend as a service (BaaS) is a cloud service model for enabling the automation of backend development activities. The advantages include the ease of use, scalability, and shorter time-to-market.

What are the best Swift backends?

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