What is DomainRacer?

Whenever you are making a website for any purpose, two things will be necessary for the website. One is the domain name, and the other one is hosting. While the domain name holds a lot of value for the visitors, the hosting services are essential to make the website perform well.

If you are looking for a platform that provides you with all of these, then the answer to all of your questions is DomainRacer, and here we will elaborate on everything you need to know about this platform.

DomainRacer Overview

A domain name plays a very important role when it comes to creating the credibility of your website. Most visitors pay great attention to the domain name as a domain name that is not relevant to the website seems to be fishy. At the same time performance of the website plays a very important role in making people visit it.

So, as a solution to all of these problems faced while making a great website, DomainRacer provides its services. With DomainRacer, you can get a lot of options to select the domain name for your website.

Additionally, the features that the hosting services come with make it a perfect choice for most small and large-scale websites. Not only this, but there are a lot of advantages of getting services from DomainRacer that we will discuss below.

DomainRacer Advantages

There are many advantages of using the services of DomainRacer however, here are a few of them.

Free site builder with a lot of advantages

One of the biggest problems for setting up a website is that most people do not have the development skills, and it is not an efficient solution to hire a developer. So, DomainRacer provides them with a free site builder with many features and benefits. Here we will elaborate on each of them.

Easy to use control panel

The first and the most important thing about the DomainRacer site builder is that it features a very easy-to-use and simple control panel. 

One-click installer

Sometimes people use different platforms for making the front end of their websites. It is sometimes a problem because most hosting services make it very difficult to integrate the frontend with their backend. However, this is not the case with DomainRacer because you can do this with one simple click.

Faster deployment

With the help of the site builder that comes free with the services of DomainRacer, the deployment of your website can get much faster.

Amazing customer support at your service

If you face any problems regarding your services, there is no need to worry as DomainRacer provides customer service available to serve you. It is the advantage of using their services that a lot of other service providers lack.

DomainRacer Core Features

DomainRacer is a platform that comes with a lot of amazing features along with all of its services. All of these features bring a lot of value to the users. Here we will be discussing some of the features that you get with the services of DomainRacer.

Ultra-fast servers for hosting your websites

With the amazingly optimized hardware, the websites hosted on the servers of DomainRacer will be well-performing. It is all because of the servers backed with the SSD technology that helps make the hardware a lot stronger.

Secure IMAP email making things secure.

Security is something very important when it comes to hosting websites. So, DomainRacer provides secure IMAP email services which have a complex backend working on them. It makes the infrastructure of DomainRacer hosting very secure.

Free SSL certificate

Many users pay great attention to the HTTP and HTTPS that come at the start of the website link. This “s” in the end means that the website is a secure platform to visit, which can be obtained only by having SSL certificates. With DomainRacer at your side, you will be getting free SSL certificates for your websites.

DomainRacer Pricing

It is an attractive thing about the hosting services of DomainRacer that the prices start at very cheap rates. So, here are some of the packages and their prices that you get at DomainRacer.

  • The Basic package starts at $1.65 per month. However, for a 3-year payment, it will cost $0.99 per month.
  • The Personal package starts at $2.6 per month. However, for a 3-year payment, it will cost $1.69 per month.
  • The Silver package starts at $3.87 per month. However, for a 3-year payment, it will cost $2.9 per month.
  • The Advanced package starts at $5.72 per month. However, for a 3-year payment, it will cost $4.29 per month.

Apart from these, the domain name costs according to the type of name that you are selecting.


There is no doubt in saying that DomainRacer comes up with some amazing features and services at the most amazing prices. Here we discussed how it brings value through providing various advantages to its users.


What is Domain Racer?

Reliable and affordable hosting platform.

What are the advantages of Domain Racer?

– Free website builder
– Easy to use control panel
– One-click installer

What are the core features of Domain Racer?

– Security
– Free SSL certificate

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