What is Fabapp?

This article will explain FabApp, its features, advantages, and pricing structure.

Fabapp Overview

Fabapp is here to help its users in creating, managing, deploying, and altering custom applications without even having any coding skills prior. It can help you to make an effective source for your potential customers to get in touch with your business any time via their mobile phones.

Fabapp can let you create lucrative, feature-rich applications with a few strategic clicks only. So, you can infuse an array of functionalities on the screen of your smartphone with ease.

With Fabapp, start converting your visualization into a working application isn’t hard anymore as you can manage your concept, design, edition, and control all in one place with ease.

  • You can consider Fabapp visual editor as your unmatched workstation. 
  • It will allow you to work with your unique concept and add required applications functionalities with ease.
  • The CRM dashboard of the Fabapp platform can act as your control tower where you can analyze the information of your customers to send them personalized messages accordingly. 

Ultimately, it will become super simple for you to enhance user experience and engagement with your business in the best possible way.

Fabapp Core Features

Here we have enlisted some of the most amazing Fabapp features to let you know what makes it a preferable option with ease.

So, here we go:

1.    Drag and drop editor

Consider drag and drop app editor of Fabapp as your workstation. Here you can add your preferred functionalities and features into your applications with ease. So, simply add whatever feature you want here to make your business application look unique.

2.    CRM Dashboard

CRM dashboard works as a control tower in your application development process. The information available here can be analyzed to create a more personalized and engaging user experience here. Here you can build amazingly responsive applications to ensure a seamless user experience on both desktop and mobile.

3.    Upload your application

Fabapp allows you to upload your created application in APP Store, Google Play, and PWA with all the necessary assets and orientations. Fabapp can let you launch your applications on the go without any hassle.

Fabapp Advantages

Do you want to know how Fabapp can be advantageous for you? Let’s get to know about the key advantages of Fabapp below to learn more in this regard:

  • Fabapp can let you create intuitive apps without any coding and let you bring your business in your customers’ palms.
  • Add different features and functionalities to analyze customer information from your app. Ultimately, creating a more engaging and effective user experience will become easier for you.
  • Application scalability is an additional benefit of Fabapp as it can let you scale your app resources over time as per your growing needs.

Fabapp Pricing

Whenever it comes to choose the best low coding platform to create custom applications for your business, pricing is one of the most important factors to consider. Well, in the case of Fabapp, you can have an option to choose from different pricing plans according to your business needs.

Fabapp comes up with a free trial. You can easily use this free version of Fabapp to create a functional application and experience its different features. At the same time, the premium version of Fabapp starts from BRL 35.75 per Month.

You can even consider the annually billing option as well to save more in the best possible way. Overall, it can work well for you.


Do you want to make your application without coding? It has become easier with low code application development platforms such as Fabapp. By creating easy-to-use and intuitive applications to stay connected with your customers all the time.

Fabapp is an all-in-one solution to design, create, and deploy your application. Its lucrative drag and drop builder can help you accelerate your development process in the best possible way.

Overall, you can consider it as a go-to option for your business application development processes with ease.


What is FabApp?

Low-code app maker platform.

What are the core features of FabApp?

– Forms
– Push Notifications
– Maps
– Podcast
– Delivery

What is the pricing of FabApp?

– Free tier available
– Paid plans start at BRL 35.75 per month

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