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Top 10 React Native Tools

This article lists the best React Native tools. It includes backend services, debugging tools, IDEs, templates, etc. Want to know more? Keep reading.

Smartphones are now under use for most of our light to medium tasks. It has made these phones the most used technological devices on the globe. But this is only possible because of the consistently improving hardware and efficient applications to support that hardware.

But one thing that is difficult for the developers is developing native applications. For this, React Native comes in use because it allows the developers to develop hybrid applications. Those applications work on all operating systems without needing to code again and again.

However, some tools further help the developers in the process of development. Here we will discuss some of those tools you can use for your React Native applications to ease your development process.   

Top 10 Programming Languages

This article reviews the most popular programming languages worldwide. The list’s data source is Statista1, and JavaScript leads the game with a more than 60% adoption rate among developers.

This article will obey the following structure:

  • Programming language overview and definition;
  • Variables to analyze when selecting a programming language;
  • Review of the top 10 programming languages.

Every developer utilizes a programming language to envision, create, and deploy applications across different platforms. Some languages are more suitable than others in terms of what tools and functionalities they offer to users.

Leading backend service providers offer support for the most popular web and application development languages on their platforms. But, knowing the capabilities of a language can be quite essential for developers.

Take a look at some of the most widely-used languages given below.

Differences between Express.js and Node.js

Are you curious about Express.js and Node.js? Do you want to dig deeper into these notions and figure out what you can (and can’t) do with them? Then you came to the right place.

We are about to tackle with Node.js, its undeniable popularity, as well as its connection to Express.js. Being “the talk of the developers’ town,” Node.js deserves to be clarified, and Express.js deserves nothing less. 

To help you grasp the difference between Express.js and Node.js, we’ll start by defining these two terms. After we cover what they are and what they are used for, we’ll reveal the differences and the capabilities that come with using each one of them. Let’s begin!

Top 10 backend servers for an Android app

Top 10 backend servers for an Android app
Top 10 Backend Servers for Android

This article will highlight the best ten backend servers for an Android application.

The number of tasks that users can do on their Android phones is continuously increasing. It is all because of the robust hardware and the ultra-capable android platform that these phones provide. So, for these powerful devices, the applications need to be as practical as well.

It is because users demand better performance, but this makes things troublesome for the developers. There is a lot of work needed when it comes to the development of a well-functioning application. It amazingly makes things easier for the developers because they can use Backend servers’ services.

The Architecture of an MBaaS-Mobile Backend as a Service

This article explains mBaaS – Mobile Backend as a Service, how it works, and it’s architecture. It will take you over the core features of a mBaaS, the advantages of using the platform, and the essential technical concepts required to understand a mobile backend structure.

The best cross-platform development frameworks

Developers worldwide are embracing cross-platform app development because of the many benefits it offers. Today, multiple frameworks exist that allow developers to use the same code to create apps for various platforms. If you are researching the best cross-platform app development framework for your next project, you are in the right place. This article reviews the leading frameworks that allow you to achieve your cross-platform development objectives. 

Before we review the top options, let’s take an in-depth look at cross-platform development and its advantages.

What is a MBaaS?

What is a MBaaS?
what is a mbaas

Mobile Backend as a Service (mBaaS) is the name for online platforms that offer infrastructure and other backend services that enhance app development procedures.  In essence, mBaaS companies handle backend tasks, allowing the developer to focus on frontend development. Some of the resources mBaaS offers include APIs, push notifications, file storage, social media integrations, database, and many more. 

The Good and the Bad of mBaaS Development

The Good and the Bad of mBaaS Development
BaaS Good and Bad

A BaaS (Backend as a Service) or MbaaS refers to a platform capable of automating backend site development and performing comprehensive cloud infrastructure management. A BaaS lets developers reduce the burden of server maintenance as the third-party service providers handle this responsibility.

BaaS also facilitates access to tools that can be used for backend code creation and accelerating development processes. It provides various features such as code cloud functions, APIs, scalable databases, file storage, social media integrations, and push notifications.