Backend for your iOS app

Backend for your iOS app

We are living in the era where you don’t have to develop backend of any application by yourself, fortunately. It is because tons of companies are now offering highly configurable and pre-made backends which you can easily integrate in your applications. However, these pre-made backend services are known as Mobile Backend as a Service or sometimes Backend as a Service. 

These BaaS services can bring you a complete package of backend functions with backend storage which can provide effective support to your applications. However, when it comes to backend for iOS app, then these backend applications normally come with a handy iOS library to ensure easy and nice integrations. Fortunately, most of these are offering free accounts too with surprisingly gorgeous allowance and competitively priced tires for applications that you want to scale up later. 

However, the only issue is that there are tons of backend for iOS app available, and selection of the one could become difficult for people. While, to offer you more convenience here we have a list of necessary Features and best backend for iOS app. So that you can make a better choice with ease. 

Essential Features of backend for iOS app

Here we have 5 major Features of backend for iOS app which you must consider:

File storage 

Backend as a Service platform must allow you to store your applications files including videos, photos, documents, images, etc. 


If you want to develop a location aware iOS application then you must see a backend as a service solution which offers geolocation feature. We are living in the era where you can find tons of high-tech applications. Most of the mobile applications are adding location concept into anything these have to operate including place of interests, data objects, users, etc. 

Furthermore, Geolocation services come with a highly intuitive console management, data policies administration and security. These can also bring a highly attractive user-interface to view and search your location data on the map with ease. 

User management 

At the present time, most of the users expect to link their mobile applications with their social media accounts to get registered. User management with the help of social media credentials can increase retention rate. It is because this can simplify the user-experience by offering simpler registration and administration processes. However, along with social media credentials, you also have to include conventional user registration feature via email. Because not everyone wants to utilize their social media accounts to get registered. An effective user-management system is a must to make your application successful.

Data management 

Ability to store your applications’ information into database is the most important thing to have. More commonly you have model objects in your application to indicate object relationship and data. However, a Baas option can offer you an easier and effective way to manage your data and objects. 

Push notification 

A push notification is a brief alert or message which can be sent via an installed application to the app consumers. This is the most important communication channel which applications are using. Applications are using this feature for re-engagement and transactions. While the technology of push notification is evolving from simpler delivery of message to interactive and rich medium. 

Best backend providers for iOS app

Here are the best vendors in 2020.


Back4app is an open-source BaaS solution which can offer developers an easiest way to develop application’s backend. This is a pretty straightforward platform which is effective for both beginners and experienced developers. Furthermore, this is a completely scalable and flexible platform which will let you select the services which you need for your application without any limitation. Customer support service of Back4app is excellent. 


  • User management 
  • GraphQL API
  • CMS dashboard
  • GUI Database
  • Hosting service available 


  • Free trial available 
  • Pro starts from $5/month 


This is another amazing backend solution for iOS developers. In 2013, Parse collaborated with the Facebook which brought into limelight. However, later in 2016, Facebook pulled out this platform as an open-source solution. Since then, a huge open-source community is backing this platform. And developers at the present time are enjoy numerous benefits of this platform as well as outstanding support by a huge developers’ community. Even more, Parse is an excellent BaaS solution which is offering massive Features to its consumers. While, it doesn’t offer a hosting service. 


  • GraphQL API
  • GUI Database
  • CMS dashboard


  • Free to download 

Apple Cloud Kit

This BaaS solution is completely different from other available options. It is because this has been developed for Apple Developers exclusively. This platform can also help users of iPhones to transfer their data to other mobile devices by syncing their data automatically. They can also share their data with specific people or even make it public if required. 


  • Simple sharing
  • Management dashboard
  • Automatic syncing
  • Hosting service available 


  • See website for detailed pricing information.

AWS Amplify 

This open-source platform is powered by Amazon Web Service which is known as AWS cloud. The developers can get its services to host on their own servers too. It contains multiple libraries to perform different iOS development functions. 


  • Authentication 
  • Datastore
  • AR & VR
  • API
  • Notifications
  • Offline sync
  • Hosting service available 


  • Framework available for download
  • Pro pricing plans are flexible


This is one of the leading platforms for Backend as a Service which is powered by Google. Google has acquired this company and making this platform a giant solution provider for developers to create more value. 


  • Cloud hosting
  • Analytics 
  • Real-time database
  • APIs
  • File storage
  • Hosting service available 


  • Free trial available 
  • Pro plans start from $25 per month (pro plans are flexible)


When it comes to choose the best backend for iOS app then availability of tons of options can make it hectic for consumers to choose the best option. However, with having a list of important Features and top Backend for iOS app, you can easily make a better choice. So, make sure to go with the option which has the ability to fulfill the requirements of your application in the best possible way. 

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What is a backend service?

A BaaS – Backend as a Service is a platform that automates backend side development, provides ready to use APIs, and manages the cloud infrastructure. To know more, please read BaaS | Backend as a Service.

What are the most common features?

The BaaS features list includes:
– Data Management
– File Storage
– Push-Notifications
– Geolocation
– User Management

What are the best backend providers for an iOS app?

The list includes Back4App, Parse, CloudKit, Firebase, and Amplify.

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