The best business automation tools

Digitalization is at its peak, and tech advancements continue to evolve business practices. Automation trends are skyrocketing, and business owners are also leveraging them to get the most out of every process. They are implementing advanced tools and automating repetitive tasks to focus on other essential tasks.

As the digital revolution constantly drives efficient results, managers must keep track of the latest trends and tools to supercharge productivity. First, they need to analyze the conventional process and identify the need for automation.

Then comes the stage of fixing a particular budget, as the finances need to be balanced while automating the process. At last, a tool should be selected that comes within a budget and provides efficient features also.

Here is a list of automation tools that helps businesses with different processes and are also budget-friendly.

Back4App For Software Development

Back4App is a no-code platform developing teams to accelerate their backend development. The spreadsheet-like database makes it easy to backup essential data of the application and find it quickly. In addition, the tool helps you optimize the application to deliver greater results, and you can also customize different applications as required.

Key Features:

  • Live queries
  • Push and email notifications
  • Cloud code functions
  • File storage and blockchain storage


  • Free plan
  • MVP – $15/app per month
  • Pay as you go – $80/app per month
  • Dedicated – $400 per month

HeySpace For Team Collaboration

HeySpace is a prominent tool among teams for communication and collaboration. It helps businesses in managing multiple projects and tasks and relieves managers from assigning tasks to their employees. Managers can simply add a message to the group and ping a particular person to draw his attention. Employees can add their tasks to the calendar and check the timelines.

Key Features:

  • Personal calendars with tasks and timelines
  • Organizing tasks with filters and sorts
  • File attachments in the chat
  • Task assigning and progress monitoring


  • Free plan with limited and basic features
  • Premium plan- $5 per user

Sendinblue For Email Automation

Sendinblue is a well-known tool among companies to set email marketing practices on auto-pilot mode. It helps marketers segment audiences, set automatic workflows, and craft engaging emails through drag-and-drop options.

Key Features:

  • Contact management
  • Email content personalization
  • A/B testing
  • Click tracking


  • Free plan
  • Lite- $25.00 per month
  • Premium- $65 per month
  • Enterprise- customized

factoTime For Attendance Tracking

factoTime is an attendance management tool helping managers track employees’ time and handle employee records. It shows employers the total work hours of each employee and calculates the salaries based on different pay rates such as daily, weekly, and monthly. The tool keeps the employee records safe with its advanced security measures.

Key Features:

  • Punch with selfie and location or using QR code
  • Automated work hour and salary calculation
  • Device restrictions to register punch
  • Multiple shift creation and management


  • Free plan with basic features
  • Premium plan- $0.99 per month and per employee
  • Elite plan- $1.49 per month and per employee

Hightail For File Sharing

Hightail is a document storing and sharing app assisting teams in managing their numerous data. Users can easily store essential files on the cloud and share them across different teams. In addition, they can import documents from their devices, drag and drop from the online library, or import from other services.

Key Features:

  • Project management
  • Tracker with attachment to ensure it reached the destination
  • Supports multiple file types
  • User and role management


  • Free plan with primary features
  • Pro plan- $12 per month
  • Teams plan- $24 per month
  • Management plan- $36 per month

Desygner For Designing

Desygner is a graphic designing tool that helps businesses craft engaging and attractive designs. It features drag-and-drop elements for creating layouts and backgrounds, image stock, fonts, and texts. In addition, it also offers various templates, icons, shapes, and banners.

Key Features:

  • Blog headers
  • Image editor
  • Privacy control
  • Google ad sizes


  • Free plan with limited features
  • Pro plan- $4.95 per month
  • Business plan- $9.95 per month
  • Enterprise plan- customized

Flock For Team Communication

Flock is a messaging app for teams that establishes a better communication medium. Users can communicate with others in real-time via chatting or video conferencing; they can even share files or chat in groups.

Key Features:

  • Supports multiple file types
  • Advanced search functionalities
  • Message bookmarking
  • Project management


  • Free plan
  • Pro Plan- $6 per user per month
  • Enterprise Plan- $10 per user per month

Apptivo For CRM

Apptivo is an efficient tool for companies to improve their sales process and customer relationship management. The platform offers different features to manage leads, set targets, achieve goals, and manage records. In addition, it allows users to take notes to store important information.

Key Features:

  • Project management
  • Reporting
  • Readymade templates
  • Lead scoring


  • Lite plan- $8 per month
  • Premium plan- $12 per month
  • Ultimate plan- $20 per month

NetSuite For Accounting

NetSuite is a popular tool among organizations to automate their accounting and bookkeeping processes. It offers financial analytics, reports, invoices, payroll, and inventory management. It also handles order and supply chain management tasks.

Key Features:

  • Financial reporting 
  • Audit trail
  • Tax management
  • Flexible depreciation management


  • Starting at $499 per month

MavSocial For Social Media Management

MavSocial assists companies in managing their social media presence and creating an impressive brand image. Users can schedule their posts, monitor them, and get insights. Its digital library helps to manage and edit the multimedia, and various stock images are also available to use.

Key Features:

  • Engagement tracker
  • Machine learning-based advanced text classification
  • Permissions and access based on roles
  • AI-backed content management


  • Advanced plan- $19 per month
  • Pro plan- $78 per month
  • Business plan- $199 per month

HelloSign For e-Signature

HelloSign is a popular electronic signature app that enables various features to sign and manage different documents. The platform is also helpful in document tracking so that necessary information can be on hand when needed.

Key Features:

  • Readymade templates for documents
  • Cloud storage syncing and optimization
  • Document management
  • Supports multiple file types


  • Essentials plan- $15 per month
  • DropBox + e-Sign plan- $24.99 per month
  • Standard Plan- $25 per month per user

Kudos For Employee Engagement

Kudos is a cloud platform streamlining companies’ employee engagement practices. It provides the staff with an excellent work experience and establishes an engaging company culture. KQ analytics and culture biorhythm gives essential insights, so that value, culture, and behavior can be aligned.

Key Features:

  • Analytics and dashboard
  • Real-time feedback
  • Performance benchmarking
  • Employee pulse survey and customizations


  • Plus plan- $5 per month per user
  • Enterprise plan- $7 per month per user

hireEZ For Recruitment

hireEZ is recruiting platform and a talent data system where businesses can find the best fits for different roles from a large talent pool. The tool gathers candidates’ data from over 40 open-source platforms such as LinkedIn, job boards, and career sites.

Key Features:

  • Candidate management
  • Resume screening
  • Interview management
  • Reporting and analytics


  • Standard plan- $79 per month
  • Professional plan- $199 per month
  • Enterprise plan- Customized

Talmundo For Employee Onboarding

Talmundo is an employee onboarding tool that assists companies in enhancing their onboarding process so that they can deliver a great experience to their staff from the beginning stage. In addition, it lets employers program and customizes the employee roadmap according to their requirements.

Key Features:

  • Document management
  • Employee handbooks
  • Training and task management
  • Feedback collection forms


  • Contact vendor

Tidio For Customer Service

Tidio is a customer service platform that improves the business’s relations with its customers. The AI-powered chatbot helps companies level up their customer support by providing 24/7 service. Tidio integrates well with websites and different platforms, thus, increasing sales.

Key Features:

  • Visitor notifications
  • Reports and analytics
  • Event-triggered actions
  • Interaction tracking


  • Free plan
  • Communicator plan- $19 per month per user
  • Chatbots plan- $49 per month


Automation tools have now become an integral part of almost every business process. They help us to save our precious time and efforts to utilize them for other important work. Profitability also increases with automation; therefore, every business emphasizes the latest technology and tools for convenience. But the main concern is to choose the right tech as productivity depends on the efficiency of the technology.

The list mentioned above should be considered while automating different processes as they provide necessary features and increase efficiency.

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